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I have enjoyed the pleasures of naturism for many years. I frequently take myself and the occasional friend to a special place I have found in the Australian bush where a lazy river flows by and we can enjoy the pleasures of living unclothed for a few days.

On this occasion I was sunning myself on a stream bank, on my own, when I was accosted by two young women carrying heavy packs and very hot and sweaty. I learned from them that they were ‘lost’ and had taken a wrong track and had ended up in my camp site having followed the river hoping that it would offer them a path out of the wilderness.

Being naked and laying in the sun some distance from my tent I was somewhat embarrassed by being seen by two women who I had no idea whether my nudity would embarrass them. Coming across a naked man a long way from civilisation was not something that they would encounter often.

The older one, Joy, very quickly told me not to worry we have seen it all, nudity was not something that embarrassed them. They had experienced it many times before and if it were possible could they rest a while and freshen up themselves.

I could not refuse them the offer of a cup of coffee, and the opportunity to do as they wished.

They said thank you they would enjoy a break and if I didn’t mind they would ‘freshen up’ while I got the fire going and boiled the ‘billy’ (An Aussie term for a vessel to boil water in over a fire.

As they didn’t mind my nudity I remained naked as I went about my chores. They then dropped their backpacks and went to the river having removed their boots etc and then jumped fully clothed into the river. It was much colder than they imagined as the stream was fed by snowmelt some kilometres upstream. There were quite a few screams from both of them regarding the coldness of the water.

Within minutes they were both naked themselves in the water and engaged in washing out their clothing as well as themselves.

They were both enjoying the pleasure of bathing and washing their clothing after being so hot and sweaty and I had to call them to tell them their coffee was ready.

They both arrived carrying their clothes and were naked and unashamed of their nudity. It was obvious to me that they had enjoyed the pleasure of nakedness on other occasions and were both comfortable being in mixed company. In fact both would have made the criteria for the model selection on DOMAI.

I said I should have mentioned about how cold the water was but they said it was no problem after they got their breath back when they found it so cold when they jumped in. Jan the younger one said it was so cold it made my nipples sore. I had noticed how firm and red they were an obvious sign of cold water treatment. She then followed it with ‘to you that would be real ‘spanner water’. I had heard the term before – (it makes guys nuts (testicles) tighten). I said I have had the experience of a couple of lumps under my chin so I know what you are referring to. They laughed.

We all sat around naked, they were warming up after their swim enjoying the sunshine and the warm coffee and they very quickly became excellent company, having enjoyed the outdoors often and the pursuits of bush walking as I had done for many years. We compared notes on many places we had enjoyed.

As the day wore on they both seemed to be enjoying themselves and remained naked as they waited for their clothes to dry. Joy seemed to be extremely comfortable in the surroundings. Nobody made any effort to clothe themselves and we all seemed happy to remain naked and with no inhibitions. Later on Joy asked me if I would mind if they spent the night at my camp site and moved on the next day.

I had no problems in agreeing with their request, and said I would be leaving the next day myself and if they wished I could drive them out of the valley as I had my 4WD parked nearby.

They agreed that would be great idea and then proceeded to erect their tents ready for the evening. We gathered our food and made up a communal evening meal washed down with a bottle of wine that I always have in my tucker (food box).

It was a mild evening and as we sat around the camp fire nobody seemed uncomfortable and we all remained naked. More often than not it becomes necessary for me to cover up as the sun goes down but this evening it remained warm enough not to, and they were as comfortable as I was.

The next morning we were up at sunrise and headed straight for the stream to wash. I set the schedule for breaking camp and said we would pack our tents and have lunch then leave as it was about 2 hours drive to where I could drop them at a track that could enable them to continue their walk to reach their destination the following day.

I have often met with them since and they are regular visitors to my weekends away in the bush. They now travel with me in my vehicle and no longer take long walks extending more than a day from my campsite, and I accompany them as well. Jan and I have formed an association and share many aspects of our nudist lives together at and away from the camp.

It would be my wish that more people could overcome their embarrassment or other inhibition regarding nudity, and enjoy the pleasures of naturism openly and the pleasure it brings. The naked body is a beautiful structure.

Neil D

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