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I've long been against too much artificiality, just see this page, which is amongst the very oldest on this site, over ten years old now. And maybe there's a backflash starting against all of it, see this new article.

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I am a woman who enjoys your site very much. I would like everyone to know that women do have experiences that are similar to the ones described in your newsletter. The fact that women like to look at nude males is not well publicized. It is unfortunate that some women rarely get the opportunity to see naked men. I had a wonderful experience that allowed me to discover the male form. I would like to describe how such a situation happened to me.

When I was a girl of nineteen, my friend Caroline invited me to stay for a couple of weeks on her family farm. We had a great time riding horses and just walking in the countryside. The most memorable moments, of course, involved a young man who was a hired summer workers. One afternoon, my friend brought me over to the west wall of the barn where this fine young men was coming out of the fields looking very dusty and tired. He walked toward a set of pipes that hung on the outside wall and, to my surprise, removed his clothes. The pipes formed a simple shower and he was now standing nude beneath a light stream of water.

I quickly said to my friend, “shouldn’t we leave?”

“No,” she replied with a simple smile, “Come and meet him.”

I felt embarrassed, but still curious. We walked toward him and he turned to say hello. Caroline introduced me to Tom, a pharmacology student who labored in the fields during the summer. We talked about our schools as I let my eyes wander over him. I felt a warm glow inside myself. I was nervous and excited; it was such a joy to observe a beautiful body. He had his back to me, so I observed his slightly muscled back, how it connected to narrow hips and smooth, full buttocks. Nature presented itself to me and I was awed.

Tom dressed and returned to the field. Caroline and I talked about this brief, but intense experience. I thanked her for giving me this opportunity. That night, I had such pleasant memories of my experience. It was a perfect aesthetic moment, like I was watching a living sculpture of the Renaissance. I could not believe there was anything wrong with this. How could I think I had done something bad if the experience had been so beautiful?
What had I done that was sinful? It’s true I saw a guy’s bare bum, but was I damaged in some way by it? Not at all. I feel I was enriched by the experience.

The following day, my friend suggested we should meet him again. I could hardly refuse.
We waited at the barn for his return from the field. He came walking up to us at last and gave pleasant greetings. We then watched in delight as he removed his clothes. He stood beneath the shower and I felt the same warm glow within me. The experience was more vivid than the last because now he was standing facing me the whole time.

I thought about the way I admired the beauty of horses, their majestic shapes and muscles were wonderful. This young man’s body had a similar elegance. I looked at Caroline and saw her wide-eyed expression that must have been similar to my own. She smiled at me and we both gazed at Tom’s naked form

It’s so sad that mainstream media won’t normally show a fully nude man. The body is a natural miracle and it should not be hidden from us. I was finally getting the opportunity to see what I hadn’t seen before, and it was the best learning experience of my life.

I was feeling bolder and much more curious, so I stood a little closer to him. I knew he didn’t mind me looking at him intently. He seemed proud to show us his whole body. I felt my heart beat quickly as I took my time and looked carefully at every part of him, examining the entire body closely and thoroughly with great admiration, observing all the shapes of his anatomy, the curves and angles. I was close enough to see little bumps on the skin and patterns of hair. I loved observing the smooth and textured surfaces of the flesh.

I felt overwhelmed with pleasant emotions as I discovered more and more. When I looked at the smooth chest, I was awestruck. I sighed deeply when I observed how the abdomen was nice and solid. Naturally my eyes wandered further down. I liked that cute navel. Below it I saw a dark thicket of hair and his beautiful manhood. I was so glad that male anatomy wasn’t a mystery anymore. I think I was still gasping for breath, saying stuff like “Oh… oh wow.”

I felt so privileged to be able to study his body. I watched him for a good ten minutes. I didn’t feel ashamed at all. I wasn’t shocked. I didn’t turn to stone. This seemed like a perfectly natural and rewarding experience.


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