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Dear reader,
It's been rather a while since I had illustrations made to the newsletter (okay, pretty much a decade!), but I may do it sometimes. Here is one, hope you like it.

Eolake Stobblehouse

Letters To DOMAI

[Illustrated by Adam Markiewicz]

As I'm entering the fourth decade of my life, I look back to when I was 20 and after my first year of college. I was probably more naive about life and the opposite sex than most people half my age. I never dated in high school, spent most of my time studying and reading which ultimately earned me the disrespectful title of "nerd," but also won me a full scholarship to the state university because of my perfect 4.0 grade point average.

Like it or not, my parents worked hard to maintain my innocence. Since my early teens, I spent summers on my Uncle Jed and Aunt Mary's several hundred acre cash crop farm in the Midwest.

Their daughter Sally, my cousin, a year older than me and an only child also, was quite a tomboy. She was easily recognized because she was always wearing her favorite red St. Louis Cardinals baseball cap, loose-fitting jeans and oversized blue farmer's shirt which hung to mid- thigh, sleeves rolled up to her elbows.

Uncle Jed taught me how to drive the tractor and operate farm equipment, making me into the son he didn't have.

I feared things would change when I went to college, but at Christmas time, Uncle Jed asked if I wanted to continue spending summers as a farm boy. I had really gotten to like summers on the farm, even though I had to put up with the playful taunts of "city slicker" from my tomboy cousin who could throw a baseball harder and run faster than me.

That summer, on a warm day in mid-July, Uncle Jed and Aunt Mary said they were going into town and we should take the rest of the day off to do whatever we wanted. "Great," Sally said. "We can go raspberry picking. Okay, Don?"

I had hoped to take it easy, maybe read a book, but Sally was already searching for the berry buckets in tool shed. She made up my mind for me.

Before her folks were out of the yard, she had the two-seat four-wheel ATV (it looked like an oversized golf cart or a very small truck) ready to head off to the 40-acre wood lot about a half-mile from the house.

Activities with Sally were always fun because she told really good family stories. Within an hour, we had our buckets filled with luscious berries and I was ready to go home. "How about going down to the river," Sally suggested. She drove deeper into the woods until she came to the stream where we had gone fishing with Uncle Jed a couple years before.

"Ready for a swim," she said as she parked under a tree a short distance from the river.

"But I don't have my ... ," I started to say before she interrupted with "Come on, act like a grown up country boy! Stop being a city slicker."

With that Sally took off her baseball cap to let her golden tresses fell to her shoulders, then quickly slipped out of her shirt and jeans, and as quickly, and without any hesitation, undid her bra and jumped out of her panties, then yelled at me "Come on, slowpoke!"

I was in awe of my cousin as she ran to the riverbank. I had always thought of her as a teenage tomboy, but she had unveiled the body of a young woman which had been hidden under those loose clothes, a body I simply had not imagined ... perfect breasts and a trim, athletic physique.

She ran down to the edge of the river bank, grabbed a rope hanging from a sturdy tree limb, swung out over the water, let go and splashed into the swimming hole. Her head barely popped out of the water when she again yelled, "Are you coming in. Water's great. Come on, city slicker."

Very hesitantly, I took off my shirt, slipped out of my trousers, and stood askew to Sally's line of vision, only to be subject to her continued chiding.

"What the heck, here goes nothing," I thought, slipping off my underwear, dashing to the river's edge, reaching for the rope Sally had swung back to shore, and splashed unceremoniously into the warm water.

The pool was not deep enough for diving, just deep enough to safely swing out from the shore, but not enough to hide any secrets of Sally's body. Looking her in the eye was difficult, if not impossible, and she obviously knew it, but didn't doing anything to change the situation.

Sally waded back to shore, scrambled onto the river bank as I continued to admire the beauty of every move she made. She paused more than momentarily as she stood facing me, waiting for me to swing the rope back to her. I had never imagined my cousin being such a beautiful woman.

"Will you gimme the gosh darn rope, Don," she yelled again, knowing that I was gazing at her. She swung out and created a big splash along side me.

"I always loved to do that," she said, sweeping the wet hair away from her face. "Dad taught me how to hang on until I was at the high part of the swing, then let go. It's such a good feeling as I fly through the air and even better when I hit the water. Try it."

Hesitating a bit again, she yelled at me to hurry up. "Get up there. You're wasting time and missing out on all the fun."

I crawled out of the water in probably the most undignified manner from Sally's viewpoint, then faced the woman who was not too quick to send the rope back as she ogled a bit herself. She watched as I swung out, held on too long, missed my release point, and hit the water butt first.

She was laughing uncontrollably over my faux pas. But like me, I think she was enjoying seeing another naked body. I don't know about her appraisal of me, but I continued to be in awe of her absolute beauty.

After several more leaps into the water and some playful splashing, we stretched out on the grass to let the warm sunshine dry our bodies.

Laying with my head propped up by my hand as Sally laid on her back, looking straight up into the sky, I could nothing but continue to admire her perfect breasts and the deep pink aureolas and nipples capped them.

"I love to do this, come down here to sunbathe," Sally said, never turning her head toward me. "But I never go swimming unless someone is with me ... safety in numbers, you know. I come here during spring and fall breaks from college, just to lay around like this and soak up the sunshine.

" Some of the girls from college laughed when they saw I had no tan lines. I invited them to come down to see how its done. We had a great weekend splashing around like we did today. They liked the feeling of being totally free."

"You seem so relaxed," I said. "I had the feeling you had done this before, in mixed company, right?"

"With my girls friend, but never in mixed company. This is the first time with the opposite sex. But then again, you're really not the opposite sex, you're my city cousin," she said, laughing.

"I hate to admit this, but I had never imaged you as a girl, a woman. You were always my tomboy cousin. I apologize if I seem to be gazing at your body too much, but I just can't take my eyes off you."

Turning to look at me for the first time since we got out of the water, she said, "I guess I was doing the same to you, but I tried not to be as obvious as you were. If dad was here, he'd probably say, "Don, you're looking at her like a deer looking into headlights."

We both laughed about that, growing more at ease in each other's company. We chatted about school, what we did during the winter, and our friends, all in a relaxed atmosphere as if we had been on the back porch or at the dining room table. We became oblivious of each others nakedness, almost, because I was still in awe of her body and could not stop admiring her.

Trying to learn more about her thoughts on being naked in the presence of a man, I asked "Weren't you bothered or concerned about undressing with me around?"

"Maybe I would have been with some guys from school, but not you. I listened to other girls in my class talk about skinny dipping in mixed company. They all seemed to be worried about impressing the guys. Being with you was different. I just wanted to see how it would felt, if I felt uncomfortable."

"And ...?"

"I was comfortable. I had a feeling you'd ogle just a bit, but it didn't bother me. How about you?"

"I was totally surprised when you got rid of your clothes, especially doing it without warning me or trying to seek some privacy. But that would have been foolish, wouldn't it, going behind the bushes to undress so you could go skinny dipping. I was in awe of you, your body, you being a woman, not a girl. In fact, I had never seen a woman nude before, live, in my presence. I didn't know if I should cover my eyes, turn away, or what?"

"And you picked the 'or what'!"

"Haha, yeah. I wondered if I was making the right choice. But then again, I'm not a teenager anymore, I supposed to be a man, and supposed to be in control of life. Right now, I'm glad you did what you did."

"Me too," Sally said. "I now feel like I can be comfortable in any situation.

"Speaking of situations, I think we had better get going," she said.

"Your folks coming home soon?"

"No, they won't be home until well after dark. But I don't want the berries to spoil. That would be tough to explain to mom."

As we got dressed, I thought about the events of the afternoon, my transformation from a naive boy into a more worldly man. The rest of the summer with Sally was different. I never thought of her as the tomboy cousin anymore.

Don T.

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