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Having just read Anna's letter I felt the desire to comment. I have very frequent DOMAI moments as a result of being a hot spring enthusiast. But I was generally of the opinion that women didn't really have DOMAI moments themselves. I had always just presumed that women were apathetic at best, and frequently grossed out by male anatomy.

Earlier this year I was at a hot spring in southern California and entered one of the pools near a very beautiful young lady. She had a very pleasant smile and friendly eyes. She was so comfortable talking with the three men already in the pool with her that I just assumed she had come to the hot springs with them. She was nude and only 2 of the 3 guys were nude, and clothing or lack thereof was completely irrelevant to everyone. Turns out she came with a friend girl that was off at another pool.

As the day progressed, I got to know this young lady and her friend. They were so enjoyable to be around that we talked a fair amount as we occasionally found ourselves sharing some of the various hot spring pools. This young lady described herself as a "graphic artist." Her first name was unusual enough that it was relatively easy to locate her on the internet afterwards. Turns out that she is also a photographer that specializes in male nudes. I went to her website and she has a genuine appreciation for the male body. We emailed on a few occasions afterwards.

As I reflected upon our shared experience at the hot springs I saw a pattern emerge. I had actually noticed one time how she had slid deeper down into the water on one occasion to get a better angle for looking at a man on a rock above us. She wasn't lurid or perverted. In all of our conversations nothing was ever "sexualized." She was merely "enjoying" looking at the nude males at the hot spring. As I was also nude, I can only hope she found enjoyment seeing me in the same way I enjoyed seeing her. Fair is fair after all.

Perhaps I should note that as always I had my wedding ring on and during our conversations it had already come out how I've never been with anyone but my wife and never will be with anyone else. The young ladies asked what my wife would think of my soaking nude with women at a hot spring. I said my wife knows and has actually been to a hot spring and to nude beaches with me before. My wife recognizes that nudity does not automatically equate to "sex." I am just as apt to appreciate the beauty of a woman's face as I am to appreciate the beauty of a woman's body. My wife does not consider the appreciation of beauty to be "unfaithful." 

Honestly, that experience from earlier this year made me feel better about my own appreciation of the female form to know that with at least some women it is reciprocal. 

Thanks for posting Anna's letter.


The Lament of the Young Nudist
By Edward

That nudist resort where I went as a boy
was okay till my organ began to deploy.
When puberty started to rear on its head,
my untimely erections would make me turn red.

When girls are equipped with what nature endows
then my southerly region can get quite aroused.
The problem you have when you go for a walk
is that girls like to tease til you're hard as a rock.

It's hard when a game that you played as a kid
causes nasty effects that the nudists forbid.
Just try to play Twister and dodge a disgrace
when opponents keep sticking their boobs in your face.

The wheelbarrow races I wouldn't advise
for you have to grab hold of a girl by her thighs.
A copious crowd always gathers to watch
while your you-know-what is grinding away at her crotch.

Now one of the guys had a way of relief
when his obstinate member was causing him grief.
He'd go in the lake where his girlfriend would be
and she'd lend him a hand where nobody could see.

And now that I've reached this cantankerous age
and I have to exist in this suit-and-tie cage,
I often return to that fountain of youth,
the place where my member was often uncouth.
But now I parade with no pretense of tact
for I'm HOPING my organ will start to react.

edward314 [at]

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