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I got a comment regarding our ongoing theme of complimenting women, and how they receive it:

"I'm currently seeing someone, and I decided to do an experiment some time back.  There has proved to be a stark difference in response to compliments directed at American women when my girlfriend is standing next to me vs. when I'm alone.  When I'm alone, the response is as I've previously described -- suspicious, disgusted, fearful, etc.  However, when the girlfriend is with me, the American woman seems to take it much better.  Apparently, as Howard (last week) points out, I'm deemed "safe" somehow.  "Safe" from what, I wonder--do they think I'm going to try to rape or otherwise assault them or something when I'm out alone?

I still tend not to look at American women anymore when I'm out, given past experience.  And I certainly don't compliment them on their beauty anymore.  It's a shame they can't handle it.  With foreigners (from a USA perspective, that is), I will still do it, and it does seem to get 'em to stand up that extra inch or so taller." - Terry

Letters To DOMAI

"Surprisingly, my wife said, I think the people around the pool that looked at me were happy because of my beautiful body. It was the first time I heard my wife saying something like that about her body even though she is very beautiful and she has always been beautiful, even after 3 children."

Dear Domai's readers,

For many years, I searched different ways to have some opportunities to be naked.
One of the first things I did was to be naked alone in the pool of my back yard. It was after a hard period in my life. When my life became better I felt so free in my mind that I would like to be free with my body too. That's what I did a day with a blue sky, in the summer time, in Quebec. The wind was very light and I let my body lying on the water. I felt free my body. From that time, I searched new ways to live naked but not with other people even when my wife was at home and dressed because I was not sure if she was at ease with that. In fact, sometimes, she was not.

One time, when I became more confident, I went to the pool with my wife and then I pulled off my bathing suit and everything went well for me and for her but she kept her bathing suit. The education we had wasn't in this way at all. It's not a good thing for a girl to show something more in front of a man!! For many years, the only things I did was to go to my pool naked alone or with my wife, not with my children.

One time, my wife and I went to the yard unclothed but not for a long time. Sometimes, I walked naked in my house when I was alone and when it was hot outside, not very often in Quebec. And other time, my sister was at my house and we went to the pool and she said to me to undress but I didn't because my daughter was there and she's not at ease with nudity. When we came back to home, I was alone with my wife and sister and I showed my naked body to my sister for a small period of time. She felt okay about that, she wasn't shy. She was 58 and me, 52.

In the year 2000, I discovered Domai. Yes!!! I saw all these beautiful girls but I was not interested in reading the texts until I saw some words that I paid attention to. I started to read the texts and I found it very interesting and something that fitted with what I felt. I mean to be naked is something natural and beautiful. Not something to avoid, being ashamed of.

It took me a long time before I spoke about this site to my wife. When I decided to speak to her about the subject, she listened to me and not disagreed. I showed her the women in this site and suddenly she saw a woman with a breast similar to her's and that's made a real difference because she wasn't appreciating her breast because they were different shape at her own point of view. Then, she started to see her body in a different way, a better way. For my wife, to see another woman who has the same kind of breast made her think that her's should be fine!

Even after many years being together we were shy to be naked if we were not in the bed. Here, I must specify, even though my wife is not at ease with nudity when we are not in the bedroom, she's comfortable with that when we are in vacation in a motel or trailer. And I'm very lucky because many times I had the opportunity to take nude pictures of her. We enjoyed these moments very much. My wife felt I love seeing her feminine beauty body and that becomes love.

But with other situations, I always would like to be more confident with nudity with my wife and maybe a day in a resort but not now, it's impossible for me and for my wife. So life goes on.

And every week, I read the Domai's newsletters. Then I saw the texts of Brooke who gave me more inspirations about the subject. A woman who spoke about her own nudity!! I said to myself, maybe I can share email with her. That's what I did and she answered me. She encouraged me to continue with my experiences with nudity and maybe one day my wife will agree with that.

Last year, in our vacancy, I tried one more experience of being nude in front of my wife's cousin but this one wasn't helpful at all. Anyway, I didn't give up.

This year, we decided to rent a house in Florida. We were only my wife and me. The weather there was not the best but enough to stay naked. But at first, it was not in my mind to be naked very much because I was not sure of my wife. The house was isolated from the other ones and we had a beautiful place to rest in the shadow when the sun was too hot. The second day, I decided to try it out. I waked up without clothes and stayed like that for most of the day. The sunshine was there. I went outside with my towel and lay down in my Adam suit. My wife came with her bathing suite and we enjoyed the heat.

At the evening, I started reading the Domai's newsletters because I missed the newsletters since Christmas time. And at the same time, I decided to share again with my wife about the site, newsletters and pictures. Her mind was open about that.

Two days later, I went to the back yard again to lay down with my only cloth, the towel. My wife decided to lay down beside me with her bikini. I entered to the house to do something else and what I saw!!! My wife was pulling out her top. WOW!! Even though it was my wife I saw her outside in the yard topless, I took my camera and took many pictures. It was so nice. I felt like it was the first time I saw her. It was a beautiful moment.

Two days after, both parts of the bikini were gone. She was completely naked. I took again my camera for another series of pictures. It was a dream comes true after 32 years of wedding anniversary.

After reading the newsletters, it does remind me one of the Brooke's texts about the resort so I search for a nudist resort in Florida but my wife didn't know. I found one just about 3 hours from our house, not very far!! Could I go to that place? Could I ask to my wife to go with me? I thought it was the best opportunity we have. I took a breath and I ask her if ..? At first, she said nothing and then, she said I will think about that. We chat about this situation. How can we do that and stay quiet. My biggest fear was how my body will react when I will see the women. But I remember Brooke when she said that she took the time to become more comfortable. So, we decided to go for this experience.

Friday morning, we headed to this place without to much anxiety. But 15 minutes before we arrived, my heart became a little bit more running. So, we entered in the resort. We don't have to be naked everywhere. The only place to be naked is around the pools and SPA. It helps to be less stressed. If we are not comfortable, we don't go to the pool. We saw some people playing tennis naked and some, not. We entered at the office to register. At the same time a young man, 28 years old said, it's the first time I tried that with a voice So, we were 3 to be new at the same time. We were not alone to be new. Ahhhh!!

Before the beginning, we had a tour all around, even in the pool area and even if we were with our clothes. It was our first initiation. After the tour, my wife and I kept our clothes and went close to the beach where there was nobody when we arrived. In our way, we saw a young couple naked close to where we went but we still kept going. We lay down and I decided to undress and it was very fine for me. I was comfortable with my body and with no fear at all. My wife finished undressing too and we stayed there for 30 minutes. She was a little bit less comfortable but it was fine too. The young couple left their place. A little bit later, a couple older than us came to lie down on a chair. They were very close to us. We could see them and saw their confidence.

I ask my wife if she was ready to go to the small pool and said ok, but I will keep my bikini on until we will be there . I stayed without clothes with my long towel on my shoulder. Everybody was quiet, respectful, talking with each other. We took sunshine for 15 minutes and decided to go into the pool. The water was good. Most of the people stayed outside of the pool to take sunshine.

A little bit later, I ask my wife if she would like to go to the biggest pool where there were more people and she agreed. So, we didn't choose a place at the front of everybody. Again, we felt comfortable with our bodies and stayed there for 2 hours more. We could see all these people comfortable with there body. It was so natural and normal. Nothing was bad about that. We did it, we did it!!

The same night we went to a motel outside the resort. In the room, we took pictures of each other because it was the first time all parts of our body was tan color, wow! The day after, we were at home and took a look of the pictures. Surprisingly, my wife said, I think the people around the poll that looked at me were happy because of my beautiful body. It was the first time I heard my wife saying something like that about her body even though she is very beautiful and she has always been beautiful, even after 3 children. She's slim with a beautiful face, smile and hair. She said the experience of the resort helped her to accept more her body and to be more confident. It increases its self-esteem.

Also, she said to me that I am now able to show you my body without being shy. We stayed face to face to admire our bodies. She loves her body and I love her body too.

It's one of the most wonderful vacations we had together.


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