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This is a true account of an experience in Australia when I was young. Caroline was in my year at school. She was stunning with an olive complexion, long sleek dark brown hair, gold flecked brown eyes and long lean legs. She was beginning to develop physically and had thrown off any girlish immaturity. On top of all this, she lived 3 houses away from me! Her boyfriend was also my best friend Daryl but, frustratingly, we never hung out all together.

We had a swimming pool in our garden and one hot summer weekend Daryl phoned Caroline to ask her around. He explained to me that he had asked her to come skinny dipping and that she had agreed. My head was still spinning at the prospect when she arrived at my house minutes later. At first I thought there was a mistake as she brought no swimming gear then realised that of course she had no need to bring any!

Daryl convinced me that she would only join us once we were naked so I quickly jumped in the pool and peeled off my Speedos. Confusingly, Caroline dragged Daryl around the side of the house and I heard some shouting but couldn't tell what it was about. They came back and sat at the edge of the pool scowling and not talking to each other. Daryl kept his Speedos on and Caroline showed no signs of undressing. I didn't understand since Daryl had told me she was eager to take part. In any case, I was used to skinny dipping with my brothers and so carried on, thrilled at the idea of being watched by the prettiest girl around. I even left the water a few times to dive in. Caroline left a while later. Daryl said they had argued about something private.

Next Monday at school word had spread about my depravity. I was called a pervert, ostracised by the girls, laughed at by the boys. That was when Caroline approached me and explained that she hadn't told anyone, it was Daryl that was spreading the story. To cut a long story short, I had been set up by Daryl. He had never mentioned skinny dipping or even swimming when he had phoned Caroline to ask her around. But as soon as I had stripped off Caroline knew that Daryl, not me, was up to something. She was sharp and had seen right through him. In fact she said she had secretly enjoyed watching me and wished she could join in but was too angry with Daryl. That left me buzzing.

I never spoke to Daryl again and I never figured out his motive but he probably wanted to dump me as a friend, humiliate me and make himself look noble when he "protected" Caroline from my indecency. As a result he inadvertently dumped his girl too!

Caroline spoke to me at the end of my humiliating week. She said "Looks like we will both be without a friend this weekend." I agreed. "Maybe we should hang out?" She came over at the weekend and we chewed the cud at the poolside for a while. The day got hotter and after a while she said, "Pity I didn't bring my swimming stuff." Before I could say anything she winked, stood up, peeled off her clothes and plunged into the sparkling water. Watching her sleek nubile form splash and dive in front of my eyes was almost too much to bear.

I was so scared I was ready to chicken out when she paddled up to the side and said, "If you don't join me now, I'll have to drag you in with my bare hands." I took a deep breath, stood up and pulled of my clothes in front of her and dived over her head. We took breaks, lying belly down and face-to-face on the warm pool-side tiles talking and laughing before cooling off periodically. Eventually the afternoon shadows stretched over the pool and brought the day to a close.

We never repeated the experience but became close friends for the rest of our school days bonded by a shared experience of betrayal, illicit activity, freedom and sensuality.

With the internet these days I'm sure tracking her would be easy but I don't want to. The memory is too pure to spoil.

- Meerkat

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