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A million times THANK YOU for putting out such a site of perfection. You have changed the world, and will continue to do so. I truly believe that.

On a recent trip to Eastern Europe, I was talking to a friend of mine about culture differences, and how one had to be careful in other cultures not to assume and act like your culture was the One True Way, because you could embarrass yourself or cause other problems.

My friend told me this story to demonstrate her point, and I fully agreed with her (of course, because I'm a DOM!, but also because I believe some people are very misguided about the human body).

I don't know if the story is true or not, but it's a great story, and it sounds like it could easily have happened. Hundreds of times, maybe. (Some people never learn.)

The woman who told it to me is actually a missionary of sorts. She makes a point of fitting in with local culture, learning the language, experiencing the local wines, etc. before sharing her beliefs with anyone, though. I think she's lived there seven years or so.

People have to know you and know that you respect them before they'll respect you and listen to whatever you believe.

Anyway, it seems some Christian missionaries from the West (probably America or England) went to deepest, darkest Africa, and were living among some tribespeople there. These people wore no clothing, which makes sense when you look at the local climate.

The missionaries were more than a little disturbed by this lack of "modesty", however, and explained to the locals that they should take a little cloth and cover up their private parts.

"What are 'private parts'?" the locals asked.

The missionaries thought for a moment about how to approach this sensitive subject. They finally explained that private parts were the parts of the body that enticed one to sin. They were the parts that attracted the opposite sex.

The locals thought this was a silly thing, to cover up 'private parts' with cloth, but the missionaries persisted, telling them that their lives would be much happier without so much 'temptation' hanging all around.

The locals caved in, and said they'd work on the cloth that night and show the missionaries next day what they could come up with. The missionaries were happy and relieved.

Next day, along came the proud villagers, still nude from the neck down. The missionaries were taken aback, and asked why the people had changed their minds. The locals proudly pointed to the cloth they had draped and wrapped around the hair of their heads. The hair and its decorations were what attracted a mate in their culture, so of course, they decided that these must be the tempting parts of which the missionaries had spoken.

The missionaries pointed to breasts and other areas, proclaiming that the people had misunderstood. THESE parts were tempting.

The villagers laughed. Surely the white people must be joking. They explained to the missionaries: The parts you point to are functional. These are for feeding children; we see them every day, and there is nothing enticing about them. These parts allow you to relieve yourself of water and make new children. There is nothing bad about them. There is nothing to fear about them!

Who needed to teach whom?

Thanks again for your site,

Gil W.

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