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Over the years I've loved coming to your site for the simple pleasure of seeing naked bodies with no moral judgments and no unnecessary modesty. So in the tradition of many of your other fans, I'd like to tell you about my DOMAI moment. It happened when I was 19 and working as a volunteer lifeguard at a community swimming pool.

One day a young woman approached my lifeguard stand and waved up at me with a friendly smile. I nodded back and smiled, but she kept waving and eventually I realized she was trying to gesture me down. I climbed down the ladder and waited for her to say something. "Hi!" she said, with a perky and friendly chirp to her voice. She then told me that she was Anna, a student. She was on the swim team at her school, and she wanted to keep in practice over the summer. Since the community pool was too crowded this time of year to do any proper laps or exercises, she explained, she had called the community center's manager and asked if she could practice here after hours. He had told her that, by city ordinance, she couldn't swim here without a lifeguard present, so she would have to ask one of the lifeguards to stay after hours with her.

I pretended to think about it for a moment, but in reality I felt no hesitation at all. Sure, I wasn't getting paid for this job, but I didn't have a lot else to do with my time. And I could always just bring a book, something I couldn't get away with when the pool was filled with swimmers. And, I couldn't deny, this young woman was rather pretty. So for the next few weeks, on the two days a week that I lifeguarded, I sat by the pool - I didn't even bother with the lifeguard stand under the circumstances - and watched Anna swim. There was something magical about it, watching her slip through the water, her lithe, slim body shimmering under the surface. I had thought her pretty before, but watching her at those moments, I thought she was the most beautiful thing on the planet.

Every so often she would take a break, and during these breaks she would always swim over to the side of the pool where I was sitting and talk to me. We talked about all sorts of trivial things, nothing profound, but ever since I had first seen her swim I had treasured those moments, like a mortal favored by the attention of a goddess. I wanted to tell her how much I enjoyed watching her, but I was always worried that it would come out the wrong way, so I kept silent.

After about a month and a half of this routine, something incredible happened. When she arrived this day, as the other swimmers were slowly making their way into the changing rooms, she told me that school was starting next week and she would no longer need to practice here at the community pool. I was disappointed, of course, but I had known all along it was the case. The next hour went by the same as all the others, and then we both made our way to our respective changing rooms. Just as I had stripped my swimsuit off and was turning on the shower, I heard footsteps behind me. I turned and there was Anna, still in her school one-piece, towel in hand. I jolted and my hands, out of instinct, flew down to cover my nudity.

"Sorry," Anna said with a smile that seemed like it was supposed to be shy, but had a distinctly devious undertone to it. "But the water's out in the women's locker room. Do you mind if I shower in here?"

I stood dumbfounded for a moment, not quite able to process what she was asking. "Um... uh... yeah, I suppose."

"Thanks!" she said, with that same cheerful chirp she always greeted me with, as if this were nothing. She set her towel down on a bench, and my stomach practically fell away as she pulled the straps from her shoulders and began peeling off her swimsuit. When her breasts came into view I could only admire the way they seemed to flow naturally from her slender, athletic figure. They weren't small, but they didn't hang apart from her torso either. Her whole body was shapely but compact that way, the form of a true athlete.

At this point I figured it was pretty ridiculous to keep huddling behind my own hands, so I let them free and attempted to shower as nonchalantly as possible. Anna stood there, facing me naked and without a hint of modesty, and made the same small talk we'd engaged in by the poolside for weeks. It occurred to me to ask her why she wasn't afraid that I would take advantage of her, but I didn't want to bring such crude notions into this moment we were sharing. Instead I decided to make sure her trust was well placed, and simply spoke to her as normal. Although if she noticed my occasional glances at her breasts, or her gently rounded hips, or her light brown patch of pubic hair - and I'm certain she did! - she didn't seem the least bit offended.

A few minutes later it was time to go. I never wanted to leave the presence of this glorious, unclad beauty, but I knew I had to. She dried off and dressed, and before she turned to leave the locker room, she said, "Thanks for letting me practice here. It's been a real help."

"You're welcome," I said. I was about to let her leave, but something inside me couldn't let this amazing moment she had given me go without comment. "Anna," I said. She turned and looked at me, waiting. I wasn't sure what I could say that wouldn't come out perverted. "You're... you're beautiful," was all I could manage.

"Thanks!" she chirped, and disappeared around the corner.

For the next week I found myself unable to think about anything else but what had happened that day. It wasn't just that I couldn't get Anna's naked body out of my mind - though I certainly couldn't. But I was almost certain her story about the water in the women's locker room being out wasn't true. After all, we'd had plenty of women at the pool earlier that day - somebody would have told me long before. So why had she done that? I don't think she was interested in me sexually - there was no lust in her eyes as we stood under the shower together. Friendliness, certainly, but the same friendliness we had developed out at the poolside.

Finally I decided that perhaps she had just wanted somebody to see her naked - without it being interpreted as a sexual advance, without it being judged as shameful, without it being a big deal at all. It was a feeling I understood all too well. Looking back, I began to realize that I had enjoyed that moment in the same way she had - not just seeing her naked, but being naked myself without any need to comment on the fact.

After that summer I moved away to college and never saw Anna again. But needless to say, she had a greater impact on my life than almost anyone else. I've had a couple opportunities since then to enjoy the simple pleasure of being naked with friends, but every time it happens, I mentally thank Anna for teaching me that it's okay.


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