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On this page I have selected some of all the wonderful letters we get. I think you can imagine how this makes it all worth it all. - Eolake

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I have loved the beauty of the female of our species for as long as I can remember; despite being raised in the southern United States where many around me would have you believe that ’Thou shalt be ashamed of thy naked form’ is the eleventh commandment of God. Even so, as a child, a pretty face could captivate me for hours. Though I saw my first pornographic film at a friends house when I was but six years old, it only made me understand where babies come from - and probably helped develop my lifelong distaste for such subject matter; it did not invoke that unexplainable love. That respect. That awe. The very same emotions I feel when I see the ladies of Domai. It is so very refreshing to see women so comfortable with their bodies who are proud to show us what God has given them - show us who they are sexually, and not what they can do sexually. I’m only 22, but I can proudly say that I’m a Dirty Old Man. With sincere gratitude, I thank you for creating this bastion of celebration and respect and love for female beauty. - Alan

I enjoyed the interview you did with Laurie Jeffrey. I agree with the perception that there is a great deal of beauty in the nude form, and that there are many people who are uncomfortable with it. For example, the attorney general has covered up two statues in the justice department which, although are statues of nearly nude young people, have no sexual intent.

My own point of view is that people try to make a distinction between sexuality and sex, between eroticism and beauty. This idea is often seated in a religious point of view that purity and godliness are the antithesis of sexuality, or what some might think of as the animal nature of human existence. I am not particularly religious, and I don't see how human sexuality conflicts with morality, compassion, or the ability to live an ethical life. People do commit sexual crimes, but criminality is not inherently sexual. People also derive great satisfaction and contentment from sexuality, but sexuality is not the only aesthetic or means to self-fulfillment.

Nudity and depiction of nudity can make various statements and meanings. As with most things in life, it merely depends on the intent. When someone wants to be offensive, there are many means, and what is the most offensive depends more on the person who is taking offense. Nudity and eroticism are no more inherently offensive than they are inherently pleasing. They simply exist.

For me, it is hard to understand what the problem is with depictions of nudity. The models in DOMAI know that they are being photographed, who is likely to see the photographs and what the intent is. The viewer who is offended shouldn't view it. I try never to watch or see violence depicted. In my job there is enough real violence that the idea of violence as entertainment makes me quite ill. I can accept without understanding that eroticism make may some people uncomfortable. They should not have to be subjected to it.

People judge the world from the stand point that they themselves are the norm. If a person has a problem with their own nature, than anything that reminds them of that may cause a lot of discomfort. But the world would be a sterile place if everything that is beautiful about our own species was eliminated. Human life would dry up. There is plenty of struggle and want in the world already. Contributing to the beauty of world helps smooth out some of the roughness. And from our naturally anthropocentric viewpoint, what beauty could surpass that of the natural human form? - David P

As an artist of erotica I've given a great deal of thought as to why I enjoy the beauty of the naked female form so immensely that it consumes the subject matter of the images I create.
But, as I look back at all the studies I've done to an artistic end it really doesn't seem so difficult to understand why people such as myself find this kind of beauty so appealing to the eye. I have a great appreciation for the site of a dozen red roses glistening with droplets of water and standing proud from a crystal vase against a blackened backdrop, or the power and grace of the body of the great cheetah or gazelle in motion across a landscape blurred by their own speed of movement, or a great rainforest waterfall with its cascading forces and the finest mists created during the impact of nature's life blood against itself creating rainbows in the warm caresses of the sun. With these things and so many others that I could describe it is not difficult at all to surmise why the female form is held with such high regard: it is simply another of God and Nature's most spectacular sights to behold. And, just as with the roses, the cheetah and gazelle, the careening waterfalls, such beauty should be viewed and appreciated and most of all, respected as often as I or one such as I who will read this letter can possibly give time to. - Sincerely, Christian

Thanks for the reminder of what DOMAI is all about I find that the one I have the most trouble with is the 'looking is good'. I agree that we have been trained from a very early age not to look very long or intently at people, male or female. Looking for too long or intently at a beautiful woman, we were taught, is intimidating to her. To look long or intently at another male is threatening to one or the other.
Speaking for myself, I know that if I am admiring a beautiful women and she looks directly at me looking at her, I tend to quickly shift my vision elsewhere. Certainly, I don't want to lock vision with her... it would not be proper. Nor would it be proper if she saw me appreciating her physical form. It is only proper to do this secretly. Isn't that scenario a crock? Under the tutelage of DOMAI, I am trying to change my habits so that it is OK to continue to appreciate beauty a little longer even if the person one is seeing is aware of it. My hope that my looking is not misunderstood. It seems easier for me to try to do this with females over males. I become the intimidated in the latter case.
People are interesting. Their shapes and forms are incredibly diverse. It is curious to me how certain body shapes are more attractive than others. Why is a more slender, nicely shaped, somewhat athletic form more attractive than a heavier build? Must be in the genes.
Again... DOMAI is a good place to begin reprogramming one's self to consciously realize that nudity is natural, beauty is important and looking is good. - KB

Upon awaking this morning, I wandered downstairs for my morning cup of coffee and my regular DOMAI daily check in. A thought came to me: one of the reasons I enjoy DOMAI so much is that a few minutes at your web site tends to simplify life. The convoluted complications of the day vanish even if just for that few moments. Thanks. - Kent B.

Hello there!
I joined your site early this morning and it is a truly refreshing experience. For two or three years now, I have been collecting tasteful photographic representations of the naked human body, an activity that gives me much pleasure. I decided early on that I was going to go for both sexes. What I didn't know was that, many months later, I would have about three times as many shots of lads as of girls. Now this may seem a little paradoxical because I'm not at all gay - the name of the game for me is aesthetic pleasure, and especially a sense of communion with the subject - one-way of course!
The reason for the imbalance is that you're much more likely to find the subject treated with respect and dignity on a lads site than on a girl site. I have torn out the little hair I have left in desperation at the unworthy treatment and exploitation of girls and women that you find time and time and time again. Now I DO know of other girl sites where this is not the case, but they're as rare as hen's teeth, and I am truly over the moon at finding another one.
I've read a lot of the material on your site and it makes me a very happy man. However I won't hog the attention of whoever may be reading this - I'm a new boy on the block after all.
Bye for now then. - Robert

     There is an almost supernatural feeling I get when I look at a beautiful young girl, like there is a holyness to her beauty.  I am grateful for this site, because it recognizes that beautiful young women, though to many people are taboo, are just that: beautiful, and young. Sincerely, - Michael G.

I have looked high and low to find a site on the internet that provides me with what I find interesting, and then I found DOMAI. DOMAI to me is much more than interesting; I have learned the absolute beauty of a woman is not just her body, but her entire existence. The mere aura of a woman is a beauty in itself: the way light bends around every curvature, caressing every inch of her perfect body. I think why I enjoy DOMAI so much is because it is not pornography, where a woman is an object, a fake object, a paid object. DOMAI offers women that are not dressing room-perfect - not implanted with fake tans and perfect hair - but instead are real girls.. girls we probably see on the street everyday. - SW

DOMAI is about love, pure and simple. We love all women for precisely who they are and for how God made them. When I see the photos at the DOMAI web site, I am always touched by the love I can sense between the photographer and the subject. The photographer expresses love by capturing a moment of the subject's innocent beauty - and the subject expresses her love for the photographer by simply being herself and being viewed. The subject is not passive, but an active part of a two-way communication. By publishing these pictures, the photographer and model extend that love beyond the two of them, to share with all humanity. - Joseph E

I enjoyed pursuing your site very much. I concur wholeheartedly with your philosophy and outlook. My wife had bestowed upon me your well-chosen name ["Dirty Old Man"] many years ago...and was chagrined that I was nothing but grateful for her keen insight.
I am a late-blooming artist, now focusing on sculpting and drawing female nudes. I take my inspiration from live models, pictures such as you display and the masters of the past...particularly Modigliani, Matisse
and Manet.
I have fought all my life against the seamier interpretations of what most women deem a DOM to be. Working hard on developing an artist's eye with regard to really looking and visualizing what a beautiful woman would look like after I interpret her on paper or in bronze has brought me to the threshold of abject chauvinistic pummeling several times. But I labor on and try to explain that my "looking" is "artistic"...but it just sounds like a line!
I once read a vocationally oriented book with an assessment tool that indicated that I was what is called an "Appreciator." While I'll never be a world class artist I have all the requisite talents to know beauty when I see it whether it be a woman or a anything else of aesthetic quality.
Thank you for addressing an issue very near to my heart that speaks to those of us who love to look and want the world to know that LOOKING is OK, harms nobody and gives a pleasure on a higher plane than most people (based on the age-old prejudices I've witnessed) apparently operate on. - Sincerely, Brad C

I could not agree more that nude women are a photographers' joy. I imagine that any male who has ever picked up a camera has had the desire, whether expressed or not, to photograph a pretty, nude female. For most, that is as far as it goes. Too bad.
It is disheartening to realize that our attitudes toward sensuality, sexuality, and nudity arise mostly from the dominant religion of the West. The very institutions that are supposed to lead us toward spirituality and connection with the Divine have concluded this part of human creation is something to fear, control, and hide from view. What a shame.
I have rambled enough. Thank you again for my daily taste of beauty.
Cordially.... Kent B

Very greetings
Receive mi you are honest congratulations for their excellent one it paginates it is fantastic their picture, the art and very especially the very special classification of the pictures, always decent and with pleasure i want to stand out the focus it is presented the woman like maximum representation of the beauty, sweetness, the perfection of the feminine body as the best well-known work of art. They are few the words to stand out the i magnify work, for you carried out.
Again, congratulations, carlos.
P.s. I speak castilian, excuse me terrible english

I first became a member in February 98 i believe. I think this place keeps getting better and better!
I have seen a lot of changes! But i keep coming back to this safe haven where beauty is still beauty and hypocrites and perverts stay at the door.
In internet terms, I am an OLD DOMAI member, and that is pretty cool!
Thank you for keeping the flame alive, sites come and go, but this one is here to stay! - Sa

I am very impressed with your site. I was going to start a porn site but after seeing your site have changed my mind. I want a site that reflects the things you have presented on your site, beautiful girls and a philosopy that is sound and true. - Str

People dont take the time to appriciate the beauty around them and with the based view society has on nudity it's no wonder they have such horible opinions of people who look at nude images.
I am ashamed to say that I to have fallen into the trap of thinking of nudity as bad. when I see someone wearing TOO reveling clothing...the first ting that pops into my mind is "she is a whore"...which is actually societys reflection of these things on a whole.....I felt angry with myself for falling into that trap....later I took a second look at teh young lady and realised she was extremly beautiful and not afraid to show it.....and that was all...she was not dressed in the manner she was dressed in to provok men...but because she was beautiful and not afraid to show the beauty that god gave her....though I am just 23...I felt humbled by this revelation...that the nudity which I seeked was the beauty of gods handywork and angry at myself for allowing myself to fall into society based view.....
People who look at nudity seem only to lust look for the sexual gratification....instead of simply looking and appriciating the pure delight of the human figure.....
I realise I have alot of work to re-do to my mental perception of the world around me.... and I thought I should let you know all this... I wanted you to also know that I know you have learned to appriciate natures work on the human form and that I once had that appriciation and lost/was losing it somewhere but I am going to try to find it again and that your site helps remind me what truly matters on this world and what people should learn to be like rather than giving in to their carnal desires and alowing it to shape and focus their existence.. thank you Mr. Eolake - VM

I just have to say how I truly enjoy looking at your models in all of the pictures. They definitely capture that beauty, magic and innocence that PYG's have all over the world. PYG's truly make this world bearable to live in. They give us hope and dreams for a better tomorrow. I thank you for such works in one place where one can come to find beauty instead of just exploitive sex. - Tom

My dear sirs:
Browsing galleries is for me generally a utilitarian exercise, as I spend that time "lost in solitary pursuits," as Joyce so eloquently put it. Imagine when I found your site, and found my independent exercise interrupted by a sudden appreciation of the esthetic.
Satisfying my curiosity by perusing the textual pages, you can well consider my delight (well, one lobe of my brain at least was delighted; the other at this point was becoming impatient) to discover a history page that crackles with wit and literary elan.
You took the lead out of my pencil, and in so doing, restored the ink to my pen (which is, after all, mightier than the sword). - HP

You know, one of the unexpected benefits of membership in the DOMAI has been that I find myself looking a lot more critically at figure photography, and I seem to be regarding it as more of a species of Art than I did previously. A painter by trade, I have tended to regard photography more as a source of reference material than as an art form in itself. Indeed, I used to be quite suspicious of any such claims. That in itself has been at least worth the price of admission. - GM

Dear Domai;
While searching through the usual smut laden and often degrading pictures of women on other sites I happened across a few samples offered on your site. To say I was taken aback by the angelic qualities of each picture that I saw of the most beautiful young girls is a bit of an understatement. Each picture breathed life and vitality the likes of which I have never seen before. Each girl looked fresh and above all they actually looked like they were enjoying what they were doing. There were no fake poses and importantly no fake smiles from these girls. - JWN

My sincere compliments for your site! Sure enough my eyes were attracted by first sight of those wonderful 'art-forms' and sure enough I was pleased with the uncomplicated message this site spreads out. But more delighted I was when reading one of your articles ("About Innocence"), wich in my opinion makes more sense than (nearly) all sites I've ever seen, that pretend - or for worse CLAIM - to have a moral justice or some other VERY untrue idea. Please keep this site up. It's just one of those few that counter the REAL BAD THINGS in our world: ignorance and fear. - Giovanni N

I guess I have always been a DOM but with your excellent philosophy, so well stated, I will no longer feel so guilty about merely taking in what is around me. They girls/women are everywhere & I can/will enjoy them more from here on out. I still have problems, however, with those who wear the low-cut blouse, etc., & then give you a mean glare if you dare to look. Maybe now I can feel they have a problem & not me. Thanks. Peace, health, & best wishes to all. - GOL

I happened upon your site almost by accident. Being tired of the "mindless pornography that is everywhere" I happened to see a handful of crystal clear delicate photographs that led me to you.
I was then intrigued by the painting that is posted on your site. I became even more intrigued when I discovered that you were the artist.
I personally hate pornography. Periodically I cruise the net looking for that one picture that I can download that stirs my heart. In my quest to find that perfect picture I feel mentally and emotionally abused by the plethora of misdirected attempts to titillate me. Inevitably the reverse happens. I am determined to never have sex again.
A handful of images from you changed that. I am now a member. [...]
Words are real things. They lift up and inspire us or they destroy and demean us. I made my decision to join DOMAI based on the heart behind the images. - RAW

I hadn't really thought about the aesthetic issues you mentioned until seeing your page comparing the natural Carrie to the "enhanced" Carrie. I almost started crying at the disaster caused by the Penthouse mentality. The natural Carrie could get me to want to be a better man. The "after" version was awful and made me fell dirty. If the world were full of "Dirty Old Men" of the kind you claim to be, we would be so much better off as a society. Thanks. - Eric

I must say how much I appreciate your site and have enjoyed viewing the pictures and appreciating the artistic content they are certainly a pleasant change from the usual portrayal of women as sex objects as opposed to objects of beauty.  I am glad my husband stumbled upon your site as I have enjoyed looking at the photos and reading the extracts from your newsletters. Congratulations on a beautiful site, Regards - Mrs. M.

When I first started looking at these sites, I was not very discriminate. However, since seeing your contributions I have become far more appreciative of beauty rather than smut. So, all I would like to say is thank you. Keep up the good work. - Chris

It was a beautiful spring day after a particularly cold and snowy winter. For one of the first times that spring it was delightfully warm and sunny, and the breeze was fresh against the soul and the skin. I went for a lunchtime walk to get out of the office, (this was before the (ahem) enlightened age when smoking was banned from offices) and much to my delight and purely by accident found myself following a shapely young woman dressed in a pleasantly light silk dress down the sidewalk.
It was one of those days that prove that God must have a sense of humor, ... for the breeze was playing with the young woman's dress and flipping it up cheerfully every few steps that she took. Then, ... before my young and innocent eyes, ... a particularly naughty puff lifted her dress right up over her shoulders. There in all of it's glory was displayed the most delightful flowered panties wrapped around a most shapely tush.
The young lady never even tried to push the dress back down, ... but calmly continued on her way until gravity restored her modesty and dignity. Alas though, the dirty deed was done, for my heart had quickened from the secret and special vision I had been treated to, and from that day to this I have known that indeed I was destined to be a Dirty Old Man.
It was a title I took on willingly. Any fool can be a pervert. It takes no class or style to pant like a dog after a pretty woman. Some men study the art and after years surpass the common pervert and become PROverts, ... professional verts as it were. I however have dedicated my life to the enjoyment of the visual enjoyment of an attractive woman, ... studying hard and mastering the craft. I have progressed to the point of being a Doctorvert. A Ph.D. in the joy and wonder of gazing at beautiful women regardless of their age.[...]
Opinion of Dirty Old Men? Why, we're a rare breed, and a happy breed, ... and it's only by embracing what we are that we're truly fulfilling our personal destiny.
To echo the famous words of Forrest Gump, ... "That's all I have to say about that." - Klixtle

I'd love to see a clinical trial where depressed men are put into two groups, one of which spends an hour a day browsing DOMAI, and the other takes Prozac. I'd put my money on the DOMAI group. But I doubt that Upjohn Pharmaceuticals is going to sponsor any such research.

There are many "Dirty Old Men" in this world, with many different statures in life. The vast majority of them feel ashamed of this state and have developed an agressive stance against those whom they should share a sence of fraternity with. Bravo to you, Sir ... - JPTR

I have recently read your article on nudity. I had no idea what DOMAI was or meant before stumbling upon your site while looking for photographs of naked young women. I was most intrigued to notice that the photographs don't show off young girls with their legs spread open as I have become accustomed to.
In fact, after a few photographs the sex aspect of the subject was not apparent and I was relieved in a way. Relieved that looking at a naked figure did not conjure the notion of sex but rather a desire to look at something pleasing. - ES

Thank you for giving us this pledge. I am a 1st degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and of "high moral character." Recently, I used this site as an example while instructing some of my peers and students (most of whom were older then me) as an example of how it can be easy to misjudge when one does not look deep enough into whatever is presented to them.
It was well worth the effort of explaining this whole concept to a 60 year old Korean Grand Master in broken english. This pledge, and the philosophies explained throughout the site, are a great summation of my feelings, and many others as well I'm sure. Thanks again, STM

What a wonderful site you have created. I've never seen anything quite like it on the web. I'm an art model, and so I really appreciate not only the absolute beauty of the girls, but I also understand the skill involved.
It takes someone who is secure and beautiful in the soul as well as beautiful in the shell to make a good photograph or drawing. I would love to send you some photos of me, taken by another model and photographer, if not to use on your site, at least for your enjoyment.
I encounter people so often who, upon hearing that I am a figure model, turn red or pass judgement. They don't understand that it is nothing dirty or shameful.......that it's a celebration of form and beauty and creation.

Who among us does not get a little boost from having someone notice that we are alive and telling us us that they approve of what they see? If that is "dirty" then I will proudly die a Dirty Old Man. - ELW

My name is Jennifer [...] I like to look at pictures of pretty girls and so this is how I happened to see your site, which by the way, I find beautiful, honest, and very classy. What a lovely and refreshing change it is from the majority of the "girlie" sites on the Web. Thank you!!
Personally I love it when men look at me. I work very hard to stay in shape and I always make an effort to be feminine and well groomed. I love being a woman, am grateful to God to have been granted the physical charms I possess and I'm truely pleased when someone looks at me with an honest and sincere appreciation of my form.
I don't feel in any way that this is a "dirty" or unwelcomed sexual leer, but rather a look that says "You are as lovely as a rainbow to behold, thank you." I always smile back at the men of any age who respectfully look at me.
I love their eyes upon me, drinking me in, for it rewards me in a way that's hard to explain - it's life affirming. In fact, I feel honoured to have helped lifted their spirits in some way. To see the happy sparkle in their eyes, the smiles upon their faces - I have gladdened their hearts, perhaps even quickened their pulses and that's wonderful.
Life is a precious gift to be be enjoyed! I always walk away slowly, letting them enjoy me for as long as possible. Who does it hurt? Not me, they're only looking and they've made me feel good, and not them of course. We all get something positive out of it.
Let us respectfully celebrate and honour the natural beauty of women whenever we can!
Sincerely Yours, Jennifer :-)

I have always expounded the theory that most of our moral outrage at nudity came about when Queen Victoria became ruler of England (a very unattractive woman). Although I have no documented proof of this theory, if you look at the dress and morals of people before her and the change after her I think you will see the possibility that my theory is correct. So the crux of my theory is this that moralistic attitudes about nudity are the result of jealousy. A very ugly woman with great power caused everyone to completely cover their bodies, because hers was ugly she didn't want anyones body to be exposed as this would just make her ugliness more obvious. Sincerely Don ----

She might be 12, she might be 62. I might be admiring her physically, or I might be admiring any number of other attributes. She might be admiring me in return. Who among us does not get a little boost from having someone notice that we are alive and telling us us that they approve of what they see? If that is "dirty" then I will proudly die a Dirty Old Man. - OP

First I would like to tell you I am quite shy about what I am going to say. You mentioned on your philosophy page that some women even enjoy looking at pretty girls. I would like to admit that I am one of those women; I am not a lesbian nor have I ever had lesbian tendencies, but I really do appreciate a beautifully formed woman. God just put us together really darn well!
One thing you might ask any of the women you know who feel the same is this question... "are you an artist?" I am, and I firmly believe we look at the world and things and people around us differently. Thank you for your time and allowing me a place to express how I feel without the threat of being called a "pervert". I think your page is beautiful, and I will be back often to savor the art. - Kaye

The human body is God's gift to mankind. It is not intrinsically evil, else how could Adam and Eve been in a state of innocence? - JB

I think I partially qualify as a DOM, being male and 61. Don't know about the dirty part, though - I could try to avoid showering, I guess. Let me know. - Stef

Personally I think that the human form is a great gift. Each is different, sometimes in subtle ways. I really do not think that it is all that bad to view the body as art and I think that if more thought this way there would be less stress and trouble in this world. - DM

It is wonderful to have a resource of this caliber on the net. Sexy is often not very beautiful. However, beauty is almost always sexy. The importance is not to objectify, but to celebrate. - AJ

Until now I have not found anyplace where I can enjoy the beauty without feeling as though I was somehow doing something wrong. This is an incredible site with amazing images of young women in their truest form... a work of art. - KA

Yes, I'm a DOM, 41 years old, and I love PYGs [Pretty Young Girls], just like you do. I think that there is nothing more beautiful than the body of a young girl or woman, and I'm pleased to get into the company of those who think likewise. I'm also a devoutly religious person, and though for some people there would be a conflict between being religious and being a DOM, I have less and less conflict about that. When I see the eyes, the smile, the breasts, the hips, the bottom, the vulva, and the legs of a pretty young girl I get the same feelings of awe and even holiness that I get when I read certain passages of the Bible or walk into a beautiful church. It's like coming into contact with something eternal, sacred -- after all, her body is a creation of God, and, in my opinion, one of God's most wondrous creations. A PYG's body represents to me a mystical harmony, as it were, of curves and proportions, a microcosm of the universe, much like a Gothic cathedral.
There is nothing forced about these pictures. The girls want to be there, they're smiling, they want me to look. And I'm perfectly happy to do so. - SC

I truly believe in what you are trying to achieve in your web site. It seems I have been beating myself about the head subconsciously for a long time now. Wanting to look and thinking how horrible I am... I suppose society crept up on me and caused me to forget how much I used to enjoy looking at a beautiful girl... After reading some of your philosophy and traipsing through your site a bit, I began to realize I felt bad about what I think of as beautiful. Why on earth should I feel bad?
...Thank you for creating such a beautiful site. - SAP

I have always thought that the human form was the most varied and most elegant of all things, its ripples and curves, smooth spots and hairy places. It is erotic in the way that comes from seeing ourselves in the other person, the similarities. The nude female body is as wonderfully beautiful as any traditional loveliness like a sunset on the ocean, or the sweet smell of a heather field. Completely natural. Whether chiseled or molded, lanky or with a little extra, a woman is a work of art. - Jennifer

And I thought I was crazy. Turns out I'm not alone--not by a long shot. Your site reflects my own philosophy to a tee. I always knew I would BECOME a dirty old man, but had no idea I was one already at 26! - HB

What a pleasant surprise to come across your website. For a long time now it has bothered me that there almost always seems to be this implied imperative of "sexual content" with so much photography and drawings containing nudity . When I was a teenager I guess that was pretty much what I felt, but now that I am older I simply have come to appreciate that women are beautiful, as is the female form. To find a website which is dedicated to conveying this beauty is really refreshing. - DL

Bravo! I am enchanted with the idea of turning a derogatory label into a badge identifying people who admire beauty without feeling the need to hide that admiration. Compared to the violence and sickness that is accepted in our world as entertainment, there is nothing as healthy and pleasing as the admiration of the Pretty Young Girl. I'll vote for that any time, and you can tell them I said so! - WK

I'm a relatively young dirty old man, but I am one none the less. The idea of beauty manifested in the human body is one that I have long battled with, because I believe it, but there are few people to talk about this with. Society has made it a taboo subject, which is the source of alot of unhappiness. I just want a place where I can enjoy the beauty of the body, without the hassles of society's problems. I have read your pledge, and agree to it. I think it's wonderful that there are people out there that I can relate to on this subject. - FMP

What is better than looking than looking at a beautiful woman? (unless it's looking at two beautiful women.) Yeah, I wouldn't mind being a dirty old man; to me, obscenity is robbing, raping, and killing, and I don't do any of those... - CD

I just read the text material at your site concerning your philosophy. I find it quite refreshing to find a place on the Internet that stands for the proposition that a desire to view and appreciate the young female form is NOT the same as wanting to have sex with them. I subscribe to the former, not the latter. - V

I can fully relate to the DOM theory. I feel this way since it is the most natural of all feelings and I don't see why I should oppress it. I an very glad to see there is a person/persons out there that stood up for what they believed in and got such a great response. Well done, and thank you. - IRL

I love the way you state your mission and thoughts about loving female beauty. I am a photographer and agree with you totally. - PN

It appears I have finally found a decent site amid all the clutter. I appreciate fine works of art and believe that this site fits the bill. - RL

Please, allow me to join your club. I almost put "little" in there, but when I think about it, there are more men privately interested in looking at feminine beauty of all ages than are willing to admit it publicly. I suspect your membership rivals that of some states here in the U.S. - GN

I normally do not e-mail to individuals I do not know but I thought I would write to you. ... Please keep up your excellent work ... Continued success to you. - CM

I think the DOMAI philosophy is an excellent viewpoint. If God intended that women not be looked at (nude or otherwise) he wouldn't have made them so attractive. - JMH

Sir, I feel that you have finally the first internet site to grasp the idea that not everyone is looking for the tasteless porn. - MJ

It's rare to find someone (or a group of people) whose aim is to show the beauty of the human body - in whatever form. It's nice that there are such people out there, and hopefully more will appear. If people want to ogle cheap nasty pictures of "tramps", they should toddle off to their local newsagent and buy some paperbacks. Too long as the net been associated with the "porn" industry. It's time to show that the Internet can give us entertainment and excitement but not to be confused with "a cheap thrill"... - TO

I must say you definitely hit the nail... as a photographer myself, I've often run across the type of assumptions you mention. "I like nudity, so I must automatically be a pervert." People assume you can't apprecite the human form just for art and beauty's sake - if only just because they themselves cannot. ... My compliments for making a stand for something you believe in. - AN

I like your web page. The pictures are erotic without being nasty. - MG

Admiring the female form has been accepted since the beginning of time. Only recently has a negative conatation be attached to it. Finding your web site gives hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel. - DCS

I just read through your "Mandate" and would like to start down the path to dirty ol' mandom. - DA

...the beautiful things of this world, and in particular the beauty of women, is a gift almost sacramental. It is to be appreciated, not coveted. Enjoyed, not possessed. Taken when offered, but never stolen. ...I try to do this whenever reasonable. - JB

Thank you for making a little of our planet's beauty more accessible. - DE

As an artist, I appreciate the tender beauty of of the young female... the fine, streamlined shape, the vigorous vitality and utterly disarming enchantment of a simple smile. I'm quite impressed by the lighthearted approach with which you've chosen to approach this often difficult task. Keep up the good work! - TJ

Dude, I totally agree with you. Why is it everytime you even look at a girl, they think you are a sex-mad freak or something? people don't understand ... that you are interested more in their beauty than in their genitalia. - HB

Being a d.o.m. means loving beauty for what beauty is -- I've been one since I was 7! - VR

...your site has greatly impressed me. I'm not interested in the sexual acts, I'm only interested in the beauty of the female body. Your site has that. It has taken me months to find a site that only offers true beauty, yours. - RL

...just to look at a beautiful female body does something for you - it's simply a thing you need to do sometimes to feel happy. - JA

Your philosophy, as well as your pictures have left a lasting impression upon me. The quality of the pictures and the simple beauty are fabulous. - RT

I too have been a DOM since my early teens, and have to admit I was a bit skeptical about sending in this reply, up until I read your "pledge" page, and have to say that it not only "hit home", but actually pointed something out to me, which could end up making my life just that much happier. - SH

A page that really appreciates beauty rather than shots of the small intestine! - RA

Well! I have to say that I didn't expect to see such a show of support for folks like me who, admittedly, just love to look at pretty girls. of my favourite things is gazing at beautiful women while on the subway train traveling back and forth to the office. It's the kind of thing that lifts a man's spirits, especially in the dreary hours of the morning -- and I am *not* a "morning person". It's a little lift that helps me get ready to start the day. If that makes me a DOM, then so be it! I say, sign me up! - JR

A good female friend of mine, and an ex-lover of mine, called herself a dirty old man in 1981.... Just appreciation of the female form, and knowing that there is no wrong... I imagine there are many out there not enjoying one of the twin sins (guilt, the other being fear).. No place for those in one's heart, you know. - PW

(1) Who can assign motives to anyone's attention, anyway? (2) There are always more reasons for our actions than we could ever explain, and (3) that's what makes our existence possible, and interesting. You're doing a service to people. - LB

I have been looking for this for a long time. The female body is a beautiful thing and should be admired in its natural state. Innocence is the most attractive feature in a woman and most pictures you find on the internet emphasize the (if you'll pardon the language) sluttiness of the picture's subject. A thoughly revolting and degrading pose is not what I wish to see but that is all that most places are willing to provide. - RW

I like your site, and feel I have discovered an area for kindred spirits. I am 49 years old, but people have been telling my I am a dirty old man for the last 30 years or so. My reply has always been "No. But I am one in training. With luck I'll make it there some day." - TMB

I agree wholeheartedly that young ladies embody the essence of human beauty, and hate to feel guilty when I enjoy looking, not with lust to touch, but just with admiration. - RC

I liked what I saw on your site... Already I waste time trying to find women that don't look like they were hit by a silicone truck. Playboy can have those girls. That's not so much beauty as it is airbrush and plastic. - F

I hate those porn pictures, they all hide the beauty of a female body. - MB

I admire the work of art that the good Lord created, called woman! I have never seen such a fascinating and complicated piece of art anywhere. - RT

Since I started surfing the Web last October, I have been appalled by two things: 1) The abysmal level of literacy 2) The demeaning terms by which the lovely ladies of the Web are characterized.
Now comes DOMAI: an appreciation of women (of all ages) as works of art and not just night depositories for a sperm bank. At the age of 20, my first wife characterized me as "The youngest dirty old man I've ever known." 39 years later, only the age has changed. - LT

Often I see a girl, my childrens age, and say WOW! but then everyone says "17 will get you 20". When that is not what I meant! I am glad there are others out there!!! - WT

I've known all my life (55 years) that I've been a DOM, and to see DOMAI feels like I just came home. - TK

Your founding of DOMAI is an act that I think is a moral imperative. As I live in the United States, this isn't an idle comment... what can be said about a country whose primary cultural export is Baywatch -- silicone enhancements and bad plots, the equivalent of soft voyeuristic porn -- but whose laws make it borderline illegal to look at the same parts of a physical woman for too long?
I can't vouch for anywhere outside of the 'States, but it has come to be (at least in my experience) that to be natural is to be forced to hide. We need -- at least I know that I do -- to be told that we're okay once in a while. We need to know that others are like us, that our appreciation of human beauty without a desire to lay everything that moves, that our inability to appreciate tire-pump breasts and two inch makeup cakes, isn't something wrong with us, something twisted.
I don't mean that DOMAI is a support group, but... it's like listening to pop music on the radio and being told that it's the work of talent, and then walking down the street, hearing a strain of Boris Gudinov or the Ode to Joy floating out of a window.... It's refreshing, and it reaffirms my conviction that there are still some people who can appreciate what it means to live, and be alive. Not many, maybe, but enough. "Give me a large enough lever and I will move the world..," right? - SGK

My name is Sarah. I am a 17 year old female, and i think that your site is wonderful. I think that the female body is the most beutiful form of art in existance, and i enjoy looking at such art. - S

I'm also a Dirty Old Man and I hereby promise to follow the natural conduct of a human male which was descriped in the pledge of DOMAI! - KY

Mr. Stobblehouse: After reading all of your site, I must admit embarrassment at not having thought of this myself. You points-of-view are so much a part of my own, that it was like reading my own thoughts. Very weird! - DH

My thoughts exactly! For 50 years I have thought there must be some thing wrong with me because I couldn't give up looking. And now-a-days, with sexual harrassment ....... What's a guy to do? - BF

This is a fantastic site. I think that in this 'information age' we are ready to accept art in all its shapes and forms. I always wondered why the body must be deformed in some way to be considered art. From what I've seen, you could well be (the domai) a tiny step towards the liberation from stupidity that is so prevalent around us. - P

First, I appreciate the existence of your group, and the work you must do to keep it alive and well. I fully agree with all tenets of your philosophy, so much so that I feel I could have written much ofyour website myself. Sex is not all, beauty is all. This is far too subtle a point for many. A graceful curve may be enjoyed for what it is as well as for what it represents.
About the name of the group, I am unable to make up my mind. I hate to say I don't like it without offering an alternative. And any alternative I can come up with sounds pretentious, artful, or ludicrous. Maybe it's best we don't take ourselves too seriously?
Still, it's not a group I can safely tell people at work about without lots of conversation-killing explanations. "You perv, you lech, you leering creep..." Yet it's OK to speak of the beauty of autumn leaves, sand dunes, art, sunsets, etc. Still, I'm not up to correcting the world's attitudes, you know?
Anyway, since I'm already a member of your group spiritually, let's make it official, OK? - GP

The staff at my work can't seem to understand that figure photography, paintings and sketches of the nude are a very historical and meaningful section of the art world. - GM

I am pleased, to say the least, that I have found a group with which I have something in common. I have been made to feel guilty for enjoying the sight and beauty of the female form. The Bible itself talks about female form in a very poetic way. Why I believe that I must feel guilty for looking at beautiful women must be from the condemnation of peers and strangers... To feel free to look and enjoy, and not feel "dirty" would certainly be a load off my mind. - JAK

My friend, as an artist myself I look at the female form as the most beautiful thing on earth. As a veteran of military service I pledged to lay down my life to protect the freedom we so enjoy to be able to create, view, and marvel at all kinds of artists conceptions involving the female form. To quote a recent hit movie; "You’re the reason cavemen chiselled on walls."
And out of our primitive beginnings men throughout the centuries have created masterpieces based on the one true thing of beauty;the female form...The Mona Lisa,The Birth of Venus, Whistlers Mother ect. I say Bravo to your endevour, a well crafted venue for the celebration of Man's greatest passion, the worlds biggest mystery..... - V

Trying to explain what AWE is to people not blessed with feelings is almost impossible..
They can almost understand when I say I can stand in an old church.. and look at the carvings in wood and stone.. done by craftsmen of the past with simple tools.. and the Love of their craft and skills .. and I can sense the amount of devotion and time they spent to create a work of Beauty.. for a place of Worship..and the awe I feel as a simple being who could never achieve such skills.
They try to understand when I show them sunlight on the water.. a field of wildflowers swaying in the wind.. or a sunset of colours fleeting and changing.. and the comparison of The Creator's artistry to that of Man's.. and a simple being, the awe that inspires.. as I could never hope to capture or create anything so Wonderful.
But the instant I liken either to that of a YOUNG woman.. unadorned.. uninhibited... unashamed.... the mind closes.. the eyes cease to see... and the accusations of DOM and Pervert start flying....WHY!????
I grow flowers... and therefore I am a gardener. I read a lot.. therefore I am a bookworm.. or intellectual. I make things with my hands.... therefore I am creative. I repair things...therefore I am a technician.
I admit my attraction to the younger woman...therefore I am suspect.
I admit my delight at the beauty of an unadorned young woman.. therefore I am a menace to society... and should be incarcerated!!
I suppose those who can only think sex when they see nudity expect all of us to be the same... I am not totally immune to the biological desires when i see one extremely attractive PYG.. but it is fleeting.. and replaced by something far more satisfying.. admiration for the creation of her!! - RHB

Sometimes its nice just to see girls not having sex !!! - LB

Hi - I just found your page, and so far it looks great. I agree with your philosophy that one of the greatest pleasures in life is admiring beautiful girls. Nothing like sitting in the mall on a hot summer day and enjoying the parade of teenagers with long flawless legs.
So, sign me up! - JD

Sir, How wonderful that I have found an organization that embodies my thoughts
and feelings, after all these years. - DB

As much as I try to, I still can not turn my eyes away from beauty. - WM

I've always thought and said that the female form was the most beautiful thing that God put on Earth. Now finally a web site devoted to that concept. - RP

I believe, as you do, that the human form is greatly to be admired as a creation - an artwork. A natural, well formed body is there to be enjoyed by others. For what other reason can there be for designers to create clothes that accentuate the curve of the subtle bust line, the angle of the hips and legs, the long slenderness of the neck. Please consider me for a membership... - PL

I love your site! It is what I have been thinking for years. The only ones who call someone a Dirty Old Man are the ones that know what one is. There is a special gift on this earth and that is a pretty woman. If they like being photographed then they like being looked at, and I like to look!!! So, to all the people that feel that we are Dirty Old Men I say Thanks for noticing... Thank you - SH

Finally someone has taken an appreciation of the fact that being naked is not always sexual, but often portraying beauty, showing in a way who the person is. Your photography is unique in how you capture the freedom and independence of a naked person, not just trying to take a sexual picture. - DS

Hello I am a Dirty Old Man...
Finally somewhere I can admit this fact. I think that your site is great. I love beauty in its purest forms, be it a older lady with that certain stance, or the young girl on the beach with the gleam in her eye as she splashes her brother. Don't get me wrong. I still look at pictures with what some may call obsene pictures but hey what the f#@k. Guys will be guys. But there are fewer and fewer sites with real beauty pictured on and in their site. KEEP up the good work. - FV

For several years, I have been searching the Net for truly magnificent examples of all the beauty that is woman. Most sites don't offer much, while others have none at all. There are millions of ways to show lust and desire, but not very many ways to show beauty. This site, near as I can tell, is the answer.
Though I am an eighteen-year-old female, I guess I could be considered a DOM. I have always found the female form beautiful, with all of its smooth curves and clean lines.
Now, if only there were a similar site featuring gorgeous men...<grin> - Heather

Clubs and associations aren't my speed, but this just seems to fall in line exactly with my thoughts...I find your thoughts clear and aware, and I would have no problem associating myself with DOMAI.... Thanks - MS

Having read the philosophy, I fully agree with your views. I have been called many names from DOM to Pervert due to my appreciation of a pretty face. Since I am not very highly motivated by sex, the sexual aspect doesn't even figure in my appreciation, I just love to see a pretty face and figure.
I tend to whistle quietly when I see a really nice looking girl, even a very young one. I think of how many hearts they are going to break when they get older. Although sometimes I've been overheard because the whistle comes out slightly louder than I anticipated and leads to all kinds of derogatory comments. Don't you just hate those who think they can read your mind and know your intentions toward these girls? - DS

I have seen all too often, two different groups of men looking at beautiful women. One group looks, gawks, whistles, and makes suggestive comments, while the other simply, quietly looks. I am a firm believer, that the female form should be admired and is without a doubt the greatest thing that has happened to man throughout creation. - TDS

I have never heard the "actually beauty and the freedom to look at it is your goal." phrase before, but I think that sums up me... I mean I'm married... I get all the wonderful sex I want from her. But the freedom to look, and appreciate beauty, that sums up me...her too. She likes to browse the web in search of beauty too. We don't mind since we have the mutual understanding. - IC

I remember someone telling me that all girls [or women] are beautiful - some more so than others. I only looked at two of your pictures before I understood that you offer the kind of whispers I seek in these quiet moments. - SZ

Till now no one called me "Dirty Old Man".... This mainly because I am just 19....
But "freak" and "creep" I am called (mostly behind my back).. and all this just because I adore nice girls..... *sigh*
So... I'm one of the many... always thought to be alone on this... feels good to know I'm not...:) - TC one final note I would like to say that no one should be called dirty for admiring that which is clean. - Jo

Having said for years that God's most beautiful creation in the world is the human female, I plan to continue as a DOM for as many years as I can possibly enjoy it.
I once had a friend, his name was "Happy". That man for the entire time that I knew him was "Mr. DOM". He resided in a nursing home, and took positive joy in what little life that he had left. His favorite caper was to "enjoy the form" of the nurse taking care of him. They finally found a Nurse that suited him, and who allowed him to enjoy to his hearts content, often making the other DOM in the area feel a few years younger as well. I miss Happy, and wish him well wherever he went.
I look forward to reading your newsletters. Regards, LD

I like what I read, look and feel at your pages I feel the emptiness that make me dream - ah I can't say what I feel in words... - MAC

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