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These are some of the nice comments DOMAI has received from famous and successful artists and photographers. We are thankful that these great talents think so highly of DOMAI. - Eolake Stobblehouse, founder

"The term "DOMAI style" has now becoming part of my professional language when discussing images of a high quality and artistic content. It is however much more than that. Many people I have introduced to DOMAI now have a name for their life style. The bottom line is we relate to the images on one level and the philosophy on another, but the two interact on a very fundamental level. It seems that DOMAI has tapped into the part of our psyche that we always knew was there, but was never really explored.
When I was first contacted by Eolake around the millennium I was stopped dead in my tracks by the sheer quality of images and ethics displayed on the site. To say that it is an honor to have some of my offerings displayed in such esteemed company falls far short of the mark. I've even started shooting images specifically for DOMAI. Plus I now have my model friends lining up for me to photograph them "DOMAI style", in the hope that they too will make it on the site. We all want to make a difference. "
- Laurie Jeffery,

"Everyone needs inspiration from time to time, and I often turn to the DOMAI site for this purpose. I always feel refreshed and invigorated there - the image selection is superb, the bodies and the faces are perfect, and the world is a better place while I'm looking at these beautiful women.
"DOMAI is one of a the few places allowed to display my work, without reservation or hesitation. I know my photos will be treated with respect and displayed among the best on the web."
- Craig Morey,

"The philosophy of DOMAI is unbeatable. Many of the girls are stunningly beautiful, and the site is a great alternative for the conscious viewer looking for high quality."
- Petter Hegre,

"DOMAI is a site with no pretensions. It delivers quality images of what we all naturally want to see, and yet not be ashamed or embarrassed to look at: beautiful young women artfully photographed. I'm happy to exhibit my work here, as DOMAI hosts work from many world class artist-photographers. I know my beauties are in good company..."
- Joris Van Daele,

"Eolake Stobblehouse's work on DOMAI is remarkable and complete. You would expect an aesthetic movement focusing on female beauty to be detached and dreamy, a masturbatory refuge for minds that cannot accept the harshness of reality. Nothing could be farther from the truth: DOMAI is as real as it gets, because Stobblehouse has discovered the basic law of mankind's progression from cave animal to spiritual being: that ugliness and stupidity are the same, and we have to fight against them. In a world of beauty, there is no space for violence, censorship, or lies. Which, in the immortal words of Keats, equates with: 'Beauty is truth, truth beauty, -- that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.'"
- Umbra,

"It is remarkable that Eolake managed to create a site with a very special, completely original style - there are now many copies of DOMAI, but only one original. And beyond that he also created a special society of people joined by their preference for natural beauty."
- Victor Lindenborn,

"I have to say that DOMAI is quite a unique website and has been very inspiring and motivating for me. As an erotic artist, I can certainly appreciate the wonderful young bodies displayed on the member's section: such beauty and innocence..."
- Boris Lopez,

"DOMAI is a rare gem on the web. It is filled with quality images of beautiful women, all wonderfully photographed and well presented. DOMAI is one place I let exhibit my art, one of very few."
- Brian Peterson,

"As a professional figure photographer I have always been interested in promoting feminine beauty. For years I could not find any site on the web that shared my views. One day I discovered DOMAI. With DOMAI's aesthetic orientation, its goal of showing the natural beauty of women and its will to share wonderful images with the whole world, I had found the 'missing link'. Now I know where to go to find gorgeous models and admire the work of some of the most talented photographers on the planet." -
Philippe Baud,

"I am constantly looking for sites and images that are sensual, beautiful, and artistic, and yet I rarely find this magic combination. All these qualities are fulfilled in the images of DOMAI. Here at last is great beauty and sensual art combined. A site of great innocent pleasure."
- David Schoen,

"Every morning without fail my first act is to log into DOMAI to be greeted by the "Beauty of the day". If any atoms of my physical being are still asleep, they come to full attention at the sight of these beautiful young girls. My day is made.
"The pleasure of knowing that one is connected through DOMAI to a growing number of people who seek to confirm that this old ball of mud is still a beautiful place where humour, art, friendship and love abound in plenty, daily brings one closer to the way the world should be."
- Bernard Tate,

"DOMAI is one of the very few resources on the Internet on which the delicate theme of the naked body is treated well. Here we look not only at the body, but Art devoted to its beauty."
- Andrey Slastyonoff,

"I have admired DOMAI for a long time. DOMAI is not only about beautiful nudes pictures, Domai has an admirable philosophy also. There is a multiplicity of pretty nudes of beautiful girls from many great photographers. I started my photography with DOMAI some time ago and I admire DOMAI still. Because I think, that DOMAI is only getting better and better."
- Jaromir Plesko,

"I've got a lot of pleasure and delight from looking at DOMAI. I found a lot of professional, highly artistic productions. I think it is a great school of skill. I would like to particularly mention the clear, ethereal, sincere spirit of DOMAI, which is very rare."
Sergey Babenko

"I can photograph all sorts of models in all sorts of settings, but I feel like the work that I love the most and take the most pride in showing is what you are seeking. To me, being featured on DOMAI's pages is the digital equivalent of being exhibited in an elegant, high class art gallery. Thank you!"
- Jay Greenman

"The beautiful pictures of nude pretty young women that you see at DOMAI are pictures that have a simple and appealing innocence about them. I feel that this is one of the aspects that separates DOMAI from most. Being a photographer of nudes in the outdoors myself, I find the DOMAI outdoor nudes particularly inspiring."
- Ken Bartle,

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