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"A world where beauty is appreciated and celebrated, where nudity is natural, and where there is no shame in looking."

The Goals of DOMAI

by Eolake Stobblehouse

Many people have been bit hazy on the goals of DOMAI. This is not strange, since some of them are less than obvious.

Now, the bulk of the activities of the Association are on the web these days. This should not create the misunderstanding that the club and the site is the same thing. The club existed before it was put on the web, and it will exist still when the World Wide Web has become the Great Galactic Grid. (, accessible from any Grid-enabled device across the Galaxy.)

If you view it as only a web site, it will easily create the impression that it is Just Another Adult Site with a couple of original twists. Not so. While we are under no delusion that the photos are not the part of the site that creates the most traffic, they are not the essence of the site or the club, they are just a service for members. And it is good that they are so popular, because it makes it easier to spread our message.

And what message is that? Actually, there are more than one.

Looking is good

Beauty is important

Nudity is natural

They are easiest understood in reverse order. The least important (but still important) is "nudity is natural". This is also a message which is being well disseminated by Nudist groups all over the world. So I will limit myself on this issue to saying that if the state in which we come from the hand of the Creator is an evil one, then mankind is truly in a bad spot.

The second most important message of DOMAI is "beauty is important". This is perhaps a slightly more unusual message. Artists and experts in art through history have said this in various forms. Now, it is rather obvious to anybody that we need food, water, and shelter to survive. Slightly less obvious is it that we need friends, work, and a purpose in life. And much less obvious is it that we need beauty. And yet, if you look at how people live, everybody on the Earth (except perhaps those who live in the utmost poverty) will have arranged things with some beauty, according to their taste. They will have at least a few pictures on the walls which they like. So even at the low level starting where starvation is no longer a daily issue, beauty enters as something important. And DOMAI simply specializes in the kind of beauty found in the design of Woman.

All right then. The top message of DOMAI is "looking is good". This is not at all very obvious to most, and the reason that "you must not look" is basically an emotional one, a fear of life and the world built into all of us at a basic level, but something which can be overcome.

To teach mankind to just look in the face of such opposition is of course a task of big proportions, so what we have done is to specialize in one small area: looking at girls. We feel that if we solve this area, we will be well underway, because this area has the added complication that it is confused with sexuality.

People who are happy and outgoing and not too snarled up in their minds have no problem looking at others, and they have no problem with being looked at. How would we expect to solve the myriad of problems there are between people if we cannot even LOOK at each other, for goodness' sake?

So, to sum up, in line with the purposes and principles outlined above, the goals of DOMAI would be:

A world where beauty is appreciated and celebrated, where nudity is natural, and where there is no shame in looking.

Ambitious? Sure. But where there is no trying, there is no succeeding.

Eolake Stobblehouse

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