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Results of the DOMAI 'simple nudes' Art Contest 2010

It was quite difficult to judge this contest. There were so many very different styles, artists, and expressions. How does one judge ballet against samba and breakdance? But it had to be done, so in the end, I just had to hold myself to the promise I made: judging would be subjective! Because so is art.

Here are the three first place winners, each receiving a prize of $500:
(All clickable for super-size.)

Daniel Gill:

Matthew Grabelsky:

Virginia McAllister:

Each of the winners have "light" expressed, in different ways. Daniel Gill gives us an artistic, creative light. Matthew Grabelsky gives us the light of classic art, and the light of nature, of life. And Virginia McAllister gives us the light of the spirit, of joy, of imagination.

And next are all the finalists, many of whom easily could have won:

Achille Eric Broennimann:

Cara Easley:

Anthony G. Sanchez:

Adam "AdMan" Markiewicz:


Abel Jimenez:

Greg Meyers:

J. Terry:

Jack Phelan:

James Bailey:

Jeremy Spencer:

John Benavides:

Mariona Lloreta:

Martin Azari:

Well done to everyone, that is amazing creativity. And we're not even done. Here is a whole gallery of Honorable Mentions!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this. I have made an extra effort to present the artworks to their best advantage: a grey page background, and instead of thumbnail pictures I used big pictures which are yet clickable to even bigger ones, etc.

If you want to send a comment/compliment to an artist, send me a mail, and I'll forward it.

- Eolake

PS: You may be interested in our specially commissioned Domai sculpture.
PPS: Don't miss the first contest.

"It sounds like you've already gotten lots of positive feedback, but I just wanted to chime in and say how much I enjoyed seeing all of the art inspired by beautiful women.
I just recently took in an exhibition at the Glenbow museum in Calgary of Canadian nude art, and, although some of it was very beautiful (and the history was more important in that gallery) the quality and creativity of the entries for your contest makes just as good a gallery (or better) in terms of stimulation of the senses and the mind.
Thanks for putting on the contest! A real treat to see such talented artists come out of the DOMAI woodwork!" — Daniel

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