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I have been a regular visitor to your website for some time now, and I very much relate to your philosophy of beauty, nudity, and innocence. I admire the work you are doing, and I would like to share with you (and your readers, if you wish) the story of an experience I had many years ago, when I was a first year university student.

At the time, I was living in a small rented house that I was sharing with two other students. One of them, Erin, was a first-year student like me. She had read hair that she usually wore in a ponytail, lots of freckles, and a beautiful open smile that was often accompanied by a kind of knowing and almost mischievous sparkling of the eyes. She came from some small town, and was clearly enjoying her new life in this bigger city, although this did not in any way compromise her natural and uncomplicated demeanor. The other housemate, Karen, was one year ahead of us in her studies, and we considered her a seasoned expert on all things regarding university life. She clearly enjoyed her role as a kind of mentor for Erin and me, and she had many older friends that came to the house, and with whom she often spent the weekends. Her hair was chestnut brown and straight and fell down to below her shoulders, and she had a perfect face with dark brown eyes and short, assertive eyebrows. She was about my height, slightly taller than Erin, and carried herself with great confidence and ease.

One day in late summer, the three of us went on a hike outside the city. We had been on several such hikes before, and we already knew each other quite well by this time, and so we walked and chatted comfortably about this and that as we followed a footpath that led up the side of a small mountain. There were trees on both sides of the path, and the air was warm in a saturated sort of way. We were in t-shirts and shorts, and we were carrying nothing except a bag of sandwiches, which we were planning to eat once we reached the top of the mountain. Karen was high-spirited and even a bit rowdy; she had just finished a week of mid-term assignments, and clearly she was glad to leave work behind and be a free person for the rest of the weekend. She was jumping on every tree stump and rock along the way, and after a while, she started played good-natured tricks on us, like hiding behind a large rock and pelting us with dried pine cones.

Of course, Erin and I could not let such a challenge go unanswered, resulting in a minor pine cone battle. Karen's mood was contagious, and by the time we reached a little clearance at the top of the mountain, we were all laughing and chasing each other around until we were completely out of breath and dropped in the grass. At this point, I looked up and realized what a stunningly beautiful place we had arrived at. Karen and Erin must have realized the same, because suddenly, everyone was completely quiet as we were lying on our backs in the grass, gazing at the edge of the clearing and beyond, where we could see fields and roads and villages stretching to the horizon, and a river glittering in the sun. We could hear nothing but the humming of some insects in the warm air above us, and some church bells and a dog barking in the very far distance. I don't know how long we remained listening and watching like this to the beauty of the natural and man-made world around us, but it was one of those rare and truly magical moments where time stretches and seconds become minutes or hours.

It was Karen who eventually broke the silence. By now, it must have been about 2 or 3 o'clock in the afternoon, and the sun was still strong. Karen announced that her face and arms were getting sun-tanned, and that she wouldn't mind tanning herself "properly", and whether we would do the same. Assuming that this meant she would tan herself in her underwear, I agreed that this was indeed a very good idea. Erin also thought it was a reasonable suggestion. Perhaps some people might consider it a bit unusual to strip to your underwear in front of your friends, but after all, we were housemates, and we had seen each other in underwear many times before, so we did not think much of it. So the three of us proceeded to take off our shirts and shorts. However, nothing had prepared me for what happened next.

As Erin was getting ready to settle in the grass again in her pink bra and panties, and I was looking for a suitable spot to lie down, Karen, who was wearing a white bra and white boxer shorts, proceeded to take of her boxer shorts and then turned her back to me asking me to unhook her bra. I remember this moment as clearly as if it had been yesterday. Her behind was round and tanned and beautiful, with perfectly smooth and silky cheeks, and for a moment I thought I would faint. She shifted her weight impatiently, and as she did so, the muscles in her backside flexed and caused a little dimple on the side of one of her flawless buttocks. It took another impatient shrug from Karen to awake me from my state of shock, and Karen asked if I was maybe offended by her nudity.

I quickly assured her that I was not the least bit offended, only stunned by her beauty and cheek, at which point we all laughed at the double meaning of the word "cheek". The laughter at my unintended joke not only helped me relax, but apparently it had the same effect on Karen, because she now spoke without any more hint of impatience as she said, "Well, if you are not offended, then would you please go ahead and help me take my bra off?" So I helped her take it off, and she turned around and stood there before us as naked as a person can be.

Her breasts were full and firm, yet not excessively large, with small brown nipples that were standing up proudly. Her chestnut hair was falling from one of her shoulders halfway towards her nipples. Her body was fresh and slim, and she had a beautiful flat belly with a belly button that was an "inny". I had of course seen her belly before, but never in such delightful context. Her pubic area was completely shaved. [As a side note: much later, I asked her why she had shaved her pubic hair, and she explained that she has the area waxed every summer so that no hair would show along her bikini line. I have, however, never seen any tan lines or other evidence of a bikini on her body, neither on that first occasion nor at any later time, although she was always tanned. I think perhaps the real reason was for personal preference or comfort. In any case, this is not important, and I should stop digressing.]

As Karen turned around and faced me and Erin that day, her natural beauty, amazing as it already was, was further enhanced by her attitude; she was entirely unashamed and comfortable with herself and did not act any differently than before. In fact, at this very moment, she picked up a bunch of pine cones that were left over from our previous battle, and started throwing them at the lightly clad Erin and myself. I must say, these things can hurt a bit on naked skin when they are skillfully thrown. Half-joking, Karen shouted that we had promised that if she took her clothes off, we would do the same, and that she would keep hurling prickly pine cones at us until we followed up on our promise. I was again stunned, partly by the unexpected attack, and partly by the sight of Karen, who in her nudity was no less quick than before in gathering up and throwing cones. As she moved lithely, she used all of the muscles in her body, and it was a beautiful sight to see them flex in animation. Meanwhile, the pine cones were raining down on us, and something had to be done about it quickly.

To my next surprise, it was Erin, who had been following the scene with quiet amusement up to this point, who ended the attack by making a bold move. She said something about having gone skinny-dipping at the farm, and before anyone could say another word, she slipped out of her pink bra and panties, threw them behind her, and flashed one of her great freckly smiles at me and Karen. Her eyes sparkled adventurously as she raised one of her eyebrows in a gesture that probably meant, you are not getting the better of me!

She looked beautiful. I already knew that her arms and legs were covered in freckles, but I was delighted to see that she also had freckles all over her upper chest and a few of them on her breasts, although her belly and hips were completely freckle-free. Aside from this, her skin was completely white. Her breasts were medium-sized and perky, with pink and surprisingly large nipples. The sun that was falling on her breasts made two beautiful round shadows on her rib cage that gave way to a white and flat belly, which one could see rising and ebbing as she was still catching her breath from this sudden burst of activity. Below her belly, she had a delicate tuft of red hair that looked very pretty next to the green grass, and the effect was enhanced by the warm rays of the sun that were touching it.

While I was taking in the beautiful sight of their two bodies, I remember thinking how lucky and blessed I was to be there, at this moment, with these two women who were good friends, and who didn't seem to be the least bit concerned about letting me see the incredible natural beauty of their bodies. No sexual thoughts entered my mind; I simply admired them as they were, looking comfortable and natural in the thick summer air, to which the magical landscape around us added a sense of serenity and innocence. Erin was again looking at Karen, who was looking back at her, and it was clear whom the two of them would gang up against next. I felt a slight surge of panic as I realized that it was now my turn to get naked in front of them. While I had not been raised to be ashamed of my body, I certainly had never been naked in front of a person of the opposite gender before (aside from my parents, presumably). I felt some inhibition that must have made me blush, but after the initial panic had passed, I could really uncover no deep-seated objection to the idea. On the contrary, it was hard not to be inspired by the example of the women, who were demonstrating so well that there was nothing to be ashamed of. Probably only a second or two passed while all this went through my mind, and without further prompting, I took a deep breath, attempted a shrugging gesture as if to say "okay, I give up!", and dropped my remaining piece of clothing to the cheers of the two ladies.

We spent the rest of the afternoon naked at that clearing, sitting, talking, tanning ourselves, and exploring the nearby area. I was amazed at how good it felt to be nude outdoors. One thing I had never imagined is how special the warm wind feels on one's body with no clothes on. After one minute, I was already completely used to being nude and had forgotten any notion of bashfulness or hiding my body. The women did not show any inhibitions either, and we soaked up every moment of sun that was there. Erin had some sun-screen with her, which is a necessity for a person of her skin-type. She asked me to apply it to her back while she was lying flat on her stomach. I started at the neck and worked my way towards the soles of her feet, while Karen watchfully ensured that I did not miss any spot. Erin's lower back was slightly arched and the curve naturally led to her behind, which was gloriously well-shaped and as firm to the touch as it was joyful to look at. From there, I continued rubbing the sunscreen into her athletic legs, where Erin was a bit ticklish behind the knees and around the ankles. She clearly enjoyed this non-sexual touch, as she was cooing and had half fallen asleep by the time I was finished. At this point, Karen remembered the sandwiches that we had brought, and we ate them hungrily while discussing various people we knew, and what they would think if they knew what we were up to.

Almost nobody else came to the clearing that day, except an older couple, who greeted us very cheerfully and did not seem to be in the least disturbed by our nudity, and a woman in her twenties with a dog. The woman asked us straight-facedly for directions and initially tried ignoring our complete state of undress, only to burst out laughing half-way through the conversation and telling us how she thought it was wonderful and brave of us to enjoy nature, as she put it, the way it was obviously intended. She was very friendly, and I think she had a half mind to join us, but in the end she decided not to and went her way.

After that day, we never wore much clothes around the house, except when there were people over that we did not know well. This seemed very natural; after having spent some quality nude time together, it seemed silly to worry about such rituals as putting on a bathrobe to go from one room to another, or not going in the shower when there was someone in there. Most of our close friends sooner or later found out about our carefree attitude, and some of them even ended up joining us for the occasional nude outing. As we progressed through university, we continued to live in the same house. We often went back to that clearing at the top of the mountain, sometimes with other people, and we often went nude there, but while it was always nice and fun to be there, the place never again quite held the same magic as that very first time.

So what became of us? Erin showed more and more of her adventurous side as the years went by, and she had a series of boyfriends, many of whom we housemates became quite friendly with. Karen got herself a boyfriend at the end of her second year, and stayed with him until she graduated. They both went on to medical school, and although I lost touch with Karen soon after she graduated, I heard that they later married. In our final year at university, Erin and I fell in love with each other, and we got married the following year. We have now been happily married for over 15 years, and we still love to remember those carefree and fun times we had during our university days, living in the house with Karen, and especially that first time we went nude on the mountain together.

Paul M.

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