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I am almost embarrassed to mention this article on Café Philos, it's so flattering, but it brings up some interesting points, like this:

"... the sex drive focuses us on ourselves in much the same way that pain makes us primarily concerned with ourselves. So, in a strange way, horniness closes us off from the world — except, perhaps, from the direct object of our horniness (although that is problematic). On the other hand, beauty can do the exact opposite. It can open us to the world. It can lower our psychological defenses, weaken our sense of self, and create an innocence, awareness, and openness that are quite refreshing. Sex is thrilling, but beauty is renewing."

Well observed. This is why I consider beauty to be more important than sex, heretical though it may sound.

Though when I'm occasionally dismissive about sex, or porn for that matter, it should be noted that it's not because I'm against it. We live in a world where it is often assumed that "if you're not with us, you're against us". And this is a dangerous fallacy. You don't have to be for or against everything. Or even anything. I suspect that the fewer things you are for or against, the freer your mind is.

So, sex for instance: you don't have to fight for it. You don't have to fight against it. You don't have to fight, period.

Eolake Stobblehouse

Letters To DOMAI


I work for a restaurant that has about 50 employees in fairly small town in Ohio that has a decent size university. The university population is just about half the size of the town population so needless to say, the quality and quantity of coeds is amazing. I need to tell you that to give you an idea of the kind of people I work with. There have always been very good looking women at my job and that's one of the reasons I have worked there all the years I have. But what happened at a party one night changed my life. 

I had never been a nudist although I liked being nude. Any time alone in my apartment, I was nude. I liked being outside naked but never had the opportunity to be around other people outside naked. I felt both at ease and one with the world as I was naked but always paranoid I would be caught with my pants down (no pun intended). 

The party was being held at one of the servers house and it was to be an all girl party till midnight. The girls from work used to get together twice a year and swap clothing they were getting rid of for one reason or another. Boys weren't allowed for that part of the evening. So at 11:50, myself, another guy and a couple who had just started dating from work headed towards the party. When we arrived and parked the car, 15 naked girls came running up to greet us. I thought I had the wrong place but no. They took some photos with us, a quick 5 minute set then all ran back in to get dressed. I was amazed but the night was still young. So another hour into the party, beer flowing, everybody is having a good time and most of us were out on the porch or in the yard near the porch. I will remember this day forever. There seemed to be 2 lines formed on either side of the door, each side headed by the hosts (the couple that rented the house in the country). They moved together for just a quick moment to talk, then just started getting undressed.

Well it dominoed! The line of people just started undressing. I was standing in the yard in awe. Here was some of the most beautiful women that I worked with just undressing in front of me for everybody to see. So needless to say, I also started undressing. In the end, the only people that didn't get naked were asked to leave, politely of course, as this was now an nude only party. The only people to leave were the new couple. They were leaving the newness of their relationship new. Understandable. 

So the party just kept going and going. I got dressed for a beer run right around 2pm (last call at 2:30) and as soon as I got back, I had 2 girls ripping off my clothes telling me I couldn't come back in till I was naked. (They allowed me to set the beer down first luckily.) We took pictures, we played volleyball, we sat by the fire and chatted, we mooned a few cars as they went by. It was enlightening for me. I will admit that I was the smallest one there that night (you know what I'm talking about) but it didn't matter. And yes, I had tried to picture most of these girls naked at work and some were better than imagined, some not so good but that also didn't matter. What mattered is that we could all look past our differences and finally just have fun. It was heaven for me and I believe all of us. There are still a few of us left that still work there and to this day talk about going to a nudist resort.  


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