The DOMAI links page is a prime resource for anybody who cares about aesthetics, humor, art, and of course beautiful women. The links here have been carefully collected since 1997.

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Like Domai, but more explicit:

Culture, Art, spirituality

Article about the author of DOMAI.

Also the founder's (me) diverse and well-liked blog.

Buy my tee-shirt design, shirts in several different colors. Also I sell my art as prints, iPhone cases as so on.

E-reader Joy, blog about e-reading, the devices and their use, and the pleasures and issues. Have you thought about, for instance, that with e-books, there are no bulky paper books and naughty covers to hide?

Are you creative? Having problems with production or certainty or just want to know more? Look at WhatMeArtist course for creative people., doing great work to spread literacy in the third world, support them.

How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World, book by Harry Browne (Find it here in HTML and ePub formats.)

How To Handle A Troll, and Beat Them at Their Own Game, article about people who are consistently disruptive on Internet forums.

Umbra, Italian watercolor artist, he does lovely nudes!

Jeff Birchill, stone artist.

The Trick To Money Is Having Some, well-regarded article on the basics of personal finance.

Nicola Quinn, self-improvement author.

A Course in Miracles org
A Course In Miracles, whole book as PDF file 5.4MB. The original web site has disappeared, but fortunately I managed to download the whole site and make it into this PDF file! (Do mirror the hosting please.)
Same PDF zipped 2.6MB. There's also a wiki site with the whole thing.
Same file converted to ebook format (EPUB). This is not a well-edited document! For example it has lots of navigation junk left from the original web site. If somebody know a better version of the Course available electronically (PDF and ePub or mobi), do tell me. (Well, if you have a Kindle or iPad or iPhone, you can buy the ACIM in Kindle version, it's lovely.)
Another outstanding ACIM question service. Hours of reading of clear explanations! And it case this invaluable site should ever disappear, I have converted it to a massive PDF file (5.5MB) (here's a zip version and a pure text version (Not sure it's complete, but it can be read on anything.)). (And finally, simple an offline collection of the site as html pages (zipped for transfer).)

Related, and a great introduction to ACIM: Disappearance of the Universe, the important book by Gary Renard. It's fresh, entertaining, funny. Not your normal spiritual book.
Here are a few videos about ACIM. And an interview.
It's my opinion that A Course in Miracles is the Kilimanjaro of spiritual works, and that The Disappearance Of The Universe is the foothills leading to it.
A book about the course and its history.
And here is my own blog about these matters.

Jed McKenna, radical spirituality.

Instapaper, excellent app for saving and reformatting articles for later use, even on other, smaller devices like the iPhone or iPad.

My Writing Nook, a writing a for online writing, or on small portable devices, with online auto-sync.

I'm a big fan of Gemma Gariel's music

My good friend Danish photographer Martin Dybdal

Books, SF, tech, etc: The Stobblehouse Bookshop

The amazing wisdom/poetry by Danish renaissance man Piet Hein.

My good friend Danish photographer Martin Dybdal.

Do you have the right to take pictures in public? Generally, yes. More specific.

Andrew Loomis made some of the best books for teaching illustrators and artists. I have bought several of them on eBay, but for very high prices ($100-$250) since they are out of print. And this is a crying shame. So imagine my joy when I found out somebody has put them online. If you know somebody who loves drawing, point them to this. (If the link on that page becomes out of date, please let me know.)

Stephen Gillette photography

Most human problems (with performance, happiness, health) are based on negative emotions. We used to think they were a fact of life. But now we can handle them. I recommend EFT. It is ridiculously simple, and ridiculously effective. And beyond that, EmoTrance.

Romanticism and Postromanticism, an excellent book on old and new romantic art by Claudia Moscovici. Related site:

The Painful Poignancy of Desire: An Introduction to Romantic and Postromantic Poetry. by Claudia Moscovici

For those interested in how comics (or art in general) works, we warmly recommend Scott McCloud, the author of Understanding Comics.

Do you like comics? But having difficulty finding the good ones for intelligent readers? Check out Page 45. Join their mailing list, they have excellent reviews.

Norm Nason, artist

Recommended: Cerebus, comic book for adults (definitely!) (not in the erotic sense.)
Cerebus Collection One
Cerebus Collection Two
Collection Two is much better, but of course you'd miss the beginning. I recommend buying both at once.
A Cerebus fan site

ART-VOLGA Gallery - Russian art

Jana Pope Uriel, cool avant garde musician and writer.
... and another interview with Uriel.

John H. Farr, intense and personal writer.

Doonesbury, the best and funniest intellectual cartoon in the world.

Crop circle research

For beginning authors of SF or fantasy, we refer to this excellent contest.

Gail Worley, rock critic cool:

The comic book legal defense fund. Defense for sellers or creators of comics, who have been struck by unfair censorship.

Extraordinary site with landscape photographs, and camera reviews. Luminous Landscape.

Japanese Engrish.

Photographs: A Study In Scarlet.

Do you want a good laugh?

Red River Fever, a novel.

Charles Lucas, reliefs and mosaics, good art.

Big David Bowie fan page.

A web site about the genius Vincent van Gogh.
And a site with his letters.

Excellent site about spotting fallacies in arguments.

DOMAI founder's home page with personal art and writing.

Technology and Business

For excellent, easy to read but serious technical  e-books, Mac and otherwise, see Take Control.

Macintosh-centric tech news of the finest kind: TidBITS. Do support them. 

Do you find many sites visually confusing or hard to read? Try Readable App.

Do you read on any hand-held device? Try calibre software to manage content, like converting formats and getting updates automatically.

David Pogue, the best and funniest writer I know for learning to use computers.

The Online Photographer, one of the best blogs about photography, by Mike Johnston

Favorite video blogs: Geekbeat TV and iPad Today. And an audio blog about Kindle/ebooks, Kindle Chronicles.
For those with an interest in how ebooks are made: ebook Ninjas podcast. 

Harry Browne, libertarian and eminent investment advisor.

Chards, one of the most trusted gold dealers and experts in the UK. For the gold-bug and the defensive investor! (Many say gold bullion is the last-ditch insurance. It's the only currency, including real estate, which has *never* gone to zero. And if the world economy gets even worse, it may go even higher than it has.)

Premium service for placing your business in Search Engines: Reinvent Business.

Web forum for fans of Micro-Four-Thirds cameras.

Is a car-free town possible? Believe it or not, it's been done.

Imaging-Resource: I find they have the more readable articles about cameras and the best testing methods, and not only that, they are usually out of the barn door with the first comprehensive articles before others have barely noted a new camera has arrived.

How many ways can you control hearts and minds? (a.k.a. brainwash, hypnotism, conversion, persuasion...)

Can machines (get to) think? Machines Like Us.

Fun fonts for reasonable prices: Chank

For creative computer users: MacCreator.

Good newsletter for copywriters: Copywriters' Roundtable.

Extraordinary image-processing software for Mac: Compositor

Do you want a userfriendly word processor for the Mac? See Nisus Writer Express.

Macintosh and computer news and opinions: MacObserver and AppleLinks. Also online radio show Your Mac Life

Would you like a compact and sexy laptop computer? This is our favorite portable.

For photographers: models forums.

Excellent article on the evil side of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)

Electronic Frontier Foundation fighting for free communication

Tim O'Reilly on file sharing and opportunities

You mean this is not science fiction? Microship

Excellent newsletter about new and future developments in computing. David Pogue, the best and funniest writer I know for learning to use computers

Nude Art and Sexuality
[fine art nude]

SimpleNudes! Big collection of quality links and pictures. Tell your friends.

GoddessNudes, the second nude site by the DOMAI founder, after 12 years! It's like Domai, focus on beauty and fun, but with much more explicit pictures, for those who've been wanting that.

A good comedy with several beautiful young women nude: "I served the King of England".

Zeppellina, sexy fine art.

Nice article (and picture collection) about the place of the female nude in art, society and sexuality.

Nude (but non-sexual chat girls.

Nude art photos by Eolake Stobblehouse

Adolescent Sexuality by Dr. Karen Rayne.

CopenhagenBlonde, one girl's fantasies, rather edgy. Nice pics/girls too.

Does porn cause rape? Don't believe it. Read this article. Quote: "It is certainly clear from our data and analysis that a massive increase in available pornography in Japan has been correlated with a dramatic decrease in sexual crimes..."

Philippe Carly's web site, Sweet And Nude.

Nudity and the bible.

Free Form Studios, Seattle, great nudes of young women, with an unusual touch.

"Civil asset forfeiture, the confiscation of property without trial or conviction, is even being proposed as a weapon against the practice of nudity even in enclosed private property. In Arkansas, it is illegal even to advocate in favor of nudism." Progress Report article

Steamy Erotic poetry, book: read 27 free erotic poems.

TOUCHING: Poems of Love, Longing, and Desire, award-winner. Buy it on Amazon.

Erotic art/photographer competition

Answers to a DOMAI survey on whether nudes can be non-sexual.

Very interesting nude art project.

Nude calendar for charity. CopenhagenBlonde

Did you catch DOMAI's nude photos pages? Fine art nude and simple nudes of pretty girls.

Jock Sturges interview (controversial nudist photographer and fine art nude)

Erotic and Art paper magazine

Photo 200 links to all kinds of photo sites

Extensive study making the case for nudism (huge page, loads slowly) (download the same article as PDF)

Great article by Del Miller: Sex Don't Scare Me None.

nude pics and pictures of woman

nude photos of teens