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On Considering Nudism…

Having read Benjamin S.’s observations on nudism I now find myself eager to share my story. I too am a life long nudist. By life long – I mean from day 1. Born in the 60’s grew up in the 70’s came of age in the 80’s – as far back as I can remember my whole family (both parents and my sister as well) enjoyed the freedom that can only be found without the restraints of clothing. This also goes to some degree into my extended family – many of my aunts, uncles, cousins, grand parents, and some trusted family friends also enjoy the nudist lifestyle. So my arrival at nudism was natural – I was always there.

Growing up my parent’s house was configured in such a way that the area at the back of the house and further back into the woods beyond were secluded enough to guarantee discretion. My Sis and I learned from a young age that while we understood our desires to enjoy our natural state – social norms frowned upon such activities. So it was always apparent and important to be aware of the surroundings and as my parents always said ‘all things in their proper time and place’.

So we seemed to live a split reality. The one we so dearly enjoyed and shared among family and a few close friends. And the one we projected to the rest of the world. When family or the few trusted friends were over (or perhaps when we visited them) – clothing optional was the rule of the day. And with only a few exceptions that was our social norm.

Time passed – I grew up and college was calling. Like most, I’m sure; the thought thrilled me and scared me simultaneously. But I also felt a bit of depression – I would be leaving behind nudist environs for ‘the real world’. Or so I thought. As I shared back on 18 Jan 08, I was fortunate to meet a set of what would become my closest college friends. The 7 of us ultimately discovered we were like minded about nudism and often made the effort to find the time and place to enjoy ourselves.

More time passed – I graduated, moved away from home, and entered the work force. Soon as I could I found my ‘starter house’. Of course one of the deciding factors was being able to enjoy a nudist lifestyle at my new home. After a short search I found and moved into a place much like my parents with a small secluded backyard. I made friends at work (some girlfriends as well) but those darned social norms prevented me from even the mention of being a nudist.

Then I met the one who would become my wife. Like most of these stories go we saw each other casually at first, and then dated for an extended period. I even had her over to my house a few times along the way. When couples get together you reach that point a few months in where you know you’re starting to click but you’re afraid to have ‘that talk’ because you don’t want to break the spell. Then after a few more months and you have really formed a connection and ‘that talk’ can no longer be avoided. It’s that talk where you lay out everything to be sure that they’re ‘the one’. All this time and those social norms prevented me from sharing one of the things at the core of my identity. I hadn’t been able to share with her that I enjoyed a nudist lifestyle.

Well, needless to say I feared breaking the spell. However, if we were to move forward then full disclosure (pun intended) was necessary. She was shocked when my being a nudist came up; but to her credit she listened to my explaining the principals of being a nudist – being able to enjoy oneself clothes free as nature created you without it being a sexual environment. She had heard of nudists before but had had the stereotypically wrong impression of nudists being only a ruse for a bunch of hedonistic swingers. I reassured her that that was entirely false. The evening ended – she went home to her place – we agreed to give each other a day or so to fully comprehend all that we just talked over.

That Saturday was a day I’ll never forget – a landmark day in my life. I gave her a call and invited her over to my house for the afternoon. When she arrived I could tell that she was viewing things differently. Nudism among other things was definitely on her mind. I showed her that the back yard was indeed private and secluded as I had described. She had seen it before, just not through the eyes of a nudist. I reassured her that nudism was a totally nonsexual experience – I even offered to call my Mom and let the two of them talk. She said that wouldn’t be necessary. She then said, “How about you go in and bring back some refreshments.”

I didn’t think that much of it – but then I’ve been known to miss the most obvious of things right before my very face. I returned with a small plate of cheese and veggies and a pair of glasses of wine. [Yes, I was prepared for that afternoon.] In my absence she had rearranged a pair of lawn chairs with their backs toward me and a table in between. As I rounded them the surprise caught me, she was nude. I dropped the food at her feet and nearly spilled the wine all over her. She laughed one of those long hard laughs that make your sides hurt. I stood there frozen in awe and amazement. She stopped laughing long enough to ask, “Well, what are you waiting for?” “My mind to catch up.”, I replied. I disrobed and sat down next to her. She had a glow about her of her self realization that she had just made a major lifestyle change – a self discovery of epic proportions she never anticipated. Her beauty showed through in how instantly relaxed and comfortable she was in her natural state. Her spirit had been set free.

We enjoyed the rest of that long warm summer afternoon in amazing conversation. By the end of that evening I proposed – we’ve now been married 17 years. Now life is starting to come full circle. Family gatherings at my parents have now grown to include their 5 grandkids (our 2 daughters and my sisters 3 sons – go figure??). To this day we all have continued our grand enjoyment of the nudist lifestyle.
Live Free!!!!

Rich G

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