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Elizabeth Berkley in the universally hated eye-candy hit film.
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The big teen movie parody. Gross, or great?
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... At Ridgemont High... one of the best teen movies ever.
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Alicia Silverstone in the priceless teen comedy.
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Jane Fonda in a sixties camp space opera Flower Power epic.
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Jenna Elfman, Ben Stiller, Ed Norton in a romantic comedy.
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Molly Ringwald in a John Hughes coming-of-age film.
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A curious Asian film about an 8-year-old gaining 10 years overnight.
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Best comic book-based action film ever?
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Michelle Johnson and Michael Cane in love. Lust. Whatever.
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Elle MacPherson nude in this cute comedy.
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Making the seventies look attractive, quite a feat. Kate Hudson!
Sue Lyon in the old, and Dominique Swain in the new one.

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