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Domai art contest 2004 Results

However you want to measure it, the Domai Simple Nudes Art Contest was a big success. We received over a thousand entries from all over the world, and many, many of them were extremely good. And very, very different. It was very hard to choose the winners, but we had to. Unlike a sports contest, judging art is very subjective, but that is the name of the game.

Anyway, we got in contact with hundreds of interesting artists, and they found Domai, and a big number of them have been inspired to new art in the future, especially in nudes. This was the whole idea, so we are very happy. Art changes the spirit, and the spirit changes the world.

First Prize, $1000, goes to:
"SEANA" by Steven Dieckhoff

large version

The first prize was awarded to Steven because:

  1. This watercolor is beautiful
  2. It is simple (though only deceptively so)
  3. It is sexy
  4. It is lighthearted and fun
  5. It is strong artistically
  6. The lines are wonderful
  7. The model's beauty is strongly conveyed
  8. The composition is strong and very original
  9. It has much energy

Congratulations to Steven! (Update: sadly, Steven passed away a couple of years later.)

Second Place Winners
It was not easy to choose the ten second place winners, the great variety of styles alone made sure of that, not to mention the high quality of many entries. But finally, here they are. Congratulations to all of you, your $100 prize is in the (e-) mail.

autumngloaming-nude art photos
Robert Christopher
colleen-nude art photos
John Skewes
eternal-nude art photos
Sergey Martyn
expression_1-nude art photos
Stefano Mendoza
mkleme_2b_last_one-nude art photos
Marie Klement
pic3-nude art photos
pregnant-nude art photos
Tom Hunt
rabbitgirl-nude art photos
Johanna Öst
red-nude art photos
Alan Batson
redhead-nude art photos
Mary Murphy

"I have just finished viewing all of the works of art posted from the Domai Art Contest... all I could do was think 'Bloody Hell! There's an awful lot of talent in one basket!'. The variety of techniques made the viewing all the more pleasurable.
My congratulations to all of the artists for sharing their work, and a big 'Thank you!' to you for initiating the contest & then going to such an effort to display the works for all to see. I knew that I liked artwork & beauty, but I've never been so effected by any other collection." - John Kincaid

There is more! We have posted 149 honorable mentions, and it is a lot of excellent art!

And even more in the second art contest.

Eolake Stobblehouse, founder and art editor

All images are copyrighted 2004
by the individual creators.

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