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Letters To DOMAI

From Brooke:
Dear DOMAI and dear Eolake,

I had a spontaneous nude experience and thought you and your readers might be interested in reading about it. Recently (a couple weeks ago) Lawrence and I planned a camping trip to get away, relax and enjoy nature. Prior to camping he casually mentioned that a nudist resort, Avalon, was close to where we would be at and if I felt comfortable we could go there and enjoy being “one” with nature.

[Brooke pictured on the left] We met in Maryland and camped for a day. As we were sitting around the campfire Lawrence mentioned going to Avalon and I was hesitant about giving him a definite answer. I was taken back by my hesitation because I had been nude before in public (Club Orient Beach, St. Martin). We were talking about whether to go or not and I was expressing my hesitations to him. To me being nude at the beach just seemed natural… but being nude in the woods…for some reason it just sounded odd to me, however I wondered what camping nude would be like.

The more I thought about it, the more curious I became. I realized after some time that if I did not go I would regret the decision not to embrace the opportunity to experience something new. I remembered that when we arrived at Club Orient I was nervous and uncertain. Once we arrived at the beach my heart was beating so fast that I ended up closing my eyes as I slipped out of my clothes. After I was out of my clothes I felt more calm and relaxed.

As I was thinking about my last public nude experience I suspected that going to Avalon would be no different than Club Orient. So after some hesitation I agreed to go because I did not want to go home wondering what it would have been like and thinking that I did not seize the moment! Once I verbally made the decision to go I felt calm and actually excited to be trying something new (which by the way is one of my goals this year). So, we packed up camp and headed down the road.

The drive was longer than we thought it would be and the longer we drove the more nervous I became. We turned onto a small dirt road in the woods and as we heading deeper and deeper into the woods I thought my nerves were going to get the best of me. It felt like my heart was going to jump right out of my chest!! I kept thinking, what is my problem; I have been nude before in public, this should be no different. Once we arrived and picked out our camping site, Lawrence was undressed right away and needless to say, I still had my clothing on.

While I was in the tent setting things up I realized that I had nothing to be afraid of. After all, I was around other individuals who enjoyed being nude too. We were all like-minded in the fact that nudity should be enjoyable and nothing to be ashamed of. So, I took a deep breath and removed my clothing then sighed a sigh of relief. The next day and a half was mostly spent at the indoor pool and spa, as it was cool and rainy outside. We had the pleasure of meeting some very kind people and of course I was in awe of their comfort in their own skin.

That weekend was like a mini vacation for me. I have to say that it was so much more relaxing and healing than being somewhere where clothing is required. There is something about taking off clothing that is amazingly therapeutic. I did not have to worry about what I was going to wear around camp or which swimsuit I should put on. I did not have to pull or tug on my clothing or feel that a particular item of clothing did not fit right or not look good on me. I felt FREE! Free from my limited thinking and criticisms of my body. Being at Avalon was a joyful experience for me because I knew that I had pushed through my personal insecurities to try something different from everyday life.

Leaving Avalon was sad as I knew I had to put my clothes back on and deal with the judgments that come from other people about the style of my clothes and way they fit. I now consider myself a naturist after this experience. As a result of this trip I came to a better realization about the importance of being content and satisfied in my own skin. I know I have certain “flaws” with my body, but in the great scheme of life, it does not matter. God did not create us to be ashamed of our bodies and the “imperfections” of them. Nor did He create us to be so obsessed what we put on them, such as clothing.

We have become so consumed with fashions/styles (that change so quickly) that we have lost certain innocence with just being ourselves. Many people have created major credit card debt in an attempt to keep up with the latest fashion that is in today and out tomorrow. This trip opened my eyes to a greater understanding that clothes do not make the person who they are, however, that is how so many define themselves and others.

I received many letters from men in response to my last letter about how their significant other does not want to be nude or is afraid to take that step (many asked me for suggestions). It is understandable that there is a reluctance to do so because of the strong emphasis on covering up or being sexy by wearing revealing clothes.

What we all need to realize is that sex sells. That is the bottom line. If nudity were accepted in a non-sexual way then there would be a huge money market down the drain. So the philosophy is to sexualize nudity and make a profit. Wear just enough to cover the right areas and it becomes a huge sex appeal. As women, we have allowed ourselves to get sucked into this way of thinking and allowed it to shape the way we view our own bodies. This is so destructive to our self-esteem, self-worth and self-confidence. We have essentially become our own worst enemy. We are no longer satisfied with our bodies, so we try to alter them to make ourselves sexier in an attempt to feel more accepted by others, especially our significant other. My hope is that women come together at some point in time and challenge this philosophy that our world has adopted.

My suggestion for these women's men: A membership to DOMAI is a great starting point as it may provide your significant other a chance to see that nudity does not have to be sexual and that women are as diverse as nature.

Then, get online and check out some nudist resorts close to home. Make sure the resort offers what you want, such as an indoor pool. Several resorts will allow couples in free their first visit and will have a coupon to print and give to them upon arrival. Get your partner involved and make this time fun! In fact turn it into an adventure!

My suggestion to women: Look at all the different women on DOMAI to become more comfortable with seeing nudity in a non-sexual way. Remember, we have our own unique qualities and that is one of the reasons why our significant other loves us. Take a nice afternoon and lay outside nude in your back yard. Get involved in finding the right resort to go to and above all do not be afraid! The first step may be difficult but the rewards that follow are well worth any initial uncomfortable feelings. Remember, if you do not like it…you do not have to go back.

Eolake, DOMAI has been influential in helping me accept my body more and has challenged me to put my beliefs about nudity into practice. Thank you as always for providing such a quality site for men and women alike. You are a pioneer in this. I appreciate how dedicated you are to DOMAI, as I have always received a quick response to my questions. I hope that your site will validate other women as it has for me and open a new found freedom in nudity!

Thank you,
brooke.naturel [at]

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