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Eolake* Stobblehouse has won national gold for his photography and prizes for his fiction. His works have been published in USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Denmark, plus world-wide via the Net.

His highly praised WhatMeArtist site is the premium free course on the web for creative persons using any media. His site MacCreator is a respected resource for creatives using computers. And his award-winning personal art can be found at Stobblehouse Art Home.

In addition he runs a very active blog.

* Eolake is pronounced in straight English. Accent on the E. Short O. 'Lake' like the English word 'lake'.

Who is Eolake Stobblehouse
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I was born and raised in Denmark in Northern Europe. Denmark, as you might be aware, is well known for being a very liberal country, a very educated one, and one that appreciates culture, art, and beauty in general. It is also known for its outstandingly pretty blonde women.

My father was a house painter with a good understanding for the fine things in life, and my mother, whom he met in neighboring Sweden, was very interested in art. So I had a good foundation for wanting to understand all things artistic and beautiful.

When I was still a struggling young artist (trying to avoid becoming a struggling middle-aged artist), I wondered about what was the ideal subject for art. I concluded that it was girls. Living things are more interesting than dead, our own species is more interesting than others, and of course I don't have to tell you that girls have all the beauty. :-)

I had a healthy interest in beautiful women since I was a kid, and I disagreed when some people hinted to me that it was somehow not OK to look at women openly. Why would it not be OK to admire beauty? And if it is OK, why not openly?

I founded the DOMAI, and when I got on the Internet, I decided that it naturally had its place there. To my great pleasure, I not only have found a big number of like minds out there, but also a following of members who are members because they are tired of the mindless pornography that there is so much of on the Net. It is people to whom beauty and quality are very important.

That is why I am so happy about the Internet, because even if only one person in a thousand really has the presence of mind to understand the difference, you can still reach a lot of them when distance no longer matters. (You think one in a thousand is exaggerating? I don't think so.)

I am happy that you are visiting, and I invite you to e-mail me personally. I love hearing from visitors, and I answer fast.

Sincerely yours,

Eolake Stobblehouse

Eo means the earliest or the original of something.
Lakin or Laik comes from old English "to play" or "move around", and further back from old Norse, "toy" or "baby".
Stob means, in old Scottish dialect:
(1) a stick, broken off twig,
(2) a stump, the remainder or remnant of a rainbow
Stob-thatch - roofing consisiting of broom or brushwood laid across the rafters.

... So if we want to get poetic about it, Eolake Stobblehouse would mean "The original child, son of the rainbow, living with the spirit of play in a thatch-roofed home."

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