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"By the way, just a few years ago I saw the "Inviting Joy"
statue on your site and my wife and I liked the statue and Victor's work
so much that we wound up with one of the life sized versions in our back
yard.  It's a stunningly beautiful work of art and I'm glad we took the
opportunity to get it when we saw it.  Thanks for drawing my attention to
it in the first place!" --   Brian

The DOMAI sculpture

Nine months in creation, the specially commissioned DOMAI sculpture "Inviting Joy" is finally ready!

Famed sculptor Victor Issa created this work based on my ideas and inspired by DOMAI models.

We are thrilled with the final result. The piece really embodies what I want DOMAI to express: joy, freedom, openness, beauty.

We have made it in a handy size, 23 centimeters (9 inches), so it will fit in any home. We wanted to keep the cost down for you, and we used many months and thousands of dollars testing various casting materials. Finally we settled on a full fine-art edition in high quality bronze, cast in the USA. Nothing less met our standards. This is a museum-quality art piece, both in artistic terms and in craft quality terms.

See it in a 360-degree rotating QuickTime VR file, small (540kb) or large (1.1MB) (click and drag to rotate it).

It will be a pride and joy in your home for generations.

Get it now for the special price of $890. (Order page. If any problems, please contact me.)

The one-third life-size version is also still available. The current price is $5,300. [25" x 18" x 8", 64cm x 46cm x 20cm]

The fully life-sized Inviting Joy is priced at $36,000. [74" x 60" x 43", 190cm x 152cm x109cm]

The two larger sizes will require about 12-14 weeks to produce at the foundry, the small version is in stock.
Here is the 1/3 version on the left, and the life-sized version.


Eolake Stobblehouse
founder and art editor

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