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I have just found out that most of my competitors in the pay-site arena were on vacation much of August. I was a little shocked. How do you run the site and take care of customer service while going on vacations? But it seems all that was running their site were email-robots giving a stock answer back.

I haven't had a vacation for twenty years, and I don't want one, I'm having too much fun. And I do things effectively, so I'm far from over-worked.

Things do slow down in vacation time of course, so if you want to make a go of that membership you have been meaning to get, now is a good time. (Notice the super-offer on two sites at once.) And make sure your friends hear about too. Thanks.

Eolake Stobblehouse

Letters To DOMAI


Hello Eolake: Here is something I wrote for consideration in your newsletters. I hope you enjoy it (it is all true).

Yesterday, I had the privilege of becoming a grandfather. For those of you who have attended the birthing process, you understand there is usually quite a bit of idle time while waiting for the big event which allows one plenty of time for some deep thinking. In my case I was drawn by the many photographs hung in the maternity ward. Wonderful photographs with glowing images of newborn babies in various groupings with their families. A strong bare-chested father holding two tiny naked bodies close in his arms, announcing to the world he will give his life to protect these defenseless babies yet being so gentle with them they sleep soundly against his enormous chest. Toddlers in their underwear marveling at the size of their mother's enormous belly, eyes wide in amazement while gazing at the magical place where they are told their little brother awaits. Mothers in various poses, sharing the glorious beauty of their condition - enlarged breasts and the skin of their bellies taut and glistening. Every photo a joyous celebration of life, of family and of the human body, with most of them showing a considerable amount of skin.

I take quite a few photographs myself and was the designated paparazzi at this wonderful event (however - not during the delivery). I am pretty liberal and have tried hard to help my daughters feel comfortable with their bodies and to be open to observing the beauty in others, however, we live close to the geographic center of the United States in the heart of conservative America. Nudity is something which is frowned upon and seldom discussed let alone enjoyed. So here I am, proudly crafting an email containing two photos of our precious little darling to share with family, each taken while the nurses were fussing over her, one while a kind nurse held her up for us to see - naked of course. Wonderful photos which will be treasured for the rest of my life showing this lithe little body stretching as far as she can, toes pointed and fingers outstretched having finally been released from the confines she has known. Relishing in her freedom and absolutely unconcerned that she is naked - exactly as designed by her Maker.

Then the most interesting thing happened. As I readied this announcement email I was chastised for using photos which showed her naked. Four hours earlier we were all in a public facility with numerous photos on the walls showing complete strangers in various states of undress with babies having their chubby posteriors proudly displayed, and nobody complained. However now there is concern with showing a frontal full nude photograph of a newborn baby all of 10 minutes old to our family members.

I lay awake in bed last evening thinking through the events of the day, pondering the attitude our society has created and how it conflicts with mine, wondering how to join my feelings regarding women and their bodies with that of being one of those lucky men who are called "grandpa". Grandfathers often have relationships with their grandchildren which are unburdened by many of the cares which parents deal with, giving them a unique opportunity to build some of the most wonderful relationships either will know. Yet in my mind I was struggling to join "grandfather" with "dirty old man", where I am now both. I came to realize my internal discord wasn't with the combining of the two, but more of the connotations associated with the latter. The phrase Dirty Old Man to many people brings to mind images of Jethro Tull's Aqualung, not the sort of person one would want to be. This certainly is the image carried in the minds of most people I know and dirty old man is not often associated with a loving grandpa.

So a new direction is upon me, namely melding my current interest of observing and appreciating women with my new role in helping to guide this new life in the world. Assuming I am able to convey to her the joy one receives from observing a human body - be it male or female, someday I will walk together with my granddaughter and when I compliment a pretty woman, hopefully my granddaughter will smile and understand. Not a dirty old man, just a flirty elder gentleman who appreciates beauty. I hope to make her proud.

Thanks for the site,

[To the email subscribers: I made mistake, the quote in the email came from this newsletter.]

Dear Domai;

A few years back when I was a senior in high school I had an wonderful experience, though I doubt at the time I truly appreciated as much as I should have. I attended a school of a several hundred and was on the x-country team. I was no wear near our fastest runner. Out of the boys, there was just one slower than I, though in races I was often found in the middle of the pack of all those running the same races as I, and with every race I broke my personal record.

One of the races my team participated in was more for fun than competition. Sure some of the top varsity runners ran it for time, but most people from all the schools present, finished it and never knew their time. For in this race we had lots of hills, lots of mud a creek or two… and part of the experience was getting covered in mud, or at least what you hoped was mud… My fellow jv team mates and I at one point even carried a makeshift flag with us, and our female teammates threw mud upon us at one point.

Thus once the race was all over, most if not all of us were cased in mud, even our coach got a bit on him, thanks to a hug we gave him at one point right after getting his pictures taken with us, a picture which ended up in the yearbook and in which I could hardly recognize myself.

So after all the running was over, people tried to wash off, a bit in the creek, and then there was an outside area set up with a makeshift shower rig, with several nozzles to spray down upon people. I went there at a time when few were showering, in fact I think at the start of my time there was perhaps just two others, and at one moment just one other being there.

It was a fellow senior from my high school, who I think I had a slight crush on at one point prior. She had transferred into our community sometime in those four years of high school. She had amazing long wavy to curly black hair, and one of the most amazing smiles, both with her lips and eyes that just brought a wonderful joy to me.

It was here in the open shower area, as I stood there trying to wash mud off of me and the clothing I wore I found myself turning, and seeing her remove her top, and there in my presence she stood, the water cascading upon her, knowing she was not alone, but at peace, and being perfectly natural and seemingly normal about her actions.

She stood at an angle toward me, so I saw but just the side of the smooth pale skin of her left breast, and the light pink of areola and nipple, along with the smile upon her face, and her smooth stomach and back. It seemed normal for her to act in such a way, in my presence. Though I was extremely shy, and I am sure perhaps a bit of shock ran through me to see a woman so freely remove clothing outside in mixed company in a society where that seemed not to be the norm.

(Though why the lack of clothing is so taboo in our society I have never understood, some point to religion, but as a trained and ordained minister I find no reason with that, rather religion pointing us to respect and honour the worth of all, which the taboos sometimes do the exact opposite of… by forcing clothing, by placing shame on aspects of the Holy’s creation, and leading to exploitation…).

The moment was brief, however I will never forget the gift of beauty and peace she shared with me that day, by being herself, being open with her beauty. Often when I come here to Domai and read the stories of others in the newsletter, or see the beauty that is shared by your various models and captured by the various photographers I am reminded of that moment, of pure innocence, pure beauty and peace.

I doubt she remembers showering topless in my presence, nor that she knows of how much her act of being herself, meant to me, how much it lead me to admire and respect the female form, but I am grateful all these years later for that gift. I am thankful as well for those who share their Domai moments, and for the models and photographers who seek to share a bit of the Holy’s creation with the rest of us.


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"I've renewed my membership for a short time to catch up with the new lovelies you've added in the last couple of years. And it's also good to see that the ladies who impressed me in the past have added new galleries too.
Aleks, Anet, Margot, Sascha, Soo, and Valeya are for my money the star attractions at DOMAI. They don't simply pose, they put some personality into their work as well. Cheeky, teasing, sometimes haughty. But they are 'there', in the moment. They communicate with the viewer - I don't know if that makes sense, but that's the best way that I can put it in words. Please pass my compliments along to all these ladies if you can.
And to you, congratulations on maintaining the high standards you've established in your dealings with the customers. DOMAI is one of the few sites anywhere on the net that I can be sure will not bug me with spam, either directly or indirectly." Regards,
paulthomas6052 (at)
[e-mail address used with permission]

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