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Over the last few years I had been a little saddened by the fact that I had so many pictures I really liked, but which were just a little too "naughty" for Domai. So finally last year I decided to make a web site especially for that. I did, and the success surprised me, both in terms of its quality and in the response I've gotten. It's great. And now is one years old!

Eolake Stobblehouse

Letters To DOMAI


It was my first attempt at photographing a female but I was unable to find just the right person. I wanted someone with a personality I could capture in the pictures. I had searched for a while, finding one that would catch my eye, engage her in conversation, only to find the sparkle I was looking for wasn't there.
I was passing through our capital city on a road trip and stopped in one of the bar/grills that featured the servers in those skimpy shorts and low scooped tops. Now don't get me wrong, all the girls were pretty in their own way, but none of them had the "look" I was wanting. Except for the young lady who was my server.
It was like she came out of nowhere. I'm sure my mouth dropped when she came to the table and I did the best I could to maintain eye contact, but she had me at "Hi, my name is Mandy and I'll be your server today." She was flat out gorgeous. She took my order and I was falling in love. She returned to the table with a box of napkins and silverware. They had to be wrapped for the evening so she decided to do it at my table. We talked. I discovered she was 22, had two small children, and was a single mom. She was working on a business degree and planned on moving in to management. She was smart, articulate and looked great in the outfit! I had completely forgot about photography.
She went to get my food when it was ready and I came to myself - she would be perfect for my first shoot. She returned, dropped off the meal and left to go greet some new customers. I ate my food but my mind was reeling. She came back and we talked some more. I finished up and really hated to go but my scheduled required me to keep moving that day. She let me know when I was back through I was welcome to sit in her area. I assured her I would.
I continued my search for my first model but nobody quite measured up to Mandy. I then decided to make regular trips back to the capital city and to eat there. Each trip I stopped and got her area. We talked more and wanted her to get comfortable with me. I learned a little more about her each time and grew to admire her for the inner strength she possessed in overcoming the obstacles in her live. She loved her girls, she loved life. After about 6 months, in February I decided it was time to approach the subject.
We talked about photography and I even brought a portfolio of some stills I had done and explained I would like to do more but with live models. She replied something about how cool that would be and she thought I would do a great job. So I popped the question, "Would you like to be my first model?" To my great surprise, she said, "Sure!" We set up a time for her day off and I would make the trip up and we would go downtown and use some of the backdrop there.
The day went off without a hitch. I had her bring several outfits and I bought her an evening dress. The night shots with her in the high heels were amazing. We had finished and I hooked up my laptop to the camera to take a look at the work. Mandy was amazed at herself. We agreed to do another one of these soon and I packed up and headed home.
In a couple of trips I had taken my tent and went to a near by campground. During some hiking I had found a nice set of descending pools as the water flowed over a cliff. There were three pools and the water flowed from a stream at the top. It dropped into each pool like a fountain. It was one of the most beautiful places around - and a perfect setting for photography.
My next conversation with Mandy was over the phone, I wanted to make the suggestion for this without her needing to deliver an immediate answer. I told her where I wanted to do the next round and asked if she was familiar with the camp ground. She said she was and thought it would be nice to do some there. I mentioned the three pools and asked if she would consider a swim suit this time. She said she wasn't sure - she had been in a contest at the restaurant and came in third. I told her that didn't matter, this was just a photo shoot. If she didn't like the pictures, we would delete them and they would never be seen again. She was comfortable enough with me now she agreed. The plan was to meet at the camp site and go from there.
A couple of weeks had passed and I wasn't sure if she would show up. But, I knew if she did she'd had plenty of time to think about it and was ready. Sure enough, 10 AM rolled around and her car pulled in. She jumped out with a bag and a sundress on. I could see the tie to her swimsuit sticking up in the back. I smiled, we hugged and headed up to the pools. We arrived at the spot and she asked where I wanted to start. I showed her the place and the sundress came off to reveal a nice one piece that fit her perfectly. We spent an hour using the rising sun and shade to do some work. The temperature was perfect. I must have taken around 200 shots when she let me know she had brought a two piece as well. She offered to change and I, not being a complete fool, told her that would be great. She slipped off and changed. When she returned, well let me say, she did a lot for that bikini. My camera was rolling. Soon I had to change memory cards. When I said so she said she would be right back. My first thought was another bikini?
She came back with the sundress pressed up against her. She looked so innocent and pure. Truly the most beautiful female I'd ever had the pleasure of seeing with my eyes in person. She said in a very small voice, "I'd like to some with the sundress." I said sure, my card was changed and I was ready to go. She went a little further and said, "Would you mind if we did some like this?" She lowered the dress half way to reveal she had nothing on. She told me she had always wanted to do some but needed somebody she could trust to take them. I was in Nirvana and I couldn't respond. She took it as I was preparing to say, "No," and so added, "Please?" I stammered for a moment and then finally managed to get out a "Yeah, anything you want to do." We spend a good 30 minutes with the dress draped around her revealing different parts of her body with each different pose. Then she wanted to lose the dress altogether. She moved around the landscape like the water flowed from the pools. My camera was able to video part of it as well as do the stills. By now it had gotten warm enough tiny beads of perspiration were appearing on her skin. I suggested she take a dip to cool off. She suggested I join her.
I stammered and stalled for a while, now being in my 40's my form wasn't what it used to be. I told her it had been a  while since I had been swimming like that. She eventually coaxed me enough I slipped in. I hadn't realized how warm I had gotten while taking the video and pictures. I watched her swim and float in the pool. She was so graceful and smooth in her movements I was simply awed. Here was the female form, innocent, pure, and I was getting a close up and personal view. Looking through the lens, I realized I had missed something. I hoped I had caught it on camera though. When we had cooled off sufficiently and decided to call it a day - she rose up out of the pool away from me. The water drained from away her body and the resulting glistening was astounding. Beauty personified was the only thing I could think of at the time. Which is what I named the shoot when she let me take the pictures.
While I've done many since, I have yet to meet her match. We usually do a shoot or two a year just for fun now and stay in touch. She has her degree and is doing quite well. It's tough when the first is the best, but I got lucky.

- Mark K

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