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Can you share DOMAI images?

Some people are uncertain about what exactly they can do with the images they find on DOMAI. This is no wonder, since this is an issue that has many warring opinions, and much emotion involved. Just look at the music industry and Hollywood.

At DOMAI we have chosen to take a relaxed attitude to all this. We really don't like to be heavy-handed, and for moderate cases of sharing we prefer to see it as a form of support.

For one thing, you can save them all to disk for your own future enjoyment. No problem.

Further, for the pictures in the member's section, you will not get in trouble by sending one or two to your friends, that is fine.

For the images in the free parts of the site, you can share them with friends, and even post them on groups and your web site, if:

  1. It is non-commercial use (no ads, no payment).
  2. You use less than 40.
  3. The images/files are used as found.
  4. There is a link to

If you are an artist who wants to make art based on DOMAI images, select one photographer (at a time) (their name is on the images) and mail us, we will forward your request.

If in doubt you can always ask us, but the above should just about cover it. This policy may change, and there may turn up exceptions, but if there are ever any problems, we will attempt to solve them in a friendly manner.

Yours, Eolake Stobblehouse

[These uses of course do not extend to the use of the word "DOMAI" in domain names or email addresses, nor use of elements of design very similar to this site. These are protected by international copyright and trademarks.]

Nude fine art

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