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Sorry, we are not evaluating new photographers for the foreseeable future. I can't tell for how long.

I love seeing new work, but I simply am over-stocked. It's a pity. - Eolake

DOMAI specializes in non-sexual and sweet nude art. What we call "simple nudes". Because of DOMAI, many photographers are now working in this new arena.

DOMAI is one of the most respected outlets for fine nudes in the world today. Leaders say we are changing how the world looks at nude art, and many top photographers come to us because they want to be a part of the new focus on beauty. We also know how to treat creative people right, for example we forward comments from our members to you so you know how your work is received, and of course you get a membership so you can see your work on the site.

We normally pay by bank transfer for images we use for indefinite and unlimited use, including use on other sites and media, plus ten years of exclusivity (though you can use a few on your own site). We pay higher than normal prices for web images, but then we are more selective of course, we only use the very best.

We usually will give an offer for a set, depending on the quality and variation in it, and how many of the images we feel we can use. A typical offer for a set of 70-150 pictures (of which we might use perhaps 40-60) may be $200 - $400, depending on how we feel about it. If we like a model enough to buy, we will often want more than one set. Usually paid by bank transfer. And a year's full membership is included.

Models must be 18+, and we need photo ID for proof, and a model release form. (Like this PDF.) We prefer models who don't model for explicit images.

Please read "What DOMAI wants" before submitting your work.

Competition amongst photographers is very sharp these days, so we only buy a small fraction of the material we are offered. Still we would like to see your work. E-mail us today. When I say "us", I mean me, I am still the only person working on this site. :) So you get e-mail answers from myself.

Yours, Eolake Stobblehouse
DOMAI founder

For your first submission to us: E-mail us 3-5 images per model in JPEG format, each one under 500kb. It is important that the samples are large, for us to judge the quality. 1500 pixels on the long side at least, please. Please name the files after the model. Also, the samples should show her figure well, and standing poses are best for that.

For sending us pictures after we have an agreement: We generally prefer the images to be 8-12 megapixels or larger, and in JPEG format, compressed to under 2-3MB per file. We usually receive them over FTP, ask for details.

We reserve the right to use some of the images for promotion on selected partner sites, and for use on other sites or other media.
We will need a signed model release (pdf form) and copy of a photo ID for age proof.

nude pics

"Dear Eolake, I wish you to thank for your prompt replies to letters (only you answer letters at once, the others take a week or two), and for forwarding kind responses about photos from your members.
It is very pleasant to work with You!" - Yours, Viktoria Sun, photographer

nude pics of woman

nude photos of models

nude photos of models

"Thanks for the compliment! I always try to shoot as you like! 
I like to work with you, you quickly respond to the letter, send money quickly, and communicate efficiently." - Yours, Alex Petek, photographer

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