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What DOMAI wants

Just nudity. We don’t want clothing, bathing suits, underwear, lingerie, or a lot of jewelry. We simply want nude girls. (A few shots with some regular clothes is good, as well as a few portraits.)

We like natural girls. We want very little make-up, or nothing. We also don't want breast implants, or excessive tatoos or piercings.

We would like to see more full-breasted models, we don't get many submitted.
We would also like more racial variation in our models.
And models over 25.
And models who don't shave their pubic hair all off. (Not extremely hairy though.)

We don’t want sex. The model should not even be thinking about sex, or trying to be sexy, or anything like that. Even just posing on a bed is too sexual. She should just be herself, happy and carefree, and nude. Don't emphasize the pubic area, but don't hide it either.

A nice smile on some of the pictures is a good thing too. Our ideal is nudist pictures. Happy and innocent. DOMAI is portraying a ideal world where everybody is nude, and beautiful, and happy, and carefree. Imagine photographing on a island where is no clothes, no fear, and no shyness, but a bit of pride in showing their fine bodies.

Lines from underwear are not attractive, the model should undress half an hour before the shoot. Also, it's good to cover up tattoos and pimples with make-up or even paint.

We like location shoots better than studio shoots. If you can make the pictures look natural and relaxed and casual, that is the best.

We like some variation in a series:

  • We want to see some full figure nudes (including feet), and some close-ups. Some standing, some sitting, etc.
  • Vary the background too, please.
  • There should be a couple of pictures that are portraits, showing the model’s pretty face and eyes.
  • There should be some showing her behind also.
  • Make sure to include some horizontal images, they fit computer screens better.

A few technical points:

  • Don't have too much detail in the background, for example hundreds of small tree branches or leaves. It makes image files too large. We like clean and simple backgrounds.
  • Similarly, try to make the background blurred. We recommend a digital SLR, using a long focal length and a large aperture.
  • Also, don't use too harsh light. Use soft light, or when the sun is low in the sky. Or backlight. Nice light is essential to good photography. A fill-light is good, but not too strong.
  • Don't leave too much space around the model. Put some care into your compositions and your framing. (We also don't like too many pictures with a tilted horizon.)

Okay then, have fun. :)

Yours, Eolake Stobblehouse, DOMAI founder

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