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I was hit with a major memory blast the other day when I popped in to Domai and saw beauty of the day Marianna. The resemblance to a friend from 40 years ago is amazing. Seeing her picture reminded me of something from years ago that I had not thought of in at least 10 years.

 As a teen I was an avid outdoors type. Loved to be out in the woods with nature. One Saturday I set out on my usual path to the backwoods, fishing rod in one hand and lunch bag and camera in the other. As I passed by a friends place on this day she (Jenny) asked where I was off to and if she could come along. Reluctantly I agree to have her tag along. I knew having her along would not be as peaceful and quiet as being alone but she was easy to talk to plus I guess I was flattered that she would spend time with me.

We marched off the road and into the woods. About a mile in there was as nice little creek that widened out into a small pond. Ideal for fishing and  frequented by many of the creatures that lived in the area. On this particular day we arrived at the clearing just in time to see a mother deer and her two bambies drinking by the edge. One quick picture was all I got as the camera I had was a rather noisy brownie. The click of the shutter was more like a loud clack. Momma quickly led the babies away.

I went down to the edge of the pond and sat down to begin fishing. Jenny wandered around asking about where we were and how I had found such a nice spot. She asked if the water was safe for swimming and I told her it was and maybe next time we should bring our suits and go for a swim. She laughed and suggested we could go skinny dipping right now. I kinda laughed it off and cast my line out again not really giving it much though.

She laughed and said she was going in. Next thing I knew she walked right by me, stark naked and dove right in. As she broke surface she turned and called me to join her. The look on my face must have been priceless, some kind of mixture of being awed, annoyed and embarrassed. She knew right away I was not overjoyed that she had just ended any chance of catching anything for the next hour with her disturbing the waters as she had just done. I reeled in my line and parked my rod against a tree. I pondered for a few moments and then decided why not. I slowly undressed and waited for just the right moment when she was looking the other way to remove the last remnant of clothing and dive in. 

The water was refreshing in the summer heat and we splashed around for at least a half hour. She was the first to get out and took up a seat on a rock by the shore. I studied her from the water long enough for any excitement to subside. In an instant she changed from being a naked girl to being a beautiful creature sitting by my pond. She looked so natural sitting there. I climbed out of the pond and sat down to dry off on the rock next to her.

I couldn't help but stare as she was fascinating. At that age she was not overly endowed with breasts but sufficient to be distinguishable. The rest of her was smooth and flawless, with a small tuft of fur just starting. We sat drying off in the heat of the sun both quite comfortable being naked. As if on cue a cute little rabbit came hopping from the bush on the other side of her. Instinctively I reached for my camera, aimed and shot. Another loud clack and the rabbit dashed off back into the bush.

As I stood there with camera in hand and looked at her sitting against the tree I quickly imagined a wonderful picture. I jokingly aimed the camera at her and smiled. She responded by making a posing gesture. I couldn't resisted and snapped the shot. She smiled and repositioned herself for a second pose. I laughed and told her she looked good but too staged that all my nature shots had to look spontaneous. She took the challenge and proceeded to move and pose a number of times. She was an amazing subject and looked so natural in that environment.

Her movement from pose to pose was so smooth it reminded me of a cat stalking prey.  I took another nine pictures, I always saved one picture for the walk home incase something special crossed my path. We sat and shared my lunch and talked for at least an hour before deciding to get dressed and head home. On the way she asked what I was going to do with the film. It was at that moment that I realized that taking the film in for processing by adults was just not an option. I promised her that I would keep the pictures to my self and never let anyone else but her see them. When I got home I carefully removed the film from the camera, marked a small x on the roll an put it away till I could figure out how to get it developed. The next few weeks were filled with trips to the library (a big building with books we used before the internet for all you young readers) researching what was required to develop your own film. The equipment and chemical cost was outside my reach.

I hid my special roll away until I could do something with it.  Days turned to months and then to years. Jenny never made another trip back to the pond with me. As fate would have it we were both from a military family and her dad was reposed a few months after that day. Sadly in those days we didn't have instant communication via email and Jenny and I lost touch. For the longest time all I had to do was think back and all the photos developed in my memory. About ten years ago I was going through some old mementos from my youth and tucked away in the trunk of a model car I found a roll of C127 film with an x on it.

The pictures in my head were just as fresh as the day I took them. I pondered what to do with this treasure but quickly realized that in this current world such might be controversial. Having long ago lost touch with Jenny but knowing the promise was still valid, I slowly opened the undeveloped roll and held it up for the sun to see, the photos in my mind will suffice for the next 40 years.

I offer up a big thank you to Domai for reviving that memory of my youth.

Thanks, Mikey

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