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Letters To DOMAI


It doesn't seem that almost 8 years have passed since I wrote about a lady named Julie. When you write a letter about your Domai moment, you don't expect it to come back to you.

I would like to say my revisited moment was a shock and then a real pleasure. About two years ago a gracious looking lady approached me in our capital city. She called me by name and said I had told her secret to the world.

I was confused and startled as I could not place her. I must have had a deer in the headlights look as she was laughing and giggling at my loss of words. She finally whispered in my ear that she still liked to dance nude in the rain. My face must have turned quite red as she said that she was not an innocent young child either.

Julie was still the same woman that I had worked with before- just older and a little more devil may care person. We sat and talked for a couple of hours about the last thirty years. It was as if we were back in the seventies talking and joking about our dreams from then.

I found she had married, started a family and ended up raising her children alone. She had found your site and read the letter about her. Julie was sure enough of herself that she showed that letter to her daughters who now think their mother is more daring and cool.

I was invited to their farm for a natural picnic and summer holiday with her family. I wish I could say that I accepted but I am still married. I still value Julie's trust and friendship as much now as then. Now I will keep in touch as she has become friends with my family without revealing our moments of Fun In Rain.

Ray - Iowa

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