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I thoroughly enjoy the experiences that are shared each week as I recreate the story in my head and imagine the feelings that are experienced. I can directly relate to the overwhelming feeling of awe and rapture that a beautiful woman inspires. For quite some time now I've been waiting to share an experience of my own that occured at a very influential period in my life. 

Growing up I was the oldest of 4 siblings and I had always wished for an older sister. Every time that I was over at my best friend's house during the summer his older sister and her friends would gather around the pool and sunbathe, proudly displaying their athletic bodies while we sneakily watched from his bedroom window on the second floor.  Naturally my friend had become quite popular at school because of the girls that gathered at his house.  Soon, his mom caught on to what was going on and our "hang out" opportunites slowly diminished.  We just moved on to whatever caught our attention next, but still talk about those summers today.

At the end of that next school year we were a year older and going through some distinct physical changes. One night at the dinner table my parents announced that we would be having a guest stay with us for a year starting in June.  We were going to be housing a foreign exchange student from Italy who would attend the local college. Once school was out my friends and I practically lived at the beach and one day upon my return I was quite surprised to find that our guest had arrived and was a 22 year old girl named Monja. She was more than beautiful. She had olive skin and long wavy black hair that ran to the middle of her back. The most captivating aspect of her appearance was her bright blue eyes that contrasted so amazingly against her skin. Being 13 I also managed to notice that her breasts were quite full while she was quite thin with very womanly hips. Her beauty was intimidating at first and I made it a point to avoid her and keep my distance. I was a shy kid and it took a while for me to warm up to her.

Her room was next to mine and we also shared a bathroom. Each day she would shower and then I would have my turn. She'd walk to her room in her towel and close the door and I knew it was my turn.  One Saturday my parents were away at a younger siblings sporting game and I was left to prepare my own breakfast. I was in the kitchen and heard her leave so I hurried into the now vacant bathroom to avoid any unnecessary conversation. I was safe, but then realized I had forgotten my towel. I hurried down the hall to grab my towel and passed Monja's room. The door was wide open (since we were the only 2 home and I supposedly was in the bathroom) and she was standing there completely naked in front of the mirror. I couldn't help but stare and I didn't even care that she caught me. She just turned and smiled at me without saying a word. She continued brushing her long hair and finally I returned to what I had set out to do.

I soon realized that Monja didn't have a problem with little or no clothing while my parents were away. Somehow it took me seeing her naked to really open up to her. We became good friends and would frequently go swimming in our pool while the summer still lasted. My parents both worked and sent the younger kids to the sitter's house, so I was either at a friends house or with Monja.

One day we headed to the backyard as usual and I dove in right away. She lingered near the edge and I could tell that something was on her mind. I asked her to come in and she said, "Ok, only if I can swim like I do in my country". I agreed, but didn't fully understand what that meant until she proceeded to take off her top. Good thing I wasn't in the deep end, or I'm sure I would have began to sink. Her breasts were full and perfectly rounded with small dark nipples. At that very moment my entire view of women changed. This wasn't an accident, she had chosen to share this with me, but didn't stop there. She removed her bottoms and stood on the first step of the pool, even closer to me. Her legs formed a "V' that was topped with a narrow strip of neatly kept dark hair. She adjusted to the cool water and I watched intently until she dove in after me. We splashed and played in the pool for 2 hours and I would sneak peaks of her body underwater when I would dive down to retrieve pool toys. I know she knew I was looking at her and she didn't care. Before my parents were due back she got out and air dried on a deck chair. When she walked over to get a towel she just turned and smiled at me as she usually did when I was entirely focused on her beauty.

The rest of that year was filled with more opportunities to witness a truly pure creation and gradually she helped me come out of my shyness and form my own identity. Once or twice I even got brave enough to skinny dip with Monja. It never was sexual, just observational. She had become a sort of big sister, but as the years have passed we unfortunately have lost touch. I'll always be grateful for that amazing year with Monja as she was the first woman that I had ever seen that way and definitely won't be forgotten anytime soon.



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