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I believe innocence can be regained. It was never really lost, it is our natural state. It has just been hidden from view.

Eolake Stobblehouse

Letters To DOMAI


The Transforming Power of Simple Nudity

I am amazed and continually thank God for the amazing power of simple beauty, simple nudity. I have experienced this powerful effect on the pages of and comparable sites. Here is where I first experienced the amazing joy of simply gazing upon the undefiled beauty of the unclothed female form, in all her great glory.

There are four things I most notice about the Domai nudes, four things I love.

There is a magnificence about the naked breast of a beautiful woman. In those gently swelling curves I see the glorious handiwork of Almighty God. There is this awesome beauty, not covered or clothed. I do not have to glance and look away. I can unashamedly look, and simply enjoy.

When God made the female bottom He did a splendid job. Those succulent curves evoke joy and admiration.

Yes, I call the pubic area of a woman “bush.” For one thing, it communicates the area as well as I know how; for another, although it is a rare sight these days I delight in the extraordinary view of a young lady with neatly trimmed pubic hair. For me, this is woman as she was meant to be.

Did Eve in the Garden of Eden look any better? I doubt that she did. God formed her from the rib of Adam, and presented her to Adam in all her naked Glory. I can well imagine how stirred Adam felt there in that beautiful garden. Here was the pinnacle of perfection, and she was being presented to him. When I look at the Domai nudes I cannot help but believe I know just a bit of what Adam felt at that moment.

But I am not finished for all of this would be incomplete were it not for their simply beauty. Yes, I know that her entire person is beauty, and the parts I have described are beauty, but I am referring to the splendid beauty of her face. Not just the clear skin, the excellent bone structure, the pleasing symmetry. No, the greatest beauty of a Domai nude goes beyond all of that. Her greatest beauty is in her direct, focused, natural, unashamed, “open-faced” gaze into the camera’s eye, and through that camera into my eyes and soul as well.

Here are these beautiful young women, naked as the day they were born, as beautiful as all creation, standing before me, totally unashamed. As if this was the most natural thing in the world, giving to me the great gift of their unadorned beauty; breast, bottom, bush, and most significant of all, the beauty of a direct, unashamed look in my direction. I see the innocence in those eyes and she becomes, for me, a person. A person I can hear say, “Here I am, in the prime of my life, presenting for your joyous gaze all that is usually kept hidden and secret. Look, enjoy, savor, and let it touch you with joy at the core of your being.”

And touch me it does. I am no longer young, but it touches the young man within me who longed for this kind of unashamed and unadorned beauty, but for whom it was forbidden.

As a Christian and a minister I was taught that the naked human form would only stir within me forbidden lust. That gazing upon the crowning glory of God’s great creation would somehow defile me. That was my sad and limiting belief, and I acted accordingly. If a delightful young woman dressed in the revealing clothes of Spring (ah, the joys of Spring!) walked by, I had to pretend she was not there. And if there was a young woman with breast or bottom exposed in a movie, I had to avert my eyes. I could not just enjoy the moment, and the view. I had to feel threatened. Threatened! Can you imagine? That is how I was trained. In the church in which I grew up sleeves went down past the elbow, skirt past the knee, and tops were buttoned up to the neck. God forbid you would see an inch of skin.

And then I discovered Domai. I was overwhelmed. Most of all I was overwhelmed by the lack of shame in their faces. So I downloaded and enjoyed everything I could download. And that was some years ago when all I had was a dial up connection. I downloaded and enjoyed, but in all too short a time I was compelled to delete it all. I was compelled by the old voices in my head, the old ungodly conditioning that said, “This is not legitimate enjoyment. This has to be lust.” And so I deleted.

But soon the old hunger returned. No, not the hunger of lust, but the hunger for that most sublime beauty. And yes, the hunger for the communion with God that I felt when gazing upon His great artistry in the form of a woman, a young woman in the prime of her beauty, and her splendid sensuality. And so I downloaded again, and I delete no more.

Eventually I saw that Domai was not leading me away from God. No indeed! Instead the natural artistry I saw reflected on these pages reveals the character of the Creator and thus led me closer to God.

And it brought healing to my soul. Today I am not threatened by the beautiful young women I see in my city. And I am not afraid to simply enjoy the view, the view of a young woman jogging by; her vitality, her radiant health, and her delightful form. I look with a long lingering look. I even take a second look, and a third. And my spirit soars up in thankfulness.


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"Many years ago I was a subscriber of yours and loved the natural beauty that the pictures you portrayed. Many years have come to pass and a lot of life since that time but recently your name came to mind and I visited your website once again. I am very relieved and impressed that you have maintained your original views and continued to present the beautiful form of a woman in a tasteful and artistic manner. Keep up the exceptional work sir and I look forward to becoming a subscriber once again." - Tim C






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