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For the first time in the over 13 years of doing this business, I have bought ads in major glossy magazines. Not something I plan to do a lot, but it's fun.

Eolake Stobblehouse

Letters To DOMAI


Some years ago I rented a ski cabin in Squaw Valley, CA with some friends. There were 8 or 10 of us plus spouses and girl  friends. Luckily the cabin was big. It slept 17 or 17 easily and more on the floor. It had a king-sized bed in one room, twin beds in another and 6 bunk beds in another, in addition to 4 couches in the living room (3 fold-outs). We put the beds on weekly assignment to keep the same people from capturing the king-size every week.

The location was ideal. You could walk to the Squaw ski lifts (but you wouldn't want to walk back at the end of the day). We were close to bars, restaurants, Tahoe casinos, and just a short hop to Reno. The best part was that we could leave our skis at the cabin and leave work and go skiing at a moments notice.

One Friday I got a call from Sue, the wife of a friend and cabin mate. She said I checked the schedule and you have the twin bed room this weekend. Are you going skiing and is anyone going with you? I said yes and no. Why? She said my husband is in a business meeting all weekend and I want to ski. May I ride up with you and share the bedroom? We were friends so sex wasn't an issue, so I said sure, I'll be leaving the City about 7. Fortunately we had good weather and an easy trip.  On the way, Sue said are you shy? I said yes, why do you ask? Because I usually sleep in the nude but won't if it's a problem. We stopped in Truckee for dinner and a couple drinks and got to the cabin after bedtime and went straight to our room.

While I was putting my stuff away, Sue made up her bed and got undressed. When I turned around she was nude and gorgeous. Sue was in her mid 30's short, blonde and built like a cheerleader. She obviously worked out and it showed in her nicely rounded body where nothing was done to excess. And a natural blonde. Is this ok to sleep in she asked? I said that has to be the best looking sleep outfit ever.

While I made up my bed and undressed (I also sleep nude but didn't tell her) Sue went to the bathroom. When she came out and saw me standing there in the buff she said I thought you were shy? I am but I'm not modest. Once she had assured herself that I wasn't going to make any moves on her, we had a great weekend.

Thomas P

I have enjoyed your free Domai pictures for some time now, and may sign up when my circumstances allow.  Your presentations of the female soul and form is an eternally refreshing delight.  However, my own upbringing has given me a dread of my own 'ghastly butch male' nature, so my own opportunities for Domai moments have been very few indeed, and accompanied by heavy guilt at my own appreciation (the 'male gaze').  You have heard this from other letters before, but Misandric Feminism has much to answer for!

In my, unfinished, struggle to become true to my own reality, I have formulated, and pondered, the phrase for myself of "Discovering, and being, true to oneself is the greatest of all rebellions".  This arises from a similar strand of contemplation as the Socratic 'Know Thyself' and 'The unexamined life is not worth living'.  It also has a connection with the esoteric, non-verbal, 'gnostic', spiritual searches for Truth.  When I share this with my friends I find that it is welcomed.

A quick Google search now suggests that the Bagwhan Shree Rashnish has said something similar, yet I've never been a follower of his.

With deep thanks


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"I have been out of commision for a number of days. I had a not-so-minor surgery and spent 6 days in the hospital, followed by 3 days recuperating at my sister's house. I received very gentle, loving care at both places. Neither of them had any internet access. When I returned home this evening to my own environment and sat down to catch up on e-mail and such, I was surprised, even shocked (thought I should not have been) that the boost of energy I received from catching up on all the daily entries from DOMAI was probably as good as therapy and TLC can get. It is good to be alive and able to enjoy simple pleasures. Than you so very much for my daily dose." - Nick G







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