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I've noticed in some previous letters from readers that sometimes the writer has mentioned (or lamented even) that they've never had any what on your website have come to be referred to as 'DOMAI moments'.

The other day while skinny dipping with a friend my thoughts wandered back to the first time she and I went skinny dipping and it occurred to me that you don't have to wait passively for these moments to appear in life of their own accord. Why not get out there and make opportunities for them to appear. Give your female friends the opportunity to free themselves and share their beauty with you. It's happened to me on a number of occasions and not because I deliberately sought it out but because I was a catalyst in creating an opportunity for them and they've jumped at the experience. I thought I'd write and share a couple of stories:

Some years ago a work friend, Tee, and I both had the same day off and we planned to go for a bushwalk down to a nearby river. It was quite a warm day and we had a pleasant walk to the river. This deep, still pool looked particularly inviting on such a warm day and I told Tee I was going in and asked if she wanted come in too. She looked at the water as if thinking about it as I shrugged off my clothes and jumped in. I swam a few strokes out towards the middle and then looked back, about to tell her how nice it was and to come on in. Instead, I turned around just in time to see her drop the last of her clothes on the ground and jump in too!

Now, I hadn't mentioned skinny dipping at all and I didn't even know how Tee would have responded if I had. We were simply in an environment and situation where the opportunity presented itself and it just seemed like the natural thing to do. Tee and I swam around in the river for about half an hour and then sat on some rocks talking. I didn't stare but I did notice and silently appreciate her gentle curves and the way the water beaded and dripped from her breasts. She seemed so comfortable and relaxed just sitting there naked with me and chatting that I was quite surprised to hear her exclaim that she'd "never done this before". She was so excited and happy and kept saying how good it felt. In fact, she took to it so much like a duck to water that she didn't want to put her clothes back on! All the way back she still talked about how free and alive she had felt. Weeks later, at work one day, she told me she'd done it again while away on a trip and even introduced others to the pleasures of skinny dipping as well.

Another time I was bushwalking with another friend, Eve. It was late afternoon on a hot summer day and we planned do about a one hour walk down to a beach. The walk was pleasant and we got to the beach just as the sun was getting low. I announced that I was going for a swim and began to strip off. She hesitated for a moment... we had no towels and a swim hadn't really been part of our plans. As I stripped she took off her tshirt to expose a white one-piece bathing suit she had on underneath. "Are you gonna swim in that?" I asked.

"What are you gonna swim in?" she asked in return.

"Nothing". She paused for a second as if taking that in. "It's okay" I said, "you can can wear that if you want, but it'll be all wet and uncomfortable for the walk back..."

"True," she said. She thought about it for another second and then slid the straps off her shoulders and pulled the top down to her waist. I smiled and turned and headed off towards the water leaving her to slip out of the rest of her clothes behind me.

Eve joined me in the water a few moments later, delighting in her naked freedom just as I enjoyed the beautiful afternoon and the beauty of my friend as she splashed about with me.

As the sun dipped lower in the sky I thought of the long walk back and mentioned that we should get going. Reluctantly we both left the water and as I brushed the water from my skin and picked up my clothes I turned to see Eve, still naked, by the waters edge, stretching her arms above her head as if to completely open herself up the the sea, the air and the fading light. I knew what she was feeling. She looked beautiful and even though it was many years ago I still have a vivid recollection of that moment.

During the walk back we talked and Eve revealed that she'd never swum naked before and that she loved how it felt. She said that as she swam she had thought, "Hmmm, it seems he knows something I don't".

Well, we ended up walking back most of the way in the dark and went for another dip at the beach at the other end of the track to cool off again after the walk as it was still a hot night.

I've had a bunch of similar experiences where I've introduced female friends to the pleasures of being without their clothes in a natural environment without any sexual motives. I do this for a couple of reasons - firstly because it's something I've always enjoyed and I want to share that experience and feeling with others so they may enjoy it too (and hopefully introduce others to it also) and secondly because I dislike the fact that women seem to be under-represented among naturists so I do what I can to introduce women to it whenever I can to do my little bit to redress the balance. Thirdly, I highly value freedom and natural beauty and the more people who share and experience freedom and beauty the better, as far as I'm concerned. That's the world I want to live in. So anyone else who wants to live in a world where women feel free to openly share their natural beauty with the world get out there and help make it happen. As Gandhi said: "Be the change you want to see in the world." I really think many more people would be open to such experiences if only they were given the easy opportunity.

To finish off, it's interesting to note that without exception, every one of my female friends has jumped at the opportunity to swim naked when it's presented itself and been thrilled that they did - all because the chance was there and they took it. Strangely, and much to my dismay, my 'just friends' have been much more game and open to trying such things than girlfriends I've had (except for one). Girls that I've been involved with have seemed to be more shy and inhibited about exposing their bodies and their naked beauty in an open environment. Maybe it's because in a relationship the sexual aspect may appear to be a factor - which seems ironic... who knows?

Best regards,

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