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Dear photographers,
Here is a good way of making ID documents for models.
It has happened to some photographers that models later demanded removal of their pictures from the web because they claimed they were not informed what would happen with the photos, please make sure that such visible proof is provided.

Proof of identity
For proof of identity, two ID documents of the model must be shown on the id shot. Large, readable photos of these documents must also be sent in.

Proof of age
To prove model's age at time of photo shoot, date on model release and camera EXIF data is not enough - it can be too easily faked. Instead, have the title page of an actual fresh newspaper visible on the ID shot. Make the ID shot in the same location as the photo set.

Proof of publishing rights
Add a visual proof that the model agrees with her nude pictures being published!
Do this in the ID shot:
- have the model be naked on the ID shot.
- have her hold a paper with a readable written statement that her photos may be published.
- style, pose and location should be similar to the set.

Thanks to Charles Hollander for research

(Since these ID shot are not meant for publication, naturally we have edited the one below as you can see.)

(The photo above is additional to a signed model release.)