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Letters To DOMAI


It’s time I let you know how much your website has contributed to my life.

I was raised in a fundamentalist family, and for anyone more than three or four years old it was absolutely forbidden to disrobe before a member of the opposite sex, on pain of “hell fire and eternal damnation.” Some of my family were so rigid about it that I got a serious tongue lashing, and very nearly a whipping, just for taking my shirt off while working in the garden one hot day! “What would happen if the girls took their shirts off too?” my grandfather ranted, and as a boy of about ten I didn’t dare say that I thought it would make the world a much better place.

For my sister and I, growing up in such a rigid environment created an intense curiosity about our bodies, and sometimes when our parents were out it would get the better of us and we would take our clothes off and look at each other. But then we would feel such intense shame and guilt that we would live in terror that God would punish us, or that our parents would somehow find out and punish us severely. Even then though, it made no sense to me. Why, I would ask myself, would God create something of such beauty, and then demand that it be hidden? But I was always a “good boy” at heart, and until I became an adult I had no choice but to believe my elders, and to live in constant fear that my sin of looking at my sister’s naked body would cost me my soul.

Thankfully, by my mid twenties I began to realize that a “loving” God could not possibly be as mean, controlling, and vindictive as I had been told, and I started exploring the world around me with less fear. One day I found a stash of girlie magazines in a friend’s restroom, but as curious and fascinated as I was I found them to be repulsive and fake feeling. In my late twenties I discovered the magazine Nude and Natural and was introduced to the wonderful and liberating world of naturism, and I’ll never forget my first experience of public nudity. From an article in the magazine I learned there was an undeveloped hot spring in the mountains not too far from where I lived and that people seldom wore clothes there, so of course I had to go check it out.

It was a steep climb from the parking area up to the springs, and I was so nervous and shaky I could barely navigate the trail! Then I rounded a bend, and there were fifteen or twenty people, half of them women, spread out in the water and on the rocks around the water, in all their naked glory. To my surprise my nervousness vanished almost immediately, especially after I took my own clothes off, and I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and my first chance to observe adult women in their natural state. That was one of the most liberating experiences of my life, and it helped me to let go of my old inhibitions and to finally be able to have some more normal relationships with women.

By then I was in my thirties, and I discovered that a part of me was still stuck in my past. For some reason the women I was dating all tended to be older than me, and as wonderful as they were, I couldn’t stop thinking about what I had missed in my teens and twenties, and about what it would be like to be with younger women. For some reason young women seldom frequented the hot springs when I was there, and I was intensely curious about their bodies and how they might be different from the older women I was dating, and that made it really hard to settle into a relationship.

I struggled with that for many years, never able to settle down with an older woman and never able to attract a younger woman into my life. And then I discovered Domai and spent money I could barely afford to subscribe to the site for a couple months, and it was some of the best money I ever spent. Here were all the beautiful, young, naked women I could ever want to look at, all natural, non-sexual, and so “real.” After exploring the site for a couple months, that part of me finally started feeling satisfied that I wasn’t missing out on anything after all. I felt a wonderful shift happen inside me, and I was finally able to relax and truly enjoy the beautiful older woman I was dating.

So thanks Eolake, for what you’ve created here. It helped me to heal a deeply wounded part of myself, and for that I will always be grateful. And, I’ll also always be grateful to people like you who challenge the rigid and destructive taboos of society in a healthy, safe, and beautiful way. And thank you also to all of the women who, in sharing a bit of themselves here, help to make the world a freer and more beautiful place.

John M

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