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For me, nudity is symbolic of openness and relaxedness. Not easy attitudes to develop by any measure, because they run opposite to fear, and fear takes time to process. But all the moreso they are worthwhile goals.

Eolake Stobblehouse

Letters To DOMAI


I just thought I would share this with you as I think about it often.  It’s not exactly a Domai moment but more of a case of some girls just nuding-up. 
I was working for a while with an outfit that had a few office regulars and a bunch of casual staff.  I was in the office with a boss who used to spend as much time out of the office as he did in it and about four other full-timers.  One of the girls Karen was about 29 and she and I shared an office.  We were great friends with one of the part-timers Natalie who was a 27 year old girlie-looking lesbian.  We all used to get together for lunch from time to time and parties sometimes too.

One time both those gals were going to a music festival at the coast about an hour and a half’s drive away and wanted other folks to come along and make a bit of a group.  I tagged along, as well as Nat’s girlfriend and another couple of guys we knew who met us down there.  Karen had a boyfriend at the time and they are now married but he didn’t come along on that occasion.  Nat is blonde and quite tall for a girl with a good body and quite an ass on her.  Her girlfriend Peta was medium height with curly black hair.
We had rented a hotel room in the area and all crashed on a bed or on the floor for the night after a big day in the sun and lots to drink.  We had to drive back home the next the day and Nat and Peta wanted to take the scenic route back and to check out a waterfall on the way.  That was in the coastal hinterland and we were all a bit seedy so it was no problem to take our time getting back.  We all had breakfast at a roadhouse about 10:30, then drove for an hour or so up the mountains.  We hit the trail and it was a very funny 40 minute walk to the end, where the waterfall and rockpools were.  It was out of tourist season but a very sunny day so we sat down at the side of the main pool to have the sandwiches and beers we brought with us. 
After that it was time for a swim and the lesbians started to have a good look around.  There was no one else in the area so they very matter-of-factly told us they were going to nude up.  That was of course fine by me and Karen just started to laugh and shake her head.  She had a great personality and was very secure in herself so once she said she was happy to keep her bikini on, I knew there was no point in suggesting otherwise.  And to be honest, the girlfriends actually didn’t care if anyone else was nude, they just liked doing it if they got the chance.  I suppose with Karen and I around, they felt pretty confident.  Karen was not thin but had a good curvy body and the accompanying big tits.  She had a chequered bikini and walked gingerly into the pool in it and her cutoff denim shorts.  I took the opportunity to keep my shorts on since the other girls were going to get nude anyway.
I got straight in the water and headed over to the falls so I could have a good look from not too close.  We were all good friends anyway so I knew they weren’t going to be shy but I didn’t want to creep them out just the same.  Nat peeled off her tshirt and shorts and threw them on their towel.  It was very weird to see my friend there for a few seconds in nothing but her bikini top but I enjoyed it quite a lot.  She had a big brown bush, a little darker than her hair and some star tattoos across her left hip.  She also had some cursive writing on one arm and small but pointy boobs.  Peta looked fantastic, though I was careful to check her out discreetly.  I always made sure I had something funny to say to justify my looking right at them both.
Peta was wearing an oversized tshirt with nothing underneath and a pair of green short cargo shorts.  She pulled them off quickly but a little more shyly than Nat had and walked down to the water.  I thought the show was going to be over too soon but fortunately for me she stopped at the edge of the water to check out the temperature with her feet.  It was a little cold for her so she just waded in to her knees then stood there for a minute to get used to it.  Her body was so nice to look at I almost heard music.  She had a firm little body with maybe B cup boobs and a jet black bush.  She had some writing and a bird tattooed on her back but her front was clean and smooth.  She must have intended only to paddle around because she stood there in nothing but a pair of big aviator sunglasses and a colourful scarf she wore as a headband, knotted at the side of her head with the two ends hanging all the way down past one shoulder to her boobs.

She stood there long enough for me to have a good look and then break off my gaze and swim under the water over to Karen.  She gave me a wink, knowing how much I would have been enjoying it and I just laughed.  We swam there for about 45 minutes or so, till we had cooled down then it was time to pack up and drive the two hours or so home.

Peta was the first one to get too cold and want to leave so she walked up out of the water to her towel.  I had a great look at her white back with her tattoos and her perfect butt as it emerged from the water.
We didn’t refer to Nat and Peta’s skinny dipping at the time but just acted as if it was completely normal.  Karen had known Nat for longer than I had and wasn’t surprised by any of her crazy stunts.  Back at the office a couple of days later Karen did say that she supposed I had a great time swimming at the falls.  With a knowing look I told her that I sure did.
None of us work for that company anymore though we do stay in touch.  Nat and Peta are in their early 30's now and they were still together when I heard from them last.

Yours, Luke L

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