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The "fine print":
You can cancel at any time you want, and your membership will remain active until the paid-for period ends. And if you are unhappy, we'll even refund you. There's no risk at all. And you keep low billing price so long as billing continues automatically, even if prices should rise for newcomers.

On the signup form your loyalty discount is only shown in a footnote, but it does apply!
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"As usual, you have responded and taken care of a concern. Over the years, it has never ceased to amaze me of how you take care of your subscribers. Reputable, reliable, above board. It is much appreciated by all who deal with you, I am sure.
Thank you!"

Aria-R, an angel

For existing members:
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"Eolake i cannot thank you enough for your personal attention to my support questions. I just hope others can come to the realization of all the things you are doing there behind the scenes to make sure your site continues to stay the best both in content, and your amazing personal attention to customer support! Thank you so much." - Ben

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