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I think it was some time in 1999 or 2000 the first time I logged on to the DOMAI Web site. I remember what a thrill it was to discover a site that offered beautiful, quality photographs of absolutely fabulous women without being pornographic. I have been a subscriber several times since then.
I have also e-mailed you a few times when I thought a particular woman was especially attractive and was always impressed that Eolake answered personally and quickly.
Recently I noticed that I'm directed to a page soliciting "articles/stories/viewpoints from our readers" and offering a one-year membership in DOMAI for letters that are published as the letter of the week. That's enough inspiration for me!
I was riding the train home the other day and during the two-hour ride I was thinking about the concept of the dirty old man. The following is the story I wrote in my notebook.

The stages of being a dirty old man

My father was proud to call himself a dirty old man. He would flirt shamelessly with any young woman that my brother or I would bring home to dinner or a visit. He was like that from as early as I can remember, that is, after I was sexually aware. And I was sexually aware very early. I learned to appreciate the female form well before I was a teenager, perhaps inspired by dad. I was attempting to draw naked women when I was eleven or twelve years old. I actually drew some of the parts correctly. Breasts were my specialty.

Thinking about this now makes me wonder – is there an age when you become a dirty old man? Do you graduate from petulant pubescent boy to gross teenage chap to bawdy young man to lecherous middle aged male to dirty old man? Perhaps there are other stages on the way to becoming a dirty old man?

I don’t think a person suddenly wakes up as a DOM or decides one day to declare that he is officially a DOM. I think we develop and mature to the status of DOM. There may be a moment of awareness when you realize you’re a DOM or a day when a sweet young woman notices you enjoying her beauty and says (hopefully in a playful way), “Why you’re a dirty old man!”

Again, I didn’t arrive at DOM status the first time I visited the DOMAI Web site. As a youth, I thrilled at the women in the magazines that my father kept in his sock drawer. Then, I gazed dreamily at my female classmates, imagining them disrobed. I was enthralled the first time a young woman took off her clothes just for my pleasure to enjoy the beauty of her sweet young body.

I enjoy the fabulous diversity of the DOMAI women. Then, when I’m at work or sitting in a public place, I will notice a lovely young woman and imagine her as one of the DOMAI nudes. I think, “I bet she resembles Angeli when she’s is undressed,” or “I bet when that young woman is naked she looks like Natalie,” or one of the other fabulous DOMAI women. Of course the glorious thing about the female form is that no two women are exactly the same. The shape of each woman’s aureoles, the curve of her waist, the roundness of her derrier are all unique.

I’m at a a time of life when DOMAI is still arousing. However, as a fully developed dirty old man, I can also appreciate the photos as an art form. I think of the John Keats poem A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever and read on –

“Its loveliness increases; it will never
Pass into nothingness; but still will keep
A bower quiet for us, and a sleep
Full of sweet dreams, and health, and quiet breathing.”

Keats was a dirty old man at a very young age, but with a poetic soul. I like to think that we dirty old men all have that poetic soul and a timeless appreciation of beauty.

I also like to think that maybe there are stages beyond being a dirty old man. I like to think that my father is still enjoying the beauty of women, maybe in a spiritual way, in the hereafter.

Mark R.

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