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Thanks to John and Dave for the nice letters for this issue.

Dave's, while the shortest, tell such an extraordinary story. These things keep happening to me... I had no idea when I started this site that it would become something which would have such an impact on quite a few people's lives. And I didn't even have any idea such things were possible! I'm humbly grateful for my given position in this.

Eolake Stobblehouse

Letters To DOMAI


My sex drive, which is normally extremely strong, was destroyed by prostrate cancer surgery.  The Focal Cryotherapy only treated the part of the prostrate with the cancer.  However, the trauma of the damage plus having a catheter for two weeks kills even the strongest libido.  My doctor told me there was nothing he could do to help my sex drive that wouldn't also increase the risk of the cancer returning.
Of course the surgery had no physical impact on my wife who is five years younger than me.  She was very supportive but as time went on was really missing being able to make love to her husband.
Physically recovering did not restore my sex drive.  That is were Domai came in.  In viewing the images in Domai and GoddessNudes, my libido returned.  At first nothing happened, but I had a lot of time, and after a while my system started to react to the fantastic pictures.  Thanks to these web sites, when the doctor said I was recovered enough, my sex drive was also recovered and I was able share with my wife what she had been waiting for.
There are other web sites out there.  What makes Domai and GoddessNudes so good is the models are very wholesome looking.  It is as if they had been recruited from a church Sunday school.  This adds a lot.  There are of course some other web sites with wholesome looking models.  Some of these present them in bad taste, and some have web site that are awkward to navigate.
With Domai going back further than 1999 and GoddessNudes going back to 2009 there were more than enough images even though I had a lot of time.
Thank you for helping me recover.


A few years ago I performed in a theatrical production.  This particular show had fairly large cast, almost all of whom were women in their twenties.  Acting together tends to make fast friends out of people.   Not that everyone was best friends with everyone else, but we all worked well together, helped each other out,  and what not.  And there was no time for privacy or modesty in the backstage area -- if a costume had to come off quickly, it did, and no one paid it much mind.

The producer of the show, also a woman in her twenties, invited to a performance her boss from one of her "day" jobs -- to pay her rent, the producer worked at a local spa, taught yoga at a studio, and had few other gigs lined up.  Her boss from the spa absolutely loved the performance, and to show her gratitude, she invited the cast and crew to a free after-hours run of the spa facilities after next weekend's performance.

Normally  I rode my motorcycle to the performances, but I knew I would want to check out this spa, so I made sure I drove my car, as the spa was in the next town over and I don't ride my motorcycle on the freeway.  After the performance that night, the director gave us the address for the spa, and she left in her car to meet her there.  Two friends of mine in the cast -- let's call them "Erin" and "Wanda" -- were curious about the spa but didn't have any transportation, so I gladly offered them the available seats in my car.  As we drove there, we merrily chatted about that evening's performance, and whatever was going on in our lives.

We soon arrived at the spa, it was a rather nice place.  There was a well-decorated central area with comfy chairs, many fresh flowers, and a filtered-water dispenser.  Off this room were two corridors, each filled with doors.  The doors led to smaller chambers -- some with a small hot tub, others with a small sauna, and some had both.
After waiting for a bit, it became obvious that it was only going to be the four of us: the producer, Erin, Wanda, and myself.  The producer's boss again complimented us on an excellent show, asked that we clean and lock up when we were done, and she left.

We explored the different rooms, seeing which rooms had what facilities, comparing their various decors, and otherwise acting like kids in a candy shop.  After we had done that, Erin (who was the youngest cast member), quietly asked me what we were supposed to wear while at the spa.

Before I could say anything, the producer began to silently undress.  She was what most people would call a "hippie," and she clearly was not self-conscious about her body.  She had blond hair of medium length, and a slim, tight athletic body that had been toned by yoga, dancing, and other physical activities.  She, without fanfare, removed her clothes, put them in a pile, grabbed a towel, and headed down one of the hallways.

Wanda, a redhead, had started to undress as well.  Wanda was a retired stripper; as someone who had once been paid to undress, being nude in front of her friends was almost second nature to her.  Wanda too quickly removed her clothes, exposing her very full and firm breasts and round buttocks.  With a body like that, it was obvious why her talents had been in demand.  Wanda followed the producer.

Erin, a brunette with extremely cute ringlets, and I exchanged "well, there you go!" glances.  I sensed Erin may have been somewhat nervous, so I tried to exude a very casual, unconcerned attitude as I removed my clothes.  She undressed as well.  As she had only recently graduated from college, she was blessed with a slender body of youth and playful, perky breasts.  We grabbed our towels and joined the other two women.

We went to one of the rooms with a hot tub and all got in.  As we all sat and soaked, we discussed the spa, the show, and whatever topic the conversation turned to.  Next it was a trip to one of the saunas, and we all sweated together while wearing absolutely nothing.

The rest of the evening was variations on this pattern.  Sometimes someone would slip off to take a quick shower, or get some water.  Sometimes it would be all four of us in the same room, or perhaps just two people enjoying a quiet talk, or maybe someone just wanted to enjoy the facilities in contemplative solitude.  As we traversed from room to room, we all walked unashamedly uncovered -- no one bothered to wrap them in their towels.

After a few hours of thoroughly enjoying ourselves, we cleaned up the rooms we had used, put the dirty towels in the washing machine, got dressed, and went to our separate homes.

After the show finished, we drifted our separate ways...back to our family and "regular" friends, and on to our next productions.  But I have many intense memories about that production, including my fondest one: the evening I spent with three beautiful women.


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