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Dreams Of Angels
part III

I was supposed to meet my younger sister for a game of miniature golf, but as I went to pick her up, her cat started having kittens. My sister is a strong woman in many respects, but she is soft as whipped cream when it comes to animals, so she could not leave the cat. So I decided to play by myself.

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As I was just about to hit the ball by the windmill, one where you have to hit pretty hard, I suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder, and a mild voice saying "Hi." I hit my toe.

As I always wear sandals in the summer (fashion be damned, I get hot feet) it hurt a lot. I was jumping around on one foot as I saw that it was my old friend the angel come visit. She took me by the arm, and I stopped jumping. She touched my toes. The pain melted away in a second, and I knew that the toe would not even be bruised.

"...Thank you," I stammered. As she was looked calmly at me with a small amused smile, it dawned upon me that not only was she visiting me in public this time, but she was stark nude as usual. I mentioned it to her, and she said: "Oh, do you think anyone will mind?"

I looked around, and so far there seemed to be nobody staring. "I don't know. I think it is illegal..."

She laughed. "Illegal? Oh, you are funny. Now, let us just see if anybody gets upset before we panic, OK?"

"Uh, OK," I said. Then I had another thought. "What about your wings...?" She had huge, beautiful wings that where sort of white and shimmered in all the colors of the rainbow at the same time.

She looked at me. "Yes, what about them?" And what could I say to that?

I finished my game. I seemed to play a lot better when she was around. Afterwards I invited her for a cup of coffee. There was a good cafe nearby, of the kind I like, with a spacious view to a busy square. I noticed something funny about her: if you had strapped wings of that size on a human and let him walk around in confined spaces, he would be knocking things down all over the place. But she did not, she maneuvered them around with total effortlessness. It seemed like she was not seeing just through her eyes, but in 360 degrees.

Seated in a corner table, we talked. I asked what she was doing here today. "Oh," she said, "I was just bored, so I thought I would look you up."

"Bored?" I asked. "Angels get bored?"

"I don't know, do they?" she said. And what could I say to that?

Looking at the birds idly, she said: "Not long now."

"Not long until what?" I asked.

"Salvation," she said. Then she looked at my uncomprehending face, and her hand went over her mouth. "Oh, you don't know, do you? I am sorry, I should not have said anything." And then she blushed. Like I have mentioned, if you have never seen an angel blush, you haven't seen anything. Then she looked away and pretended it had not happened. But I said: "Come on, you have to let me know what you are talking about!"

But she said: "I am sorry, I really don't know that I am allowed to talk about it if you don't know. I may know later, but not now. One does not like to go against the will of the First Creator, you know?"

And what could I say to that?

Yours, Eolake

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