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Letter Contest

In the weekly DOMAI newsletter we like to publish articles/stories/viewpoints from our readers. A letter which is published as the "letter of the week" wins a one-year membership in DOMAI, worth $110.

You do not have to write a long mail, or be a great author to win. You just have to write something that our readers may find sufficiently interesting, funny, or thoughtful. Length: roughly 600 words to 1800 words.

The subject can be anything, although of course things related to beauty, art, nudity, and the beauty of women have better chances:) Avoid sexual content, though. Please proofread your letter, it will help your chances. Also, please write or copy/paste the text directly into an email.

Mail your letter here

  • Submitting a letter or picture permits us to publish it fully or in part. Letters may be published in part or lightly edited.
  • We don't publish your email address, and will use whatever name you choose
  • If you want, make a special "throw-away" email address just for this purpose, and we can put it under your letter. Some letter-writers have gotten very nice email from our readers.

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