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DOMAI "100-excuses guarantee"

DOMAI is one of the most respected galleries for nude art in the world. We started in 1997 when the web was young, and we were then and are still one of the pay sites with the highest customer satisfaction in the world. 99.41% in fact! That's why they allow us to promise refunds, even though they normally don't. (Note: you will need to contact us directly, not the billing contractor.)

This is the reason for our "100-excuses guarantee". If you are ever dissatisfied for any reason whatsoever...

  • It started raining the day you bought the membership...
  • Your dog does not like the site...
  • You are just in a poor mood...
  • You suddenly decide that you don't really like looking at beautiful women anymore...
  • You want to go live in the wilderness, and need the money for gas and toilet paper...

...then you just say the word, and we'll hand you back your latest payment faster than you can say "pretty girls". We want you to take advantage of this guarantee because we know you will like the membership, everybody else does.

What's more, there is no time limit to this offer. It does not matter if the demand is even made within your membership period. Come back in ten years because your son needs braces, it's all right, you don't even have to tell us any reason at all.

So. Don't hesitate, you have a world of lovely girls to win, and nothing to lose. You will not regret it, sign up now.

Sincerely, Eolake Stobblehouse, DOMAI founder

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"Impressive. You responded exactly as promised. What a gentleman. Thank you." - Dan S <>

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"Thank you for your assistance. I appreciate you honouring your guarantee. Very few people do in this day and age." - Sean S

nude photography
"The site is clean with no pop-ups, blind links or adverts. That makes the whole experience worthwhile. Also, I feel my name and data are safe with DOMAI and its founder Eolake... Because he is a real person and replies to your e-mails. No one wants to deal with some faceless corporation based in some hidden office 'somewhere in the world'. Eolake is a real person, a photographer and writer, etc..." - Peter R.

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