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The letter below I received ten years ago, if you can believe that. I just stumbled over it and realized I had neglegted to ever publish it.

Bernard Tate and I are still in touch, and I still have one of his paintings in my office as evidenced by this recent, casual snap-shot I took of myself when testing a Pentax camera (K-x). (Bigger version of the painting itself here.)

Wow, I was only 35 when I started DOMAI, and now I'm almost fifty. Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana.

By the way, unrelated: today I hear from a customer who used a "gift credit card" to pay, virtually anonymously. He had bought it in a mall, a chain called "Simon", I think. it seemed there was no checking if he used the right name or address when he bought this pre-paid credit card. But he could buy a Domai membership with it, without any nosey people being the wiser. If you try it, or know about this system, do tell me.
Update: See below for potentially important info on this.

Eolake Stobblehouse

Letters To DOMAI


Eolake Stobblehouse,

I am amazed and delighted to stumble across your philosophy. I personally LOVE women, and share to a T the very same views as you espouse.

I am a 63 year old artist and have been in love with one beautiful girl whom I met at the age of 23, all my life. It was instantaneous. As I walked past the typing pool and saw her, my heart leapt and I knew. Walking into the agency art studio the art Director [practically drooling] asked if I had seen "the new chick", to which I replied "Yes, that's the girl I will marry". We are still deeply in love 40 years later.

My wife thinks I am the world's greatest painter of the nude. I would love to agree, but I've seen a great many works I'd love to have been able to express as beautifully. The point here, apart from bragging about my good fortune, is that I will never be satisfied as long as there is just one beautiful girl left in the world to capture on canvas. Many times I have asked myself why I have chosen this path, what deep psychological reason could there be and the answer always comes back "Why look for one? Enjoy what you do, you silly..."

I am writing basically to say Thank You for your wonderful site and I thought you might enjoy a few jpegs of a couple of my paintings of our favourite subject .



I was reading back through some previous newsletters and was struck by the letters about giving beautiful women compliments.  I have to say that a lot of what was in those letters struck a chord with me.  I have often seen that many women find it difficult to take a compliment on their appearance.  A lot of truly beautiful women I know (including my wife) seem to have very negative images of themselves and it's such a shame.  However I think we men must also share some of the blame here.  Too many men allow themselves to be fooled into thinking that falsely pneumatic breasts, flat stomachs and ironed flat hair (a la certain men's magazines, Zoo, FHM, etc) always equals, well I was going to say beautiful, but I don't think they even see the women in those terms.  It seems to fall more into a "hot or not" comparison, with an underlying assumption about going to bed with them.  I can fully understand why a woman might feel that a compliment is simply the first gambit in trying to get into her pants, because, let's be honest it quite often is!  If men had more respect for women, perhaps they would accept compliments more easily.  My prescription to help that come into being? Compulsory Domai memberships! [Note: that's a brilliant idea, and I would say to any law makers considering this that I'm willing to offer substantial discounts if it happens, not the least for the law makers themselves! - Eolake.]

For my part I often do similar to what you suggested - I offer a compliment on her dress or top or new haircut, making sure to tell them it really suits her and is a good shape or colour for her.  The reaction I get ranges from a simple - but genuine - thank you, to "this old thing? I've had it for ages..."  At least the effort has been made.  Maybe it helps that I'm married and they know I am, perhaps it feels safer coming from me?  I can say that I had one stunningly attractive work colleague ask me if I gave lessons after complimenting her on her pretty new skirt, as her boyfriend hadn't noticed.  She appeared to be about two inches taller the rest of the day and was noticeably more confident when speaking during a meeting we were both at later that day.

- Howard

Dear Domai,

The Simon corporation are real estate developers headquartered here in Indianapolis, Indiana (USA).  Within the wikipedia article you will find a section on Simon Prepaid Credit Cards. 

Simon is one of a few providers of 'Prepaid' Credit cards which are capable of 'anonymous' use, but I am not sure about the legality of advising their use this way.  Such cards have been around forever, but of course, after 9/11 attacks, laws were passed requiring collection of social security #s etc.  Aparently, among cards that collect them, some issuers do not VERIFY the info.  This allows their use anonymously when false info is provided at registration.  I do not know if that is legal or not, even if the letter of the law allowed it, I am sure the spirit does not, but as a layman, I could not say authoritatively.

What Simon does is allow someone to preload a Visa or American Express branded 'Gift Card' and give one to someone - these were anonymous at least recently, but I have not bought one recently.  Also, I dont know if they are reloadable (this is important for those who want rebilling). 

Here is a GREAT article that summarizes the providers of such cards and techniques used.  He does say Simon is the best for anonymity and for other considerations and explains why.
It appears Amex has some reloadable ones, and both Visa and AMex have ones which will donate some of the funds used to purchase to charity.  These might be interesting options to explore for the philanthropy minded.  I know you do not currently accept AMEX so that may eliminate many reloadable options for some markets. [Yes, sadly Amex will have nothing to do with gambling sites or adult sites. - E]

I think you can buy them online, but that would eliminate anonymity (gotta give them a shipping address) so it is better to pay cash at an outlet, which you can locate from this site.

The snarfed article provides a lot of other links to other options, also.

- Jack

Your comment about the Simon card rang a bell with me.  It's a special case of a "prepaid debit card" and Googling that phrase leads to several vendors who sell you a debit card, pre-loaded with cash, that can be used wherever a credit card could be used.  

In the US, Western Union is one such provider with hundreds if not thousands of physical stores nationwide (and perhaps worldwide).

- Tom

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"Never would i have thought that i, as either a woman or a mom, would be writing a note to a site that posts nudes to say thank you.
But thank you.
You prove what i have always been convinced about -- that the body is beautiful. You show all shapes (although a few older gals would be welcome; we are still lovely you know :-) . You show them as they should be, smiling and confident in their skin. It is shame that all women do not feel that confidence. i find myself perusing the site, just to remind myself, that the body is beautiful, that being a sexual woman is nothing to be ashamed of -- all the double standards be damned.
Thank you," -- Jennifer L





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Excerpts from a new REVIEW

"DOMAI stands for Dirty Old Men’s Association International, an attempt at ironic humour by its founder Eolake Stobblehouse, who sees a simple admiration of the naked female form as entirely natural rather than shameful or something to be scorned. We couldn’t agree more. And when you see at first hand the emphasis that this site places on natural beauty, naturalistic settings and erotic but not explicit posing, you might even be moved to agree that this is not so much a cut above your standard adult site as a completely different form of distraction altogether.

"That’s not to say the site isn’t
rammed full of gorgeous nude women, though. ... The site has been online since 1997, making it one of the forefathers of erotic nude photography as an internet phenomenon, though the format and content has been amazingly consistent in that time, with gallery after gallery of pretty girls posing naked in scenic outdoor settings

"There is a great range of models ... The quality of the photography is very impressive ... there about 2,000 galleries already online. ...

"DOMAI has a simplistic, distinctly rudimentary (some would say old-fashioned) design that won’t appeal to those who need the bells and whistles, but more importantly the site is overflowing with extra resources about the simple nudes idea, together with information about nude photography, letters, stories, film reviews and more. One thing you must do is check out the Domai pledge - now that is funny (the first one is “never to my willful knowledge let a beautiful girl pass without enjoying the sight” – there are eight more such classics, but I’ll let you discover them for yourself).

"Some may regard Eolake’s purist perspective as naive (who could fail to be sexually excited by the sight of these gorgeous girls naked?), but his site at least succeeds in fulfilling its manifesto, and while it has its failings it’s clearly one of the standout nude art sites on the net. Pricing is very reasonable too."

- Nudes&NudityReviews

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