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Hi Eloake
Being a typical Aussie I do like to get out into the great outdoors.  I love the water and am a keen fly fisherman which takes me to some beautiful parts of the world, usually up in the headwaters of streams and rivers looking for the elusive trout.  I would like to relate to you my most memorable moment fly fishing!!
I had met a new young lady the week previously, Chreyn was her name.  She was tall and lithe with beautiful long blonde hair.  I was taken with Chreyn and wanted to see her again soon.  Over a cup of coffee we discussed our likes and dislikes and I confided to her my love of fly fishing and my plan to spend the next day up on the King River.  She admitted to a desire to learn to fly fish as she had watched her father do it on the river near her childhood home.  I offered to take her up with me the next day and she gleefully accepted. 
I packed all the gear we would need, except for a pair of wading shoes that she would bring herself.  I had two pairs of waders as the water was still quite cold at this time of year along with a spare rod, reel and line.  We would only need the one vest as I would do all the tying on of flies and hopefully dehooking of fish.  (Catch and release is still the only way I fish).  As I arrived to pick her up I noticed her eagerly watching out the window to watch me arrive.  It was very early as we had a four hour drive ahead of us.  We made good use of the time learning about each others interests, hopes and aspirations.  As we left the city behind us, the clouds dissipated and it turned into a beautiful sunny day.
We arrived at the last town before hitting the river and went into the store to pick up some food and drink to see us through the day.  A little further up the road I switched to 4wd mode and headed through the bush to the river.  A couple of kilometers in we reached the river and it was time to prepare for the day.  The river was a sight to behold with the sun shining on the slow flowing crystal clear water surrounded by old growth forest and plenty of birds singing and welcoming spring to the region.  What a day to be out on my favourite river with a beautiful girl beside me, keen to learn my favourite pastime, fly fishing!!  How good can life get?
Although the water is cold, I advised Chreyn to take her jeans off before putting her waders on and proceeded to do the same.  As I had a long shirt on I thought I would just take mine off first to set the tone and remove any inhibitions she may have in taking her's off.  As I slipped mine off she made a funny crack about me having no pants on, and then naturally and openly just slipped her own off.  We were laughing at her joke and sort of pretending not to look at each others half naked bodies as we slipped our waders on.  Putting our shoes over the neoprene socks we were ready to hit the river.
I set up the rod and led Chreyn down to the river for a quick casting lesson. Surpisingly for early spring, the water was not too cold once we got used to it.   I got her to watch me while I put out a few casts then turned the rod over to her.  Showing her how to hold the rod with her right hand and control the line with her left I got her to shoot out a couple of casts to see what needed work.  Of course with anything new just about everything needed work so I moved up behind her and took control of her arms and hands from behind.  The way she snuggled her body back into mine felt divine and I was having trouble concentrating on the casting.  We got back to it and after about 20 minutes or so she had grasped enough of the basics to get a fly out somewhere in the vicinity of where a trout may be lying. 
The next lesson was how to walk up river in the water without disturbing every fish within a one kilometre radius.  The King is a small river at this point only about 5 metres wide and a couple deep for most of the way but there are many slippery rocks and it takes a bit of skill and practice to be able to move upstream stealthily.  I deemed us ready to start fishing and collected the backpack with the food and drink and off we went.  I was moving ahead and trying to spot fish whilst Chreyn walked a couple of metres behind me.  I saw what may have been a fish and called her up beside me to try the first real cast of the day.  She took the rod and put in a couple of false casts then let the fly settle on the water a long way from where she was aiming it.  Not bad I said but try and get it over there where the fish is!!  Her second cast was better and I saw the fly go down and called out Strike!!  She pulled much too hard on the rod whilst striking, lost her balance on the slippery rock and started toppling backward, straight into me, knocking me off my feet and sending both of us into a metre of fast flowing water!! 
Although it wasn't a dangerous situation it was cold and we were both sopping wet!!  We sat there giggling and laughing at the absurdity of what had just happened, dripping water and wondering what to do next.  To her credit she had kept hold of the rod so we still had our fishing gear.  Making our way to the bank, I considered our situation.  The car was about 2kms downstream where I had a change of clothes, towels and a blanket but the day was beautiful and warm and the river looked great.  I didn't really want to walk all the way back down there and ruin our day.  Whilst considering all this, I looked across at Chreyn and she had stripped her shoes and waders off and was starting on her sweater, shirt and bra.  Come on slow-coach she said, get your gear off before you catch your death.  We will just sit here in the sun for a little while and then start up river again.  Have you ever fished in the nude?? 
I stood dumbfounded but as she was almost naked and it was her suggestion, how could I resist.  I studied her naked body for the first of many times.  She was at least six feet tall, with very long shapely legs.  Her olive skin was covered in goose bumps and shimmered in the sun with little droplets of water forming all over her.  Her breasts were small but nicely shaped with dark brown nipples at their tips, and a light blonde fuzz covered her pudenda.  The pubic hair was neatly trimmed as is the way with Aussie girls, into a small triangle right between her legs.  Her buttocks were firm and nicely shaped almost forming a heart shape at the base of her spine.  She virtually posed for me as I openly assessed her body while stipping off my clothes. I could feel her brazenly assessing me right back.  As I stood in front of her finally naked, I smiled at her, conveying my approval and her return smile conveyed a reciprocal view to me.  We took our clothes and hung them in a tree to dry, then sat in the sunshine warming up with a cup of tea.  We rubbed sunscreen all over each other, and sprayed fly repellent into some places I'd never had it before!! We then donned our wading shoes, fishing vest and backpack and took off up river again. 
What a magic sight, this beautiful tall nymph walking naked beside me, with the sun on our backs on a magnificent river in the middle of an old growth forest more than 2000 years old.  I couldn't stop offering a little prayer every minute or so, thanking God for inventing natural beauty!!
A little further up river I spotted another fish and Chreyn instructed me to have a cast.  I put the fly in the right place and the fish took just as he should have, and after a quick fight I landed the first fish of the day.  Chreyn did the honours and released him back into the river and we hugged as he swam off to fight another day.  It was an intense moment in our relationship as we held our naked bodies together and shared our first kiss. 
An hour or so later Chreyn put a cast over another fish and struck with less vigour as the trout took her fly.  She had her first fish on the line and soon had it lying on its side on the bank.  A quick photo and back it went.  We sat on a warm rock shared our lunch, and talked and laughed and grew to love each other sitting naked in the middle of the river on this most magic of days.  We spent the next few hours meandering our way upstream, having a swim in the hottest part of the day, catching fish and enjoying the sunshine.  As the sun started getting lower we made our way back down to our clothes.  Not bothering to don them I stuffed them in the back pack and we fished our way back down to the car.  After one last lingering kiss and hug, we donned our dry clothes and drove home.   We arrived at her place tired but happy and well satisfied with a great day.  As we said goodnight with a passionate kiss, I could tell we were both looking forward to seeing each other again soon.
Needless to say that was the start of a long and lasting relationship, with many hours shared fly fishing, both naked and clothed all around the world.  I am sad to say that after 28 years of happiness, Shreyn died two years ago and I have been heavy of heart since.  On the anniversary of that first trip, I dolefully scattered her ashes into the King River which was our favourite place in the world.  When I do get too down and need cheering up, I just relive that moment she slipped on the rock and catapulted us both into the water of the King River.
I hope you and your readers enjoy this story as much as we enjoyed our life together.
Melbourne Australia.

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