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Hi guys and gals,

For a beginning, I thought I might share a little of what people write to me. Apart from the embarrassingly routine mails daily of how people have finally found DOMAI, and how it is by far the most high-toned (look it up:) site of the kind, I get all kinds of interesting stuff. For instance in the past week I have had letters from at least two young couples where both the man and the girl openly enjoy looking at pretty women, and even do it together. That's the spirit!

In the beginning I was never getting mails from girls, but apparently we are already changing the world, for this is pretty routine now. When you realize that not all girl-watching is sexual in nature, then you also realize that age and gender has not much to do with it. Women write me and tell me how much they appreciate the beauty of the female form and Art concerning it, and DOMAI.

And then there's the men. For example:

>I truly believe in what you are trying to achieve in your web site. It
>seems I have been beating myself about the head subconsciously for a
>long time now. Wanting to look and thinking how horrible I am... I
>suppose society crept up on me and caused me to forget how much I
>used to enjoy looking at a beautiful girl... After reading some of your
>philosophy and traipsing through your site a bit, I began to realize I felt b
>ad about what I think of as beautiful. Why on earth should I feel bad?
>...Thank you for creating such a beautiful site." - SAP

I have carefully selected my favorite letters. Interesting reading!

All right. Now we will add a chapter to the History of DOMAI.

This is another little tale of my early realizations of the importance of girls. When I was a kid I was a bit smarter than most in those days, which means not very smart. I lived close to a canal leading into a fjord. One hard winter, this canal was frozen solid, and I was roaming around on my own on my ice skates. In the broad end of the canal was a tiny island. It did not really hold anything of interest, only fishermen's equipment, but I decided to explore it anyway, having crossed the ice. I managed to use the rest of the afternoon there. Suddenly it was almost dark, and I was cold and hungry. So I turned homewards. The canal now only looked like a big hazy strip in all the blue darkness. As I started out on the ice, I heard a deep, booming noise. As I went further outwards, I felt the ice vibrating under me. The booming sound got louder, like thunder, and some cracking noises appeared. With sudden, chilling panic I realized that the current under the ice had finally gotten the better of the ice, and it was breaking up under me!

The ice moved under me. As fast as I could (I was never an athlete) I skated back to the island, at one point almost falling in the water as a crack appeared right in front of me.

When I was "safe" on the small island again, the canal was no longer white, it was black! Icecold, deadly black moving water.

I spend the whole night on the island, keeping moving, for I had heard that if you fell asleep in frost, you were a dead man. At what must have been around 2 or 3 at night, I was sitting trying to take shelter from the wind in a well box (what they keep the living fish in, sunken into water) standing on land. It was not effective because of the thousands of small holes in it that kept the water fresh when it was under. The wind came right through. At that point I became certain that I would die. I got images in my mind of some of my best friends whom I would never see again. And strangely, also of a girl in school who I hardly knew. And one I only knew from the streets. I realized suddenly what they had in common: they were beautiful. The threat that I might never again see such beauty was as frightening to me as anything else I might lose.

I was lucky that a very early riser was walking on the other side of the canal when daylight came. They fetched a boat and got me home. I stayed in bed for a few days, but was not really harmed. As I lay in bed without much to do, pictures of pretty girls kept swirling in my head. And since then, I have always attempted to make a little communication with those I met, so they would enrich my life just by being beautiful.


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