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The second letter this week refers to the interesting fact that what is hidden compels our interest. Anybody who has been to a nudist resort for more than a few hours reports that the fully nude bodies attract attention much less than the chance to peek down a loose shirt.

Similarly any therapist can tell you that the things which hurt you are the ones you keep covered up, especially for yourself. When it is exposed to daylight, the "evil" thing shrivels up and dies (vampires symbolizes this wonderfully, which is surely why they keep being so popular).

The universal solvent for anything you can't stand is to look at it straight on. You don't have to do anything, just keep looking, calmly and wihout judging. This applies both to things inside yourself and those apparently outside yourself. Just keep looking without judging, and feel the hurt melt away. It's the basis of all therapy.

Eolake Stobblehouse

See my commentary on nudity on the Simpsons.

Letters To DOMAI


I felt compelled to write to you about Brooke and our experiences together as it relates to the acceptance of nudity. The letters that she has received from her recent newsletter have been very encouraging. [I know she got many, and she was very busy and sorry she is/was behind in answering them. - Eolake] Many of your readers have seen what I have seen ever since Brooke and I have met, which has been about a year now. That is, her smile and her eyes and of course with it, her attitude towards life in general. It is that essence which has drawn me to her and continues to do so. It is for the both of us a common bond, live life to its fullest and cherish what we have. I am very fortunate that Brooke shares that same passion with me.

Her story in the past newsletter demonstrates her desire to challenge past beliefs and to break out of that mold. It was a bold step on her part to share some of the pictures I took of her next to a mountain stream with your audience. If you would of asked me a year ago that Brooke was going to write to Domai and have her pictures on your site, I would have said you were crazy. But, in reality it does do not surprise me now since Brooke is not afraid to "think anew" and try out new experiences. We all have that ability, and for those that are not afraid, living is fun and vibrant. As a side note, I had the opportunity to read some of Brooke's fan mail, and for you gents out there that think it will never happen with your mate, don't give up. To experience nudity outdoors as the follow up letter from Tom expresses, is "...feeling incredibly alive, connected with nature...". I have yet by the way, to meet one person that has regretted giving it a try and has not found the experience liberating. Find a place where just you and your partner can go to experience nudity alone and you will have a wonderful life experience.

Back to the purpose of this letter, Eolake. What sets Domai apart from other sites, is the fact that the pictures capture the beauty of woman, not only externally, but internally. As a man, I admit that at times understanding women can be difficult, but when I see the pictures on your site, I am reminded at the incredible job God did in creating the female form! She is amazing! For me and many of your readers, it is the smile and the eyes that really capture that. This brings a smile to my face and melts away any cares of the day that I may have.

I personally know that Brooke's photo shoot has helped her with her body image issues. Like so many women, she tends to focus on parts of her body that she doesn't like. The nude photo shoot I believe helped her realize that even though it may not be perfect she in fact has an amazing body. And the sensations that come with being outdoors as she explains, are incredible. Yes, she now understands that "Nudity does not equal sex". So, she has grown on so many levels since the photo shoot and the other experiences we have had outdoors (such as Orient Beach on St. Maartin). On a final note, Brooke has done so much for me. She has brought joy to my life when I needed it most, and she has inspired me once again. I am a very fortunate man to know her and I look forward to all the things life has in store for the both of us. Photographing her was a lot of fun and I think it won't be the last time either. I have much to learn when it comes to photographing the nude, but with Brooke... she is a natural. [To the many who asked: even though I am overwhelmed with submissions, of course I will consider it if Brooke and Lawrence makes a shoot for Domai. I've given them a little advice of what kind of camera might work best. - Eolake.]


Nudity is an interesting thing, what I mean by that is the way it is perceived it can be seen as totally natural or something quite the opposite.

The way I have seen it, it is a natural and normal thing I guess what make the female form sexy or my interesting is clothing. When you see everything it seems normal - beautiful but normal, but it’s the clothing that makes the difference .. Provocative poses, brief bikinis, see through tops, these are the things that get the pulse racing and turn it into something totally different.

I guess to sum up and explain what I’m trying to say... I saw a funny TV show the English comedian Benny Hill. This one particular episode, he was in a nudist camp with a friend obviously quite nervous at the start wondering what it would be like to be naked, but once they were settled they were fine talking to the ladies having a great time, now the funny part was one of the girls was leaving the camp and back in her normal clothes. They were waving goodbye to her over the private fence, but as she was leaving she bent over to adjust her high heel shoe, as she did they could see right up her short skirt with her stockings and underwear showing they immediately cheered and whistled as she walked off!

It was a long time ago now but I still laugh at the fact they were chatting away happily all naked, totally normal, but when she left fully clothed and that glimpse of underwear and stockings everything changed.

Like I said Nudity is an interesting thing.

Kind Regards
Tim, Australia

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