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Bernard Tate is an Australian nude painter in the grand tradition.
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"Bernard Tate announces that he works in the "romantic" tradition. Yet we will not find among his paintings the exoticism, the pomp, the allegorical layers that characterize nineteenth-century romanticism. If anything, we may see in his paintings a hint of Degas, but softened into a sense of wonder and respect for the female; for the girl. Bernard Tate's pictures celebrate the beauty of feminine youth and the miracle of every day. "A Brand New Day" inaugurates the awakening of this new romanticism. The young girl, still protected by the purity of her white nightgown sliding off her shoulder, reveals unwittingly to the viewers the signs of her femininity. Her short brown hair, in its tossled look, emphasizes the burgening sensuality of her little breast.

"Voyeuristic viewers may look upon her with longing or desire, but she ignores them. Her sights are set upon the rising sun; perhaps she dreams of the vast future that awaits her. Her position upon the bed--lying on her knees, hands grasping the sheets--suggests the rawness, the girlishness of youth which blends eroticism with a hint of playful, animal-like frolic: in a word, youthful energy. And the glow of the sun sets off demurely, not voluptuously, the peach-like color of her golden skin. Even the wall around her adopts, complicitly, this fruity color: the shade and flavor of an adolescence we can savor in all of Bernard Tate's neo-romantic paintings."

Professor Claudia Moscovici

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