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Peter below is not the first reader to tell me that Domai has helped him get over depression. This is very humbling, and not at all something I had predicted when the site started as a fun little amateur site in 1997!

Eolake Stobblehouse

Letters To DOMAI


This is a note about mental health, an issue that we unfortunately don't like to talk about. There is a movement, at least in Canada, to not keep topics such as depression in the closet anymore; to openly talk about mental illness problems. It has also come to my attention that you can look down any street and one in five of the residents have hidden mental dysfunctions, plus men in the 40's demographic have a higher than normal statistic for suicide. These are things which most people don't know and are usually very surprised to find out. There is also considerable resistance to acknowledging these facts; a resentment it seems. All of the talk and reality about the economic downturn will probably not help the situation either.

Then it finally occurred to me: Domai is responsible for helping me in the battle with depression these last few years. How did I come to that realization? I noticed that I always check the Domai web site when I feel down or my head needs clearing. And there is always that daily anticipation of something new and exciting. The women that appear in these photo shoots must (or should) know that they are a source of inspiration and beauty in this increasingly demanding and complicated world; a call back to basics if you will. Combine the female form with nature or another interesting setting and how can this not be a very enpowering asset to help us deal with the turns of life. I believe that if many of us in the mental challenges group could graduate to DOM ["Dirty Old Man" in the tongue-in-cheek sense] status, that would help immensely with our outlook on the world.

There is a fine line between being a DOM and consumer of porn of course. I've noticed that many porn sites have hijacked some of the fine portrait collections of Domai in an attempt to upsell us their wares. I hope never to cross that line and remain on guard not to do so. Not only is that a considerable waste of time (IMHO), I'm sure that they can't do better than the quality of what Domai puts on their subscription site. I would also like to thank you for helping us to see women for the beautiful beings that they are, not so much as objects of desire.

A little tip here for your readers: Find an easy and efficient way of changing the wallpaper on your desktop to Domai shots. This is an great way of maintaining an inspirational collection of favourite model photos that you can rotate manually or automatically. I find that its better to fill the whole desktop rather than limit your viewing to a viewers window pane. Landscape sized photos work the best and there are usually lots of inspiring ones to choose from. Ubuntu Linux handles this well. [Note: landscape format is great, but on the other hand, portrait-format pictures have the advantage that your icons can sit outside the picture. - Eolake]

Peter from PEI

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