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Have you ever really thought about how astounding it is that pretty much every culture on the Earth has a nudity taboo?

Where people are used to nudity, it is not a sexual signal, so that's not the reason. Apart from weather protection, it just seems so irrational to me, especially the sheer force of the emotions around it. People getting sniffy, OK, but in most countries they will actually call the police! Talk about overkill.

This was just a thought, but might as well have been an introduction to our second FREE made-for-DOMAI comic, Casual Fridays, created, written, drawn and colored by Adam Markiewicz! And this one is very different, but still excellent. Funny and pretty hot, I think. (I'd like to hear what you think. And so would the writer/artist: AdManComics [at]

I would add that it is just a story. A drama. We don't necessarily support the kind of situation the story describes. :-) This is not the Domai dream-world, that one would obviously have full equality and volition.

It looks great on an iPad, but I've left the images over-sized, so they will also look great on bigger screens. (To download the PDF file on an iPad, hold on the first link, then copy the address. Then go to GoodReader (which you ought to have, it's great) and paste in the address for download and storage.)

Eolake Stobblehouse

Letters To DOMAI


I thought I might share a fond memory I have from some time ago.  I was visiting a small coastal town for a holiday.  I was staying at a caravan park which was right on the coast.  I loved going for a walk along the coast.  It helped me clear my head and was good exercise, walking in the beach sand and climbing over rocks.  I started early one morning and walked for a few hours.  I had made my way to a fairly secluded bay which was surrounded my steep rocky cliffs.  There was small beach down a steep path.  I walked to the other side of the bay, where there was a large area of flat rocks.  There was no-one in sight.  There were lots of large rocks that jutted out I passed along the way.  I lay down and rested in the warmth of the suns rays.  There was a light breeze coming of the ocean, which calm and the whole scene seemed perfect.

I almost dozed off listening to the wind and the ocean.  I heard someone walking not far from me.  I looked up.  Just a few meters from me was a girl looking through a large bag.  She had gear to go snorkeling.  She got a bikini top out of her bag and then proceeded to take her shirt off.  I sat there and watched her, a little surprised.   She was quite an ordinary looking girl but she was totally captivating sitting there with no shirt on.  She had a wonderful figure which would probably go unappreciated most of the time.  She seemed to be looking straight at me.  After she had put on her bikini top, she got her mask and flippers and went into the water.  She was gone for about twenty minutes before coming back.  I wasn’t really sure she had noticed me.  When she had sat back down she put her shirt back on and took her bikini top off from under her shirt.  I asked her what it was like down there.  She was quite startled.  She quickly recovered though.

She said it was nice.  I told her had been diving a bit before and asked her if there was much to see.  She said not much but rocks and sand but there were quite a few fish, and a couple of small sharks but she couldn’t get too close to them.  I asked her if there were any interesting places to dive around here with shipwrecks or things like that.  We talked for a while before she told me she was supposed to meet her brother here but he had phoned her and said he couldn’t come.  She had a spare set of flippers and mask.  She said I could use them, but if she was going snorkeling again, she wanted to go around the bay to snorkel over there.  I said that would be great and thanked her for the chance.  We walked around to the other side of the bay.  She was quite talkative before, but now she seemed to have something on her mind.

We sat down on our towels and looked at the sea.  She pointed out to some particular rocks and said, that was an interesting area, just out past there.  Then she said she had to put her bikini top back on and couldn’t do it with her shirt on and would I mind turning around.  I said that she wasn’t that shy before.  Then she suddenly looked really embarrassed.  I said I thought I must have suddenly turned to glass as she seemed to be looking straight through me.  She made an  embarrassed  kind of  laugh.  “I didn’t know you were there”, she blurted out.

I told her she didn’t have to be embarrassed.  I was just admiring her beauty.

“Oh”, she said, not sure about what I had just said as if it hadn’t occurred to her before.

She paused for a moment and looked thoughtful.

I looked her in the eyes and told her I meant it.

She looked at me nervously for a moment before she pulled her shirt off again, without putting on her bikini top.  She looked at me expectantly.

I smiled my approval back to her. “Do you want to go for a swim now?”

“Okay”, she said.  And dressed just like that she handed me the flippers and mask and got up to go down to the water.  We waded out a bit and snorkeled over to the rocks she was talking about.

When we got back she dried herself with her towel.  She looked at me and laughed.  “Thank you”, she said.  She looked quite happy.  “I have to get going now, but it was nice to meet you.”

I said “Thank you.  It was nice to have a chance to go snorkeling again.”

She looked around.  There was still no one around.  She waved and smiled as she started back to the path that I had come down, still topless.  She seemed quite alive and happy.

K. Smith. 

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"I have been out of commision for a number of days. I had a not-so-minor surgery and spent 6 days in the hospital, followed by 3 days recuperating at my sister's house. I received very gentle, loving care at both places. Neither of them had any internet access. When I returned home this evening to my own environment and sat down to catch up on e-mail and such, I was surprised, even shocked (thought I should not have been) that the boost of energy I received from catching up on all the daily entries from DOMAI was probably as good as therapy and TLC can get. It is good to be alive and able to enjoy simple pleasures. Than you so very much for my daily dose." - Nick G
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