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Letters To DOMAI


“A Step In The Right Direction From Depression”

Like Peter; I, a man with a B.S. degree in Interpersonal Counseling and Divinity suffered with clinical depression for many years. Treatments with counseling, medications and years of deep sadness of a kind I could only describe as rending of the mind. Many times I would contemplate suicide for days at a time while relegated to fits of paranoid fear of being watched. I now know why I suffered so and have been doing very well for many years now.
I was caught up in the rush and timelessness of work, work, work. First I lost my health due to 60 – 80 hour work weeks. This resulted in my job as corporate executive with a multimillion dollar finance recovery company being pink slipped. With that I lost my wife to divorce and a long custody battle in court. Money, money, money and the pursuit of it will kill you. My son and I were pulled apart by the need to be controlling by one person.

I know that many of your readers are mostly men but I also know that women truly enjoy beauty themselves and that all of us need to learn this very true reality, ‘Take time to smell the roses.’

After spending years of suffering in a bed for days at a time I came to the conclusion that I would return to my first love of trade ‘Art’. My son came to live with me before his teens. My son is gifted, meaning he has the ability to go places many of us only dream of. With the need to monitor him at as a pre-teen in college I returned to college. At first I returned to college so he was safe on a campus with adults ten to twenty years his senior. I had to get funding to go to school and used some of those funds to buy the parts and build a high speed P.C. for homework and classes. I chose to refresh my knowledge in the ‘Arts’, in photography, sculpture, drawing, est. He has three degrees and I four with certification in Media Arts.

One night I was surfing the web for information for one of my term papers in modern art when I stumbled on Domai. At first sight I was pleasantly surprised that it was not like most adult porn havens, but rather very tasteful, classic style fine art nudes in a setting of truth.

As I spent the first visit in awe at the simplistic style of the works of art I was being reminded why I had been in art classes in high school, the beauty of nature. My mind reveled in the beauty of form and light. The photographers’ work that you have selected to put on your site is true art of the nude form. As I studied the forms in light and shadow I began to wish I was the photographer with the opportunity to shoot one of these ladies in a natural setting.

The inspiration feed the need to emulate the professional photographers work in my drawing, sculpture and watercolor again. Alas all my art supplies and my camera equipment burned in the Willow Fire Incident of 1999 here is Southern California. Over the years I have with little monies gathered together these supplies to continue my pursuit of fine arts. Photography equipment is expensive and is going to have to be the last expence that I will need to endure.

My mind enjoys its time viewing; analyzing light and shadow as well as admiring these lovely ladies while finally realizing that what I had been really missing in my life was allowing myself the time to enjoy the essence of beauty. Start looking for the beauty in everything you see. When some situation raises its ugly head think on the beauty of what is around you at that moment. It won’t be long before your mind will do this without any effort. Call me a ‘Day Dreamer’ if you must put a title to it but this has been a true inspiration for this reformed artist.

Beauty can heal many a disorder if it is seen as it is and not with hormones awash. If you are intimidated by beauty then it is you not the beauty that needs help. Beauty is here for a reason to calm and inspire the human being that views it and appreciates it.

Years ago I was told not to look at women or I was in sin. I was lead to believe that beauty was to be covered up by a select group of self seeking people that the nude form was nasty and to be hidden from all because it was written in this or that book. My question to those very people is if it is created by the one whom they worship then why is it bad? ie; ‘He saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. And the evening and the morning were the sixth day.’ (NKJ Genesis 1:31) So many a hare-brained idea has been a misinterpreted segment of some written ideal or passage from some religious text that man no longer knows what is truth and what is somebody's plan to control another’s life with.

This site and the women who give of themselves to this site deserve a grand THANK YOU, for opening my eyes to the lies of some and giving me the opportunity to see truth in nature once again.

As for the mental issues I suffered it was man made and no gift from any deity. The suffering is over now when situations come that would have depressed me now I just look to the future. Many times I have had plans destroyed and had to start over since I became well. I now have a different outlook thanks to Eolake and his site Domai. I also feel it important that we all thank the ladies who make Domai possible. Those who have the heart need to step forward for these ladies and stop the twisting tongues of societiy's self appointed judgmental censors. The nude is nature in its purist form and not to be called unclean by any human.

Maybe we need to encourage Eolake to start a site of fine art male models that are just as stylish as these for the ladies to see what we see on this site. [I'm too busy, but I'd be pleased to see such a site be made. - Eolake]

Steve C.

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"I have been enjoying your Beauty of the Day and weekly newsletter for a few weeks or months now, and I finally decided to go ahead and buy a full membership. I'm just a poor college guy so I don't have a lot of money, but I decided I came to this site often enough that paying for a membership would be worth it. As I pulled up the membership page, I noticed that a membership was much cheaper than one of the porn mega-sites, and all those have is unrealistic depictions of smut and filth. And they're $30 or $40 per month! I just don't understand how those places stay in business when there are such great alternatives. Your site is definitely the best of its kind I have seen." - Luca R <>
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