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I may be a little slow to respond, but as I was reading through the letter from Chris I kept thinking "Yeah, he's right. Given the right circumstances, female friends might just jump at the chance to give it a try." It had happened that way for me a couple of times.

The first story that comes to mind occurred on the way back home from Scuba diving in the ocean. The water was cold and the waves a bit strong, so my dive buddy and I were both chilly and somewhat tired. As I was driving along, Carol stretched, yawned, and said, "Man, I could sure use a hot tub right about now." "I know of a place just ahead that's not far out of our way at all," I replied. With a somewhat wary tone in her voice, she said, "What kind of place?"

"Well, it’s a place to go and relax in a beautiful Japanese garden area, with hot tubs, a cold dipping pool, sauna, and massage tables. Most of the place is public, but they have private tubs too, if you prefer that. Would you like to check it out" I asked? With just a touch of reluctance, she replied, "OK."

When we arrived I explained to the woman at the front desk that I had been there many times, but had brought a friend who had not been there before. Could I show her around before committing to paying the entrance fee? "Of course," she said. "Take as much time as you like."

We walked through the office into the gardens out back where we found several dozen people, all naked, lying on the grass, sitting in the tubs, walking back and forth between the sauna and the refreshment area, and giving or receiving a massage. As we wandered around several people gave us a smile and a polite "hello" but no one seemed at all bothered by the fact that we were fully clothed. "Would you like to see if the private hot tubs are available to look at," I asked? "No," Carol responded with a smile. "This looks just fine."

So, we went back to the office, paid our fees, left our clothes in the locker room, and spent the next 4 hours relaxing as naked as the day we were born.

The next story I was reminded of started while I was at work. Linda, a female colleague from another company, stopped by and said to me, "I'm really stressed out so I'm playing hooky today. And I'm taking you with me." "OK," I agreed. And as we got into her car I thought to ask, "Where are we going?"

"You're taking me to the beach," she replied. "You practically kidnapped me, and I'm taking you to the beach?" I laughed. "Yes," she said. "I'm new here and I don't know where the good beaches are."

"So, what kind of a beach do you want?" I asked. "A quiet one," she responded.

When we got to the parking area, she opened the trunk, pulled out a blanket and a small basket of munchies and off we went to the water. As we rounded the last corner, the beach spread out in front of us, and the sound of crashing waves filled our ears. But, since it was a weekday, only about a dozen people shared it with us.

As we walked through the sand, looking for the perfect spot to spread the blanket, Linda turned to me and said, "Some of these people are naked!" "Ah, yes," I stammered. "That's the way all the beaches are around here. Is that a problem?" "Well no, I guess not," she replied.

We found an isolated spot, laid out the blanket, and enjoyed munches from the picnic basket as we watched the waves and sea gulls. Occasionally, one or two of the other beach-goers would walk by as they explored the outer reaches of the sand - sometimes fully clothed, sometimes naked. But ironically, no one wore a bathing suit.

Linda must have noticed this phenomenon, because when she asked if I was ready for a walk, and I came back with "clothed or naked?" she seemed to take it in stride. And after a few moments of thought, she answered, "Naked." So, we stripped off our clothes and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon in total freedom. It didn't occur to me at the time, but later I realized that Linda didn't have a bathing suit with her, so I wonder how much of that day was spontaneous and how much was planned. It doesn't really matter - it was a fantastic day and although we never repeated it I still haven't forgotten it.

Like Chris, I've had several other very similar stories but the theme is always the same. When presented with the opportunity to explore the outdoors in the freedom of being without clothes, all of my female friends gave it a try. And none were disappointed.

And that's at least one way that DOMAI moments are created. Good luck on creating yours.


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